Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a convenient, secure way to pay at many restaurants and retailers. With Apple Pay, you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch instead of your physical credit or debit card. So does Panda Express take Apple Pay?

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay?

Panda Express and Apple Pay

Panda Express is a fast food chain that serves American Chinese cuisine. Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Rosemead, California, Panda Express has over 2,000 locations across the United States.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system created by Apple. It allows users to make contactless payments in stores, apps, and on websites. To use Apple Pay, you must have an eligible Apple device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac.

Does Panda Express Take Apple Pay In-Store?

Yes, Panda Express accepts Apple Pay for in-store purchases at locations across the United States. To pay with Apple Pay at Panda Express, simply hold your eligible iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment terminal. A gentle vibration and beep will confirm your payment has been received.

Panda Express has accepted Apple Pay since 2015 when the mobile payment system first launched. All corporate-owned Panda Express locations have the proper NFC-enabled terminals to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments like Google Pay.

Franchisee-owned Panda Express locations should also accept Apple Pay, but you may want to verify with your local restaurant before visiting. Overall though, Apple Pay is widely accepted at Panda Express stores nationwide.

Does the Panda Express App Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay within the official Panda Express app to order ahead or pay for pickup/delivery. To do so:

  1. Open the Panda Express app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Select your food items and proceed to checkout.
  3. At checkout, select Apple Pay as the payment method.
  4. Use Face ID or Touch ID to authenticate and pay with your default Apple Pay card.

The Panda Express app is optimized for Apple Pay, so you’ll see the Apple Pay payment option prominently displayed. This makes checkout fast and convenient.

Does the Panda Express Website Accept Apple Pay?

Unfortunately at this time, the website does not directly accept Apple Pay for online orders. However, you can still use Apple Pay on the Panda Express website indirectly through third-party services like Apple Pay via PayPal.

Here’s how to use Apple Pay on

  1. Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. Select “PayPal” as the payment method.
  3. You will be redirected to PayPal to login or continue as a guest.
  4. Under the payment method, choose Apple Pay.
  5. Use Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete the Apple Pay transaction through PayPal.

While not directly integrated, using PayPal as a go-between allows you to utilize Apple Pay on Hopefully, direct Apple Pay support will be added to the Panda Express website in the future.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Panda Express

Here are some useful tips to ensure a smooth experience when using Apple Pay at Panda Express:

  • Make sure your iPhone has battery power – Apple Pay won’t work on a dead phone.
  • Add your Panda Express rewards card to Apple Pay to simultaneously earn points.
  • If the cashier is unfamiliar, politely let them know you are paying with Apple Pay.
  • Have a backup physical payment card ready just in case there are any issues.
  • For added security, double click the side button on iPhone X or later to authenticate payments.
  • On Apple Watch, double click the side button to bring up your default card before hovering to pay.
  • Check your receipt to ensure you were charged the correct amount.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Panda Express

Paying with Apple Pay at Panda Express provides the following benefits:

  • Fast checkout – no need to pull out your wallet or fumble with cards.
  • Security – your card details are never shared directly. instead, a unique token is used.
  • Privacy – your name, card number, expiration are not revealed.
  • Rewards integration – earn points and perks from your Panda Express rewards program.
  • Easy transactions – works the same at all Panda Express locations.
  • Accessibility – accessible way to pay for blind or low vision customers.

For quick service with an added layer of security, Apple Pay is the best payment option at Panda Express.

Apple Pay vs Other Payment Methods at Panda Express

How does Apple Pay compare against other payment methods accepted at Panda Express?

  • Apple Pay – Fast, secure, private, rewards integration
  • Credit/Debit Card – Widely accepted but slower, not as secure
  • Cash – No rewards and requires having bills/change ready
  • Gift Card – Can only spend up to the amount loaded
  • Android Pay – Limited rewards integration, only for Android phones

Based on speed, security, privacy, and rewards perks – Apple Pay comes out as the superior payment method accepted at Panda Express. Cash and cards still work fine, but lack the benefits of mobile pay.

