Does Regal Take Apple Pay?

Regal Cinemas is one of the largest and most popular movie theater chains in the United States. With over 500 locations across the country, Regal offers moviegoers a convenient and comfortable environment to enjoy the latest film releases.   

Does Regal Take Apple Pay?

Regal accepts a variety of payment methods to give customers flexibility and convenience when purchasing tickets and concessions. Payment options available at Regal locations include:

  • Credit and debit cards – This includes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Credit and debit transactions can be processed directly at the box office, kiosks and concession stands.
  • Regal gift cards – Regal offers theater-specific gift cards that can be used to purchase tickets, concessions and more. Gift cards do not expire and have no fees.
  • Mobile pay – Regal has integrated Apple Pay as a mobile payment option for increased speed and convenience. Details on Apple Pay support are provided below.

So in summary, while Regal takes major credit cards and its own gift cards, the theater chain does also accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

Does Regal Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Regal Cinemas does take Apple Pay at most theater locations in the United States. Apple Pay is accepted for ticket purchases at the box office and self-service kiosks, as well as food and drink transactions at concession stands.

To use Apple Pay at Regal, customers must have:

  • An iPhone or Apple Watch that is compatible with Apple Pay
  • Apple Pay set up with a credit or debit card added to their digital Wallet app
  • Location Services and Bluetooth turned on

Once these requirements are met, the process for using Apple Pay at Regal involves:

  1. When at the payment terminal, hold the iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader
  2. Authenticate the payment using Face ID, Touch ID or passcode
  3. The payment will be transmitted digitally via NFC technology

This enables users to checkout quickly and securely, without having to pull out their physical wallet or card.

So in summary, Regal has implemented contactless payments through Apple Pay to improve convenience for iPhone and Apple Watch users when purchasing tickets and concessions. It is accepted at Regal locations across all states.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Regal

Using Apple Pay at Regal Cinemas provides the following benefits:

  • Fast checkout – Apple Pay is designed for rapid transactions that move lines along faster.
  • Convenience – Pay right from your iPhone without the hassle of bringing credit cards.
  • Security – Apple Pay utilizes device authentication and tokenization for protection.
  • Rewards integration – Apple Pay works with Regal Crown Club points and rewards.
  • Accessibility – Easy payment option for those with disabilities or dexterity challenges.

As one of the most popular ways to pay with mobile devices, Apple Pay is widely used at Regal for seamless, protected purchases. Paying with an iPhone allows customers to fully utilize Regal’s investment in contactless terminals.

How Regal Accepts Apple Pay In-Theater

Regal has customized hardware and software specifically to accept Apple Pay efficiently across its theaters. Here is how Apple Pay works behind the scenes:

  • NFC – Contactless transactions use near-field communication (NFC) technology that encrypts payment information during transmission. This prevents theft of sensitive data.
  • Tokenization – Instead of credit card details, a unique token ID representing the payment method is sent. This further shields the actual account information.
  • Biometric authentication – Local verification on the device with Face ID or Touch ID ensures that the rightful owner approves every purchase.

Together, these capabilities allow Regal to accept Apple Pay while prioritizing security and preventing fraud. Customers can rest assured that Apple Pay on iPhone and Apple Watch provides multiple layers of protection applied by both Apple and Regal.

Where Apple Pay is Accepted at Regal Locations

Customers can use Apple Pay in the following areas of Regal Cinemas theaters:

  • Box office – When purchasing tickets at the box office, Apple Pay can be used through contactless terminals for individual tickets, group orders or gift cards.
  • Self-service kiosks – Regal offers easy self-service kiosks with Apple Pay integration to pickup pre-purchased tickets or buy new tickets via QR codes.
  • Concession stands – Food, drinks, and snacks can all be purchased using Apple Pay at Regal’s concession counters.

Apple Pay works for all major transaction types at Regal. Support is built into newly upgraded payment systems across these locations.

Regal Locations Currently Without Apple Pay

While Apple Pay is enabled at most theaters, there are a small portion of Regal locations that may not yet accept contactless payments. These are often older locations still pending systems upgrades.

Customers can check if their nearby Regal Cinema has Apple Pay by:

  • Calling the theater – The guest services team can confirm which payment types are accepted at that specific branch.
  • Checking for contactless logo – Terminals that accept Apple Pay will have the contactless symbol visible.
  • Attempting transaction – Many terminals will work with Apple Pay even if signage doesn’t indicate it.

