Does RaceTrac Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a convenient, secure way to make purchases using your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device instead of carrying around a physical credit or debit card. For many shoppers and retailers, Apple Pay support has become an expected feature.

Does RaceTrac Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay acceptance is particularly useful at convenience stores like RaceTrac, where customers may be making small, frequent purchases when on-the-go. Being able to quickly pay with just your Apple device allows busy customers to get in and out faster.

Read on for more details on how to use Apple Pay at RaceTrac gas stations and convenience stores.

Activating Apple Pay at RaceTrac

To use Apple Pay at any retailer that accepts it, you first need to set up Apple Pay on your compatible iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch device.

Here is a quick overview of how to activate Apple Pay to use at RaceTrac specifically:

  • Ensure your Apple device is compatible with Apple Pay. Most newer models support the feature.
  • Add an accepted credit, debit or prepaid card to the Wallet app. Many major card issuers are supported.
  • At checkout, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal and authorize with Face ID, Touch ID or by double clicking the side button.

It’s that easy! Your default card will be charged and a receipt sent to your Wallet app. Faster and more secure than swiping a physical card.

How Does Apple Pay Work at RaceTrac?

The process of checking out with Apple Pay at RaceTrac is the same as any retailer equipped with contactless payment terminals:

  1. When it comes time to pay for your items, hold your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch near the payment terminal just like you would a contactless debit or credit card.
  2. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, passcode or double click depending on your device. There’s no need to open up any apps.
  3. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the payment was accepted.
  4. A receipt will appear on your Apple device confirming the details of the purchase. A paper receipt will also print from the payment terminal as usual.

It’s incredibly fast, secure and convenient compared to fumbling for your wallet, especially for small purchases!

What Do You Need to Use Apple Pay at RaceTrac?

To use Apple Pay at any retailer, you’ll need:

  • iPhone 6 or newer
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 3 or newer
  • iPad mini 5 or newer
  • Any Apple Watch
  • Valid credit, debit or prepaid card added to Apple Pay

If your iPhone has Face ID or Touch ID, transactions are seamlessly authenticated. With an Apple Watch, double click the side button.

As long as your device has an internet connection via WiFi or mobile data, you can use Apple Pay both in-stores and in apps. No need to ever hand over your physical card once registered in Apple Pay!

RaceTrac Apple Pay Support and Contactless Payments

RaceTrac launched support for Apple Pay and contactless payments network-wide in 2022.

All stores now have contactless payment terminals installed, meaning Apple Pay transactions can be made from any checkout lane.

Even the gas pumps at RaceTrac are equipped to accept mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay for your fuel purchase. No need to head inside or swipe a card.

Contactless or “tap to pay” terminals allow for seamless transactions in just seconds for purchases under a certain amount using your iPhone, Apple Watch or contactless debit/credit card.

Apple Pay Security Benefits

A major benefit to using Apple Pay over physical cards is enhanced security:

  • Tokenization: Your actual debit or credit card number is never shared with the retailer. Instead, a unique token is used to process the charge which is useless to potential hackers.
  • Encryption: All transactions are encrypted end-to-end using dynamic security codes that change with every purchase. This also makes fraud far less likely than with magnetic strip credit cards if your device is ever lost or stolen.
  • Face/Touch ID: Local authentication via biometric data or device passcode ensures it’s really you making the payment, adding an extra verification layer beyond a signature or PIN.
  • Notifications: Any Apple Pay transaction immediately triggers a notification on all your synced devices, allowing you to monitor account activity in real-time to catch unauthorized charges.

In summary, Apple Pay transactions are actually more secure than standard chip + PIN credit/debit card payments in multiple ways, making it the smart choice for places like convenience stores.

RaceTrac Apple Pay Support By Location

As mentioned previously in this post, every RaceTrac location now accepts Apple Pay following the 2022 nationwide rollout:

  • Florida RaceTracs
  • Georgia RaceTracs
  • Louisiana RaceTracs
  • Mississippi RaceTracs
  • Texas RaceTracs

Regardless of state, if you are visiting a RaceTrac convenience store or filling up at a RaceTrac gas pump, you can use Apple Pay.

Contactless payments like Apple Pay help customers grab food and drinks on-the-go faster than having to insert and swipe cards. Much more convenient while driving!

If for any reason a location is encountered that is not accepting Apple Pay, you can contact RaceTrac Customer Service to inquire about technical issues with contactless payment processing. However all stores company-wide should be equipped to support it.

RaceTrac Current Contactless Retailers

In addition to Apple Pay, RaceTrac also accepts all other major contactless mobile wallets and tap to pay solutions at checkout:

  • Samsung Pay
  • Google Pay
  • LG Pay
  • Fitbit Pay

Of course you can also tap to pay at RaceTrac using any EMV contactless chip debit or credit card as well, like Visa payWave. But mobile wallets like Apple Pay offer enhanced security protections.

