Does Party City Take Apple Pay?

Party City is one of the most popular party supply stores in the United States. With hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations across North America as well as a robust ecommerce site, Party City aims to be a one-stop shop for all things related to parties, costumes, decorations, and more.

Does Party City Take Apple Pay?

As mobile payments like Apple Pay continue to grow in popularity, more customers are inquiring if Party City accepts such contactless payments in their stores. So does Party City take Apple Pay?

Before diving into Party City’s payment options, let’s take a quick look at what exactly Apple Pay is and how it works:

  • Apple Pay is a mobile payment service from Apple that allows users to make payments in stores, apps, and on supported websites.
  • It uses contactless technology like Near Field Communication (NFC) to communicate payment data when an iPhone or Apple Watch is held near a contactless reader.
  • Payment information like credit or debit cards is stored securely in the Wallet app. This means users don’t need to pull out their physical cards to pay.
  • Apple Pay can be used anywhere contactless payments are accepted. A growing number of major retailers now offer Apple Pay in their stores.

So in summary, Apple Pay provides an easy, fast, and secure way to pay using iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s growing rapidly with over 90% of stores in the US now accepting it.

Does Party City Accept Apple Pay in Their Stores?

So now that we understand the basics of Apple Pay, what about using it specifically at Party City?

The short answer is yes: as of 2022, Party City stores do accept Apple Pay for in-person purchases across the United States.

Party City quietly rolled out support for contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay to their US retail stores. So iPhone and Apple Watch users can now tap to pay at checkout rather than using cash or physical credit cards. This makes the checkout process generally faster and more convenient.

Some key things to note about using Apple Pay at Party City:

  • Make sure your iPhone has been updated to iOS 8.1 or later. This enables Apple Pay.
  • You must set up a credit or debit card in your iPhone’s Wallet app for payments.
  • Look for contactless payment symbols at checkout or ask an associate to confirm Apple Pay is accepted at that store.
  • Hold your unlocked iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader when prompted to pay.

While Apple Pay is now widely supported at Party City, some franchise stores may still not offer contactless payments. We recommend verifying with the local store before assuming Apple Pay will work there. Support is also still limited internationally.

But in general, US shoppers no longer need to carry physical payment cards to check out efficiently at Party City stores thanks to Apple Pay and similar services. It’s one of several efforts Party City is making to modernize payments and curb long checkout lines at peak times.

Using Apple Pay on the Party City Website

In addition to in-store payments, Party City also accepts Apple Pay for online purchases made through their website,

This means customers can quickly checkout online using stored payment information from their Apple device rather than needing to manually enter card details or create account passwords.

Here is how to use Apple Pay on

  1. When viewing your shopping cart, look for the Apple Pay checkout button.
  2. Click/tap the Apple Pay option.
  3. A sheet will appear prompting you to confirm with Face ID/Touch ID.
  4. Your default card and shipping details will auto-populate. Review and select “Pay now”.
  5. That’s it! After authenticating, your order will be placed using your Apple Pay information.

Using Apple Pay on Party City’s website eliminates keying in data and speeds up the checkout process, especially when placing orders on mobile. Support is available when browsing via iPhone, iPad, MacBook and other Apple devices.

So both online and in physical Party City stores across the US, Apple Pay is widely supported giving customers an efficient mobile payment option for all their party needs.

Apple Pay Support Still Expanding

While Apple Pay is now active at most Party City locations, support continues to grow both for this retailer and globally for contactless payments.

Over 90% of stores in the United States now allow for Apple Pay transactions. Major competing party supply retailers like Spirit Halloween also take Apple Pay. So mobile wallet acceptance is becoming standard across the industry.

Internationally, Apple Pay support continues expanding too. In Canada, Apple Pay works at Party City stores. Support varies across other regions – make sure to verify with your local store.

And payments platform acceptance should continue growing in the years ahead. pay is predicted to account for 1 in 2 in-person credit card transactions in the US by 2025 according to Juniper Research.

So for Party City shoppers with iPhone and Apple Watch devices, tapping to pay with Apple Pay is now commonplace to improve checkout efficiency. Just look for contactless symbols at POS terminals as confirmation before paying.

Key Takeaways on Apple Pay at Party City

To recap the key details on whether Party City takes Apple Pay:

  • Yes, as of 2022 Apple Pay and contactless payments are widely supported at Party City stores across the United States.
  • Customers can use iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices to tap and pay at checkout rather than using cash or card.
  • Party City also accepts Apple Pay for online orders made at for faster checkout without entering full details.
  • Look for contactless payment symbols instore or ask associates to confirm Apple Pay acceptance at specific locations. Some international stores may vary.
  • In the years ahead, Apple Pay support should expand further making contactless payments standard at Party City and competitor retailers.