For Regal patrons whose theater does not yet take Apple Pay, modernizations will continue rolling out nationwide. Regal does intend to enable contactless payments via Apple Pay and other services at all US branches moving forward due to strong consumer demand.

Using Apple Pay at Regal for Senior and Disabled Guests

Regal Cinemas welcomes all guests for an enjoyable moviegoing experience. For disabled individuals or seniors, Apple Pay can provide added convenience through simple transactions.

Mobility limitations, grip conditions, or vision decline can make physically holding cards and cash more difficult. Apple Pay allows purchasers to skip this step for fast, cashier-assisted checkout.

Additionally, Apple Pay reduces handling of cards by employees – a preference for those concerned about virus transmission on surfaces. Contactless payments enable protective measures while permitting disabled guests to independently pay for their own tickets and snacks.

All Regal staff are trained to assist users having trouble with scanning or transactions. Apple Pay’s streamlined process better accommodates those who require more time or aid at checkout. Upgrading aging payment systems to support Apple Pay improves accessibility for the elderly and handicapped community.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Regal

In rare instances, customers may encounter problems using Apple Pay at Regal Cinemas theaters due to device errors or unavailable services. Below are troubleshooting tips for common Apple Pay problems:

  • Verification issues – Ensure Face ID or Touch ID is set up properly to authorize payments. Check that biometrics or passcode can be used to unlock iPhone.
  • Expired cards – Confirm the card added to Apple Pay has not expired recently or been deactivated. Use a different valid payment card if needed.
  • Wallet not working – Check that Apple Pay with compatible card is fully activated in the Wallet app. Re-add the card or restart the iPhone.
  • Contactless malfunction – If terminals have issues reading any contactless payments, use a physical card instead or try a different terminal.

For persistent Apple Pay problems at Regal, notify a staff member for assistance or call Apple support. Keeping payment cards and systems up to date also prevents potential disruptions when using Apple Pay.

The Future of Contactless Payments at Regal

Contactless payment adoption continues accelerating across industries – and movie theaters like Regal are leading the charge in accepting mobile wallet services.

Along with Apple Pay, Regal also plans to enable other popular payment platforms like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Modernizing aging infrastructure to support these secure contactless transactions better fits consumer preferences.

Regal is also expanding kiosk availability to maximize self-service ticketing without lines or cashier interactions post-pandemic. More customer flows will shift towards user-driven purchases through kiosks and mobile apps, with Apple Pay availability crucial.

As fewer people carry physical wallets or cards day-to-day, contactless payments using mobile devices are inevitable. Paying with iPhone through Apple Pay delivers the speed, simplicity and safety that today’s moviegoers expect. Regal’s broad rollout cements Apple Pay’s place in theater chains for years to come.

Key Takeaways on Apple Pay at Regal

  • Regal Cinemas accepts Apple Pay at most theaters for ticket, concessions and gift card purchases
  • Using Apple Pay requires a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch with credit/debit card set up in Wallet
  • Benefits include faster checkout, convenience, security protections and Crown Club integration
  • Contactless Apple Pay terminals are located at box office, self-service kiosks and concession stands
  • A small number of aging Regal locations may not have Apple Pay enabled yet pending systems upgrades
  • Apple Pay makes transactions easier for disabled guests or seniors who have difficulties with physical cards


Regal Cinema’s acceptance of Apple Pay enables faster, more convenient trips to the movies without fumbling for cards or cash. Secure contactless payments are a boon for customer experiences in-theater and a necessity for handicapped or aging patrons. Apple Pay’s roll out across Regal’s national footprint paves the wave for modern payment methods in cinema’s biggest theaters. While a couple legacy locations still lack upgrades, Regal continues expanding Apple Pay and additional mobile wallets for frictionless transactions now and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does every Regal theater take Apple Pay?
No, a very small portion of aging Regal locations may still be pending systems upgrades to accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments. These older theaters will be modernized over time along with hardware improvements that enable mobile wallet acceptance.

2. Can I use Apple Pay at the Regal concession stand?
Yes, Regal has deployed Apple Pay acceptance across all major transaction points – including at theater concession stands for food and drink purchases. It can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.

3. Do I need a Regal Crown Club account to use Apple Pay?
No, an existing Regal Crown Club membership is not required. For earned rewards points to apply, simply provide a Crown Club card phone number when completing the Apple Pay transaction.

