Does Shein Take Apple Pay?

Shein is one of the most popular online fast fashion retailers, offering trendy and affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, and more. With convenient payment options being key for ecommerce success.

Does Shein Take Apple Pay?

How Payments Work on Shein

Shein accepts most major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. They also take PayPal and After pay for flexible payment options.

However, Shein currently does not directly accept Apple Pay as a payment method on their online store or mobile app.

This means you cannot use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac to checkout with Apple Pay on Shein’s website. You also cannot use Apple Pay in-store, as Shein does not have brick-and-mortar locations.

But there are a couple workarounds that allow you to essentially use Apple Pay when shopping online at Shein.

Using PayPal Key with Apple Pay

PayPal Key allows you to use Apple Pay by generating virtual Mastercard debit cards connected to your PayPal account.

Here is how to use Apple Pay with Shein using PayPal Key:

  1. Generate a free virtual Mastercard with PayPal Key through your PayPal Wallet app or account.
  2. Add that PayPal Key virtual card to Apple Pay on your device.
  3. Shop on Shein and choose PayPal at checkout.
  4. Use Apple Pay to pay, which will pay through your linked PayPal Key virtual card.

This allows Apple Pay users an easy way to checkout securely while still earning PayPal rewards.

Paying through Apple Pay-Compatible Credit Cards

Many top credit cards that are compatible with Apple Pay are also accepted directly at Shein, like Visa, Mastercard, or American Express cards.

So you can:

  1. Add one of those credit card accounts to Apple Pay.
  2. Shop at Shein and enter your actual credit card details at checkout.
  3. Choose to authenticate and pay using Apple Pay.

The payment will process through your physical credit card but authenticate securely using Apple Pay.

When Will Shein Accept Apple Pay?

Currently Shein focuses on offering the simplest and most universally-compatible payment options possible across their global customer base.

They may eventually incorporate Apple Pay support directly, but have not announced plans to do so yet.

For iPhone users who prefer Apple Pay, using the PayPal Key method or paying through a credit card account synced with Apple Pay remain the best options for now.

Customers can check if Shein adds Apple Pay by the payment options shown at checkout on their website. Shoppers can also contact Shein Customer Service to request or inquire about Apple Pay acceptance.

Checking Out Securely and Smoothly on Shein

Regardless of the payment method you choose, Shein utilizes secure encryption and protocols to protect all transactions and customer data. This applies the same level of security as platforms like Apple Pay.

Following best practices around online checkout can further keep your information safe:

  • Shop over HTTPS – Make sure URLs show “https://” indicating traffic is encrypted.
  • Check for padlocks in the browser bar indicating security certificates are active.
  • Avoid public WiFi when entering payment details and checkout process.
  • Use strong payment passwords and enable multifactor authentication if available.

Taking these steps helps provide peace of mind for safe, smooth checkouts.

Shein also offers guest checkout options without needing to create an account, which some customers may prefer for privacy reasons.

Top Shein Payment Methods Summary

While Shein currently does not directly accept Apple Pay, customers do have workarounds available:

  • PayPal Key lets you checkout with virtual cards via Apple Pay
  • Credit cards synced to Apple Pay can process payments securely
  • Other payment options accepted include Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, After Pay and more

So Apple device owners can still proceed through Shein checkouts simply and conveniently using secure digital wallet services or traditional card payments.

Shoppers just need to select their preferred card, mobile wallet or alternative payment method during the final steps of checkout on Shein’s online store or mobile apps.

Key Takeaways: Does Shein Take Apple Pay

  • Shein does not directly accept Apple Pay currently. Customers cannot use Apple devices to pay on their website.
  • Options exist like PayPal Key virtual cards or physical credit cards to approximate Apple Pay.
  • Shoppers should choose secure payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, and buy over HTTPS for safety.
  • Check Shein’s site for potential Apple Pay integration, or contact their customer service to provide feedback.
  • Shein focuses on widely available global payment methods, but may incorporate Apple Pay in the future.


Shein does not offer Apple Pay yet, but provides alternative robust payment options shoppers can use conveniently and securely. Customers can approximate Apple Pay through digital wallet tools or credit card checkout synced to their Apple ID. As an affordable fast fashion leader with deep global reach, Shein may adapt to add Apple Pay support long-term if customer demand persists. But they aim to accept the most universally recognizable payment methods first. By better understanding available options like secure cards, PayPal, guest checkout and more, Shein shoppers worldwide can finalize purchases smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Can I use Apple Pay as a payment option on Shein?
A: No, Shein currently does not directly accept Apple Pay. Customers cannot checkout with Apple Pay on their website or app.

Q: What Apple devices allow you to use Apple Pay?
A: Apple Pay works through recent models of iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Macs. But it is not directly accepted by Shein for checkout.

Q: Why isn’t my Apple Pay working on Shein?
A: Shein does not have Apple Pay integrated into their checkout system yet. So it cannot be used to complete purchases on their online store.

Q: What can I use instead of Apple Pay on Shein?
A: Top payment alternatives include major credit/debit cards, PayPal, After Pay, and PayPal Key linked to Apple Pay. Cards like Visa and Mastercard work seamlessly.

Q: Is my payment info secure without Apple Pay on Shein?
A: Yes, Shein uses encryption and other security measures to protect all transactions, keeping customer data safe at checkout.

Q: Can I use Apple Pay in Shein stores?
A: No, Shein does not currently have any brick-and-mortar stores. Purchases can only be made through their online website and apps.

Q: Why might Shein consider adding Apple Pay in the future?
A: If enough customers request or demonstrate demand for Apple Pay support, Shein may adapt checkout to allow direct Apple Pay.

Q: Does Shein accept other digital wallets like Google Pay?
A: Not currently – other mobile wallets have the same limitations as Apple Pay at Shein checkouts right now. Credit cards or PayPal work broadly.

Q: What should I do if Apple Pay doesn’t appear to work on Shein?
A: Double check Shein accepts Apple Pay directly first. If issue persists, contact customer support for assistance troubleshooting or using alternatives like cards.

Q: Is PayPal secure to use on Shein without Apple Pay?
A: Yes, PayPal utilizes robust encryption, fraud protection, and multifactor authentication for secure convenient payments.

Q: What credit cards can I use with Apple Pay as alternative to pay Shein?
A: Top cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover sync to Apple Pay. Debit cards also work subject to device compatibility.

Q: How do I add a credit card to Apple Pay to use on Shein?
A: Open your Apple Wallet app, tap the “+” icon, and follow prompts to add an accepted physical credit or debit card’s information.

Q: Can I earn credit card points by shopping Shein with Apple Pay?
A: Yes, using a rewards credit card option on Shein allows you to earn and redeem points just like any purchase.

Q: Is guest checkout available on Shein for Apple Pay users?
A: Yes, Shein offers guest checkout without an account creation for those who prefer it. Payments integrate securely.

Q: What happens if my Apple Pay transaction won’t process on Shein?
A: As Apple Pay is not directly integrated yet, try an alternative supported global payment method like major credit cards instead at checkout.

Q: How do I know if Apple Pay becomes available for Shein in the future?
A: Monitor Shein’s website payment options or contact Customer Service to check if Apple Pay becomes directly enabled for faster mobile checkout.

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