So for US shoppers, Apple Pay now provides a fast, convenient way to pay when shopping in store or online at Party City to pickup party essentials.


In summary, Party City does accept Apple Pay as a payment method both instore and online, providing shoppers with a convenient contactless payment option. Support rolled out across the United States in 2022, with customers now able to tap to pay using latest iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices.

While historically Party City only took traditional cash and physical credit/debit card payments, Apple Pay and similar mobile wallet options are now commonplace and set to become a standard payment method there. Just look for contactless payment symbols when shopping at your local store.

For the latest on Apple Pay acceptance and support, be sure to check Party City’s website and verify directly with stores on their individual policies. Mobile payments make checking out faster so more time can be spent picking up everything needed for the next big party or celebration.


  1. What is Apple Pay and how does it work?
    Apple Pay is a mobile payment service from Apple that allows purchases by tapping iPhone or Apple Watch at supported payment terminals. Payment details are stored securely and transmitted using NFC technology.

  2. Does every Party City store in the US accept Apple Pay now?
    Most now do following a 2022 upgrade, however some franchise locations may still not offer contactless payments. Verify acceptance directly with your local store before assuming Apple Pay will work there.

  3. Can I use other mobile payments like Google Pay at Party City?
    Yes. In addition to Apple Pay, common third party mobile wallets like Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and tap-to-pay credit cards using contactless technology also generally work at Party City stores now.

  4. Do I need to have the Party City app to use Apple Pay instore?
    No, the Party City app is not required. As long as you have a supported iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device setup for Apple Pay payments, you can tap to pay at checkout without needing the app.

  5. What cards or payment accounts can I use with Apple Pay?
    Most major credit and debit card issuers now support Apple Pay. You can add eligible Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover cards as well as many bank accounts through the Wallet app to make contactless payments from Apple devices.

  6. Is Apple Pay safer to use than my physical credit card?
    Yes. Apple Pay transactions include unique one-time dynamic security codes so your actual card details are never shared with the store. Support for payment tokens also helps improve security.

  7. Can I use Apple Pay at Party City in Canada or other countries?
    Apple Pay support varies internationally by region and retailer. In Canada, Apple Pay is accepted. Be sure to verify contactless payment support directly with international Party City franchise locations in your country before assuming Apple Pay will function.

  8. Where do I look to confirm if a Party City store accepts Apple Pay?
    Look for universal contactless payment symbols at checkout terminals, often a wireless/tap symbol. If uncertain, ask an associate if Apple Pay or similar mobile payments are accepted at that specific store prior to checking out.

  9. Why might Apple Pay fail or not work when attempting payment at Party City?
    Issues are rare since contactless readers are regularly updated. But occasionally connectivity failures, depleted batteries, or older iPhone hardware can prevent Tap to Pay from working properly when attempting a transaction.

  10. Can I use Apple Pay on Party City’s app or website?
    Apple Pay works on for faster mobile checkout online. Simple click/tap the Apple Pay payment option when viewing your cart and authenticate with Face/Touch ID to place orders using stored payment details.

  11. Is there a purchase limit or transaction limit when using Apple Pay at Party City?
    No, Party City does not enforce any general transaction limits specifically for Apple Pay purchases. Standard card issuer limits would still apply per transaction or daily total spending depending on the account used.

  12. How old does my iPhone need to be to work with Apple Pay at Party City?
    Apple Pay requires an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 8.1. Older models lacking NFC chips will not process contactless payments. We recommend having a model iPhone 8 or newer to ensure stability of mobile payments like Apple Pay when shopping.

  13. Can minors or teens setup and use Apple Pay at Party City themselves?
    Yes if they have an eligible iPhone and Apple ID. The Wallet app allows stored debit or prepaid cards generally usable by teens under 18. Adult/parental approval is still often required by card issuers however.

  14. Besides my devices, what else do I need on hand when using Apple Pay at Party City?
    You do not need to carry your physical wallet or cards when paying with a contactless option like Apple Pay. But do ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch battery is adequately charged in advance just in case.

  15. I don’t have an iPhone. What other mobile payment options work at Party City?
    In addition to Apple Pay, you can use mobile tap-to-pay services like Google Pay and Samsung Pay at most Party City stores now. These offer similar contactless payment functionality for Android device owners.

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