Does Jewel Take Apple Pay?

Shopping with a mobile wallet like Apple Pay can be convenient, quick, and secure. As more stores accept contactless payments, consumers wonder “does Jewel take Apple Pay?” This article will examine if Jewel-Osco supermarkets accept Apple Pay across Chicagoland locations.

Does Jewel Take Apple Pay?

Jewel-Osco is a popular Midwest supermarket chain owned by Albertsons with over 190 locations in Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa. Known for its weekly sales and helpful pharmacy services, many Chicago residents shop regularly at their neighborhood Jewel.

Key Facts About Jewel-Osco:

– Headquarters: Itasca, IL

– Founded: 1899

– Store count: 190+

– States with locations: IL, IN, IA 

– Sister chains: Shaw’s, Star Market

Understanding if Jewel takes mobile payments like Apple Pay can help shoppers select the most convenient checkout method.

Does Jewel Take Apple Pay In Stores?

Yes, most Jewel-Osco stores accept Apple Pay across all checkout lanes. Over the past few years, Jewel has enabled contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay at newer payment terminals.

However, some locations may still have older systems without mobile wallet support. Before shopping, you can contact your nearest Jewel to confirm Apple Pay acceptance. Generally, newly remodeled stores will feature terminals for tap-and-go payment services.

Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Jewel:

– Quick: Check out faster by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch to the payment terminal 

– Secure: Use Face ID or Touch ID for transaction approval

– Rewards: Still earn and redeem Jewel fuel points

For Apple Pay, you would hold an iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader until you see a checkmark confirming the payment went through successfully. It functions similarly to using contactless credit cards.

Activating Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay at Jewel-Osco, first set up a digital wallet on your compatible device:

On iPhone:

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap + to add a credit or debit card
  3. Follow activation prompts

On Apple Watch:

  1. Install watchOS 6.2 or later
  2. Update to iOS 12.2 or later
  3. Pair Apple Watch to iPhone

Once activated, you can pay at supporting merchants like Jewel by double-clicking the side button and holding Apple Watch to the payment terminal. On iPhone, confirm payment via Face ID or Touch ID when prompted.

What About Self Checkout?

Jewel’s self checkout lanes also accept Apple Pay depending on the store. When at a self checkout register, look for a contactless payment symbol or decal to confirm Apple Pay is enabled before scanning items.

If you do not see the contactless indicator, check with the attendant before assuming mobile payments are available at that self checkout machine. Support will vary store to store.

Can You Pay With Apple Pay Online?

Unfortunately, Jewel-Osco does not offer Apple Pay for online grocery orders or pharmacy purchases at this time. However, the Jewel-Osco mobile app does feature Apple Pay integration for in-store scanning.

While you cannot checkout online with Apple Pay, Jewel does accept alternate mobile wallets like Google Pay web for online shopping.

Key Takeaways

  • Most Jewel-Osco stores now take Apple Pay and other contactless payments
  • Customers can checkout quickly and securely using iPhone, Apple Watch, supported cards
  • Apple Pay capabilities may vary between locations
  • Jewel-Osco does not accept Apple Pay for online grocery orders
  • Contact your nearest store to confirm Apple Pay terminal support if uncertain

Using mobile pay at supported stores like Jewel simplifies the checkout process. As more shoppers take advantage of tap-and-go transactions, contactless adoption continues expanding nationwide.


Paying with Apple Pay at Chicagoland Jewel-Osco locations can offer convenience for shoppers who prefer contactless payments over cash or cards. While availability differs between stores, most Jewel markets now feature payment terminals accepting Apple Pay. Before your next trip, look for contactless indicators or call ahead to verify your neighborhood Jewel takes Apple Pay. Utilizing mobile wallets can simplify leaving the checkout line and make shopping with Jewel faster.


  1. How do I add my Jewel rewards card to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately, Jewel rewards cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. You would still need to scan your physical rewards card when checking out with Apple Pay to earn and redeem fuel points.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Jewel pharmacies?
    Yes, if the pharmacy counter has contactless payment terminals, you can check out prescriptions with Apple Pay. However, confirm with staff first before assuming mobile pay is available.
  3. Why doesn’t Jewel allow Apple Pay for online orders?
    Jewel may still be updating systems to support Apple Pay web integration for ecommerce transactions. Check if alternate mobile wallets like Google Pay web are available online.
  4. Do self checkout kiosks take Apple Pay?
    Some Jewel self checkout kiosks accept contactless payments like Apple Pay depending on the location. Look for contactless terminal stickers before checking out. Support varies store to store.
  5. How do I add digital membership cards to Apple Wallet?
    Open the Wallet app, tap the + icon in the top-right and select Add Membership Card. Search for your card’s retailer, enter the membership number and details. Cards with barcode scanners can be added.
  6. Is Apple Watch needed for Apple Pay or can I just use my iPhone?
    You can use Apple Pay on iPhone models starting with iPhone 6 and newer models without needing Apple Watch paired. Simply hold your iPhone near the supported payment terminals.
  7. Where do I see recent Apple Pay transactions?
    Open the Wallet app and tap your card, then tap the 3 dots icon and select Payment Activity to view Apple Pay history including merchant names and locations.
  8. Does Jewel support store charge accounts with Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay cannot be used with existing Jewel-Osco store charge accounts, house accounts, or tab payments. You would need an alternate supported card.
  9. How old do I need to be to use Apple Pay at Jewel?
    There are no age requirements for using Apple Pay at Jewel. However, you would need an Apple device and eligible bank account or card stored in your mobile wallet.
  10. Can minors and teens use Apple Pay with parental controls?
    Yes, teens 13+ can use Apple Pay on their devices with Ask to Buy parent approval or Apple Cash Family spending limits when making purchases.
  11. Will my Jewel purchases show separately on my card statement?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions will appear on your credit/debit card statements individually listing the correct merchant names, payment dates, and location details.
  12. What about elder shoppers who don’t understand mobile pay tech?
    Jewel cashiers can help explain and process Apple Pay for older customers unfamiliar with contactless payments. Support varies per location.
  13. Does Apple Pay work when Jewel payment systems are down?
    Unfortunately Apple Pay relies on working payment networks and terminals, so transactions would fail alongside general system outages preventing card acceptance.
  14. Can I store digital ID or proof of age on iPhone to buy alcohol?
    Currently US stores don’t accept mobile ID verification for age-restricted sales. Physical ID is still required despite having digital state IDs stored in Apple Wallet.
  15. Is tapping my phone on terminals bad for iPhone?
    No, using the NFC transmitter in your iPhone to make Apple Pay purchases will not harm your device or impact battery life compared to typical usage strain.
  16. Are there tap limits for Apple Pay transactions?
    Some banks may implement limits on certain contactless card transactions for fraud protection, however Apple Pay has no inherent per-transaction or daily tapping limits itself.
  17. Will Apple Pay work internationally or if I move abroad
    Apple Pay support varies globally. Contact your card provider regarding availability in specific countries. Not all US cards support international Apple Pay.
  18. Does Apple Pay support P2P payments with Apple Cash?
    Yes, you can use Apple Cash card stored in Apple Pay to checkout at retailers like Jewel or send peer payments to friends and family with iMessage.
  19. Can stolen iPhones still use Apple Pay if unlocked?
    If using iOS 15+, Apple Pay will be disabled when iPhone is put into lost mode. On earlier iOS versions, remove lost or stolen devices from your Apple ID account immediately.
  20. Does wiping or restoring my iPhone disable Apple Pay?
    Yes, erase all content and settings will remove Wallet data including Apple Pay cards. You will need to re-add supported payment cards afterwards.

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