RaceTrac seeks to provide as many modern, convenient payment options to its customers as possible. So over the past several years, they have updated all stores and pumps to support contactless payments and mobile transaction platforms nationwide.

Why Doesn’t My Apple Pay Work at RaceTrac?

With RaceTrac having completed the rollout of Apple Pay and contactless terminals across all locations by 2022, there are very few reasons why Apple Pay wouldn’t work during your visit. But here are some troubleshooting tips just in case:

  • Confirm the retailer accepts Apple Pay: As outlined in this article, all corporate-owned RaceTrac convenience stores and gas stations accept Apple Pay following the 2022 update. If issues persist at a specific location with Apple Pay acceptance, ask the staff and contact customer service if necessary.
  • Try another card: Make sure the credit, debit or prepaid card you have added to the Wallet app is a major card that supports contactless payments from issuers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover. If you have multiple cards loaded, try another as an isolated issue with one card’s contactless authentication is possible.
  • Check mobile data/WiFi: Your iPhone will need an active internet connection via WiFi or mobile data to process Apple Pay transactions. If your device is in airplane mode for example, it cannot communicate with the payment terminal.
  • Review payment terminal: Older payment terminals may not support contactless payments. But given RaceTrac’s 2022 upgrades, their terminals are brand new. Still, check for the contactless symbol which looks like a WiFi logo. If the terminal lacks this, ask a staff member if another checkout lane may accept Apple Pay instead as a temporary solution.
  • Remove case: Certain phone cases or accessories can interfere with the contactless payment signal, blocking Apple Pay from working properly. As a test, try removing your phone case and holding the bare device near the payment reader.

If Apple Pay still fails to work properly at RaceTrac after trying the above troubleshooting, you’ll need to fallback to using a physical credit or debit card for now. But contact RaceTrac Customer Service to inquire about any potential Apple Pay issues at that store.

Apple Pay Present and Future

Since its launch in 2014, Apple Pay usage has exploded in popularity thanks to its simplicity and enhanced security:

  • Over 90% of all retail locations in the United States now accept Apple Pay.
  • Internationally Apple Pay is supported in nearly 70 regions and countries worldwide.
  • Hundreds of popular app and websites have integrated Apple Pay checkout functionality to streamline online purchases.
  • Global Apple Pay transaction volume is expected to top 1 trillion dollars annually in the next few years.

Suffice to say, Apple Pay is here to stay and only becoming more ubiquitous. Retailers ignoring contactless payments risk alienating customers and falling behind competitors.

Similar tap to pay platforms from Samsung, Google and other tech firms also continue to gain marketshare with each passing quarter. For busy shoppers who don’t want the hassle of coins, cash or cards, mobile payments are often the preferred option.

Expect to see Apple Pay availability expanding to virtually every brick-and-mortar retailer over the next decade, especially chains like RaceTrac focused on convenience and speed of service.

Key Takeaways: Apple Pay at RaceTrac

  • RaceTrac has fully implemented Apple Pay across all store locations and gas pumps company-wide following a 2022 rollout of new contactless payment terminals.
  • Using Apple Pay at RaceTrac speeds up the shopping experience by allowing iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch owners to securely checkout in just seconds with Face/Touch ID authentication. No physical cards needed!
  • In addition to Apple Pay, all other major contactless mobile wallets like Google Pay are also accepted at every RaceTrac checkout register.
  • All RaceTrac gas pumps are also equipped to accept Apple Pay and contactless card transactions for pay-at-the-pump convenience.
  • If issues arise trying to use Apple Pay at any RaceTrac, make sure your device has internet connectivity, try multiple cards added to the Wallet, or remove your phone case which could interfere with the signal. But every location should be setup properly to accept it following their contactless payment rollout.


In summary, yes, RaceTrac convenience stores and gas stations accept Apple Pay nationwide following their 2022 upgrade of payment terminals across all locations.

Using an iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device to checkout is often faster and more secure than paying with traditional credit cards thanks to contactless transaction technology.