What Types of Apple Devices Work With Apple Pay at Panda Express?

To use Apple Pay in-store at Panda Express, you must have an iPhone, Apple Watch, or supported iPad model. Here are the eligible Apple devices:

  • iPhone – iPhone 6 or newer required. iPhone SE also supported.
  • Apple Watch – Any model of Apple Watch works, including Series 1 through 7.
  • iPad – iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and newer all work.

Older iPhones like the 5s and first generation SE cannot use Apple Pay. Always make sure your device has the latest iOS/watchOS for the best experience. Apple Pay can be used on a single device or by pairing your iPhone and Apple Watch together.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Panda Express

In the rare event Apple Pay doesn’t work at Panda Express, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Make sure your device’s NFC function is turned on in Settings.
  • Check for any notifications blocking the use of Apple Pay.
  • Your payment card must be activated for Apple Pay transactions.
  • Update your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad to the latest OS version.
  • Re-add your cards to the Apple Pay Wallet to refresh them.
  • If issues persist, contact Panda Express or your card issuer for assistance.
  • Of course, you can always fallback to using another payment method like physical card, cash, or gift card.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Pay at Panda Express

Q: Is Apple Pay available at all Panda Express locations?
A: Yes, Apple Pay works at all corporate-owned locations nationwide. Franchises should also accept it, but check with them first.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay for both dine-in and takeout orders?
A: Yes, Apple Pay works for both dine-in and takeout as long as you are paying in-store.

Q: Does Apple Pay work at Panda Express drive thrus?
A: Yes, you can use Apple Pay at drive thru windows since they are equipped with contactless readers.

Q: Do I earn rewards points when paying with Apple Pay?
A: Yes, any rewards account linked to the card added to Apple Pay will earn points.

Q: Is Apple Pay safer to use than my physical debit/credit card?
A: Yes, Apple Pay is more secure given its use of unique one-time tokens and biometrics like Touch ID.

Q: Are my card details exposed when using Apple Pay?
A: No, your actual card numbers are never shared with the merchant. Your details stay private.

Q: What do I do if the cashier has trouble processing Apple Pay?
A: Politely inform them you are paying via Apple Pay. If needed, be ready to use another payment method.

Q: How do I add the Panda Express loyalty card to Apple Pay?
A: Open the Panda Express app, go to your loyalty card, and tap “Add to Apple Pay” to load it.

Q: Can minors use Apple Pay at Panda Express?
A: Yes, as long as they have an Apple device set up with a debit card or Apple Cash for purchases.

Q: Do I need to open or unlock my iPhone for Apple Pay to work?
A: No, on iPhones with Face ID, you can double click the side button to trigger Apple Pay.

Q: Is there a transaction limit when using Apple Pay at Panda Express?
A: There is no Panda Express limit, but your bank or card issuer may set their own transaction max.

Key Takeaways

  • Panda Express accepts Apple Pay at all company-owned locations and via the Panda Express app for a fast, secure payment experience.
  • While their website doesn’t directly take Apple Pay yet, you can pay online through Apple Pay with PayPal.
  • Customers should add their Panda Express loyalty card to Apple Pay to earn points when paying with their iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Make sure to have a backup payment method handy just in case you run into any problems using Apple Pay.
  • When used properly following these tips, Apple Pay is the most convenient payment option at Panda Express.


In summary, Apple Pay is widely accepted at Panda Express in-store and in-app, making it the best way to pay when ordering from Panda Express. With perks like rewards integration, speedy checkout, and enhanced security, Apple Pay tops cash, physical cards, and Android Pay. As long as your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad is up-to-date, you should have no issues using Apple Pay for all your Panda Express purchases. Just look for the contactless payment logo at the register or Apple Pay buttons in the Panda Express app.

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