4. Is Apple Pay safer to use than physical credit cards?
Yes, Apple Pay provides enhanced security protections through payment tokenization and device authentication with biometrics like Face ID. This makes it much safer than directly using your credit or debit card details.

5. What if my local Regal’s payment terminals don’t support contactless?
If your Regal theater’s payment systems appear outdated without contactless functionality, notify a staff member about any Apple Pay issues. Chances are systems upgrades are already planned or can be expedited.

6. Do I need to unlock my iPhone for Apple Pay every time I pay at Regal?
No, for convenience Apple Pay allows repeat transactions for a short period without requiring re-authentication. After the duration passes, you’ll need to re-verify with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode when using Apple Pay again.

7. Can I store multiple cards on my iPhone to use with Apple Pay at Regal?
Yes, the Apple Pay app lets you have multiple bank credit and debit cards stored to use interchangeably. Add all cards you might use for Regal purchases and simply switch between them when completing Apple Pay transactions.

8. What about rewards programs and coupons? Do those still apply when I use Apple Pay?
Yes, any applicable rewards points or coupons will still apply at checkout when using Apple Pay. There are no differences in application of discounts between Apple Pay and physical credit cards.

9. Does Apple Pay work for buying Regal gift cards or Cinema VIP tickets?
Yes, Apple Pay can be utilized to conveniently purchase Regal gift cards and special Cinema VIP tickets just as you would regular movie tickets or concessions items. All ticket types and goods are eligible for contactless purchase through Apple Pay.

10. How old does my iPhone need to be in order to use Apple Pay at Regal?
To use Apple Pay, you’ll need an iPhone 6 or newer running at least iOS 8.1. The latest iPhones (XS and newer) with modern iOS versions provide the most seamless and secure Apple Pay experience, but older models still work.

11. I have an Apple Watch. Can I use that to pay with Apple Pay at Regal instead?
Yes, once Apple Pay is set up you can absolutely use an Apple Watch to make contactless payments at Regal instead of iPhone. Simply hold your Apple Watch near the payment terminal just like you would with your phone. Both work interchangeably.

12. Does Regal charge any fees for using Apple Pay instead of physical cards?
No, there are no additional fees or charges associated specifically with using Apple Pay over regular credit cards or other payment methods accepted by Regal. Contactless payment methods like Apple Pay pose no extra costs.

13. Will my credit card rewards still apply if I pay with Apple Pay instead?
Yes, all credit card reward points, cash back percentages, or miles will still accumulate as normal when using Apple Pay. Apple Pay does not affect your card’s reward structures since it acts as representation of your physical card.

14. Is Apple Pay contactless payment available internationally at Regal theaters?
No. As of now, Apple Pay is only accepted at Regal cinema locations within the United States. When traveling abroad to Regal theaters in other countries, Apple Pay may not be supported. Bring an alternative international payment card instead.

15. If my iPhone battery dies, can I still pay with Apple Pay at Regal?
No. In order for Apple Pay transactions to process, your iPhone will need adequate battery to turn on and unlock the device for authentication. Make sure your iPhone is sufficiently charged before relying solely on Apple Pay for payment.

16. Do I need to have an active internet/cell connection to use Apple Pay at the theater?
No. Apple Pay transactions are still securely handled offline once initially set up while connected. If your phone loses cell signal or WiFi while at the theater, you can still continue using Apple Pay for purchases without issue.

17. Is Apple Pay safe for kids or teenagers to use at Regal without supervision?
Apple Pay with parental transaction review enabled provideskids a secure way to buy items independently while letting guardians monitor or control spending. Review each Apple Pay purchase made by minors for awareness and protection.

18. Where do I go if I have problems setting up or using Apple Pay at the Regal box office?
If issues arise preventing you from utilizing Apple Pay upon attempts at checkout, notify a Regal staff member for assistance. Alternatively, call Apple support to troubleshoot the Wallet app and ensure Apple Pay is properly set up on your device.

19. Does Regal accept other contactless payments like Google or Samsung Pay?
Currently, Regal focuses support on Apple Pay. But ongoing upgrades aim to expand compatibility for additional contactless platforms like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Check for notifications or watch for the associated brands’ contactless symbols.

20. Why should I choose Apple Pay over swiping my physical card at Regal?
Apple Pay is faster, more convenient and more secure than directly using your credit card for movie theater payments. Contactless transactions prevent exposing sensitive data that could get stolen or skimmed compared to insecure magstripe swipes. Apple Pay also keeps customer data far more private through tokenized payments and on-device encryption.

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