So for shoppers concerned about card skimmers, fraud or who just want to speed through checkout lines faster, Apple Pay is the go-to payment option. Expect usage and shopper demand for Apple Pay to continue accelerating in the years ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does RaceTrac take Apple Pay at gas pumps?
    Yes, RaceTrac gas pumps were upgraded in 2022 to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay so you can quickly fuel up using just your iPhone or Apple Watch!
  2. Can I use Apple Pay at any RaceTrac location?
    Yes, all RaceTrac stores and gas stations nationwide were upgraded to support Apple Pay and contactless payments in 2022. Every checkout terminal should accept it.
  3. Is Apple Pay secure to use at gas stations and convenience stores?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions are highly secure thanks to tokenization of your card, encryption, Face/Touch ID verification and real-time notifications in case of any suspicious activity later on. In some ways it may actually be safer than using your physical credit card!
  4. What Apple devices work with Apple Pay at RaceTrac?
    Any iPhone 6 or newer supports Apple Pay transactions at RaceTrac stores, along with newer iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini models equipped with Touch ID or Face ID biometrics. All Apple Watch models also work.
  5. Do I earn rewards points when using Apple Pay?
    Yes! Apple Pay does not impact your ability to earn or redeem credit card rewards, gift card balances or loyalty program points at retailers like RaceTrac. It acts as a representation of your physical card.
  6. Can Android devices use Apple Pay at RaceTrac?
    No. Apple Pay only works on iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. But Android device owners have similar contactless payment options like Samsung Pay, Google Pay and LG Pay which are also accepted at RaceTracs nationwide.
  7. What if Apple Pay doesn’t work at my RaceTrac location?
    Issues are unlikely given the 2022 upgrades. But if your Apple Pay transaction fails, first confirm the terminal has contactless capabilities with the wireless symbol. If other contactless payments also fail, contact RaceTrac’s customer service team to inquire about potential technical issues with that specific store.
  8. Do I need to open any apps or have internet connectivity to use Apple Pay?
    Nope! Simply hold your default Apple Pay device near the terminal to trigger payment. An active internet connection is required however via WiFi or mobile data. But Apple Pay works instantly without needing to open the Wallet app or any other apps first in just seconds.
  9. How do I add my cards to Apple Pay for use at RaceTrac?
    Open the Wallet app on your compatible iPhone, go to the “+” to add card, and follow the prompts to add your physical credit or debit card. The card details will be securely tokenized and stored for contactless Apple Pay transactions at retailers like RaceTrac going forward.
  10. Is Apple Pay cheaper to use than my physical credit card?
    No, there are no discounts or price differences when checking out with Apple Pay compared to your physical card. Any loyalty points, discounts or cashback offers will be applied as usual as well. Convenience and speed is the main benefit!
  11. Do I still get a receipt when using Apple Pay at RaceTrac?
    Yes, both a digital receipt in your Wallet app as well as a paper receipt from the contactless terminal will be provided with Apple Pay purchases at RaceTrac, allowing you to have documentation needed for returns, warranties, budgets or expense reporting.
  12. How close do I need to hold my iPhone to the RaceTrac terminal?
    Your iPhone needs to be within about 1-2 inches from the contactless reader for Apple Pay to successfully communicate and process the payment. Many terminals will have indicators to guide ideal phone placement, but a close hover is all that’s required!
  13. Can minors setup Apple Pay to use at RaceTrac themselves?
    Apple Pay requires an actual credit, debit or prepaid card added to the Wallet. So while teens can use a phone set up by a parent for payments, they cannot add their own card until 18+ in most cases. Best to check card issuer and Apple Pay eligibility requirements for minors.
  14. What model iPad works with Apple Pay at RaceTrac?
    Any iPad Pro model supports Apple Pay transactions, while only newer iPad Air released 2019 or later work. For iPad mini, you’ll need iPad mini 5 or newer as well from 2019 onward. All models require Touch ID fingerprint home button or Face ID facial recognition support.
  15. Do I need to carry my physical credit card as a backup if Apple Pay fails?
    It’s still smart to have a physical card backup just in case, though unlikely to be needed at upgraded RaceTrac locations. Contactless terminals mean you can directly tap and pay with a contactless credit card as well if for some reason Apple Pay didn’t work. Carrying at minimum one backup payment option remains ideal.
  16. Is Apple Pay easier to use than the RaceTrac mobile app?
    For quick in-store purchases, Apple Pay is certainly faster and more convenient than opening up the RaceTrac app, entering totals or codes and then scanning device screens. The RaceTrac app has other benefits though like checking fuel prices, redeeming coupons and earning loyalty rewards online or in-app.
  17. Can I store gift cards or RaceTrac loyalty cards on Apple Pay?
    Physical gift cards cannot be directly added to Apple Pay. However many retailers like RaceTrac now let you add gift card and loyalty card numbers to their own iOS apps for easier access and redemption at checkout. So while those cards can’t go on your Wallet, retailer apps optimize them for use with Apple Pay.
  18. Where do I find contact information if Apple Pay stops working at my local RaceTrac in the future?
    You can contact RaceTrac’s Customer Service team with any questions or issues at your store:
    Phone: 1 (770) 774-4312
    Email: [email protected]
  19. Does RaceTrac accept other contactless payments like Samsung or Google Pay also?
    Yes! In addition to Apple Pay, RaceTrac also supports Samsung Pay, Google Pay, contactless card tap to pay and other major contactless wallet platforms. Contactless payment options provide flexibility no matter what devices your customers have.
  20. Why did RaceTrac wait until 2022 to add Apple Pay if released in 2014?
    Like many major retail chains, it takes significant time, money and logistics to upgrade thousands of store systems, terminals and pumps to enable new payment tech across hundreds or thousands of stores nationwide. So a gradual rollout aligned with other business priorities is common over several years following any new POS upgrade like contactless payments.

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