Does Uber Take Apple Pay?

Uber allows riders to use Apple Pay as a convenient contactless payment method for Uber rides and Uber Eats orders made through the Uber app. With Apple Pay, Uber customers on iPhone and Apple Watch can checkout faster without needing to enter payment card details each time.

Does Uber Take Apple Pay?

How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on Uber

Setting up Apple Pay on Uber only takes a few quick steps:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Uber app.
  2. Add an eligible credit or debit card to Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch.
  3. Open the Uber app, tap the menu icon in the top left, and select “Payment”.
  4. Under “Add new payment method”, choose Apple Pay.
  5. Verify with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.

Once enabled, using Apple Pay on Uber is simple whenever you book a ride or order food:

  1. Request a ride or place an Uber Eats order as usual in the Uber app.
  2. On the checkout screen, choose Apple Pay.
  3. Use Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone or double-click the side button on Apple Watch.
  4. The ride charge or order total will be deducted automatically from your Apple Pay payment card.

Uber sends a receipt to your email that lists Apple Pay under payment method. There’s no need to have your physical card with you to ride or order with Uber.

Uber Ride Types That Accept Apple Pay

All Uber ride types accept Apple Pay as a contactless payment method, including:

  • UberX – The standard Uber ride option for everyday rides
  • UberXL – Larger vehicles that can accommodate 5-6 passengers
  • Uber POOL – Share rides with others traveling in the same direction
  • Uber BLACK – High-end sedan or SUV vehicles with professional drivers

So whether you order an economical UberX, a roomier XL, or a lux Uber BLACK, you can use Apple Pay to seamlessly pay for any ride option.

Apple Pay also works with other Uber transportation services like rental bikes and scooters in the Uber app.

Can You Use Apple Pay With Uber Eats?

Yes, Apple Pay does work for Uber Eats food orders and delivery services within the Uber app.

When you go to check out your Uber Eats order, simply select Apple Pay as the payment option. Then authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

Uber Eats with Apple Pay also supports order tracking, contacting your delivery driver, and split payments. It’s a fast and convenient way to pay for meals without having your physical credit or debit card.

So Apple Pay is widely accepted across Uber’s ridesharing, micromobility, and Uber Eats services.

Pros of Paying With Apple Pay on Uber

There are many benefits to using Apple Pay on Uber compared to manual card payments:

  • Fast checkout – Instantly pay and book rides without entering payment details each time.
  • Security – Your actual card details are never shared with the merchant. Apple Pay transactions have unique security codes.
  • Convenience – Leave your physical cards at home. Just your iPhone or Apple Watch is needed.
  • Rewards & Cashback – Still earn any rewards or cashback your payment card offers.
  • Tracking spending – Review Apple Pay payments right in the Wallet app.

Overall, Apple Pay on Uber allows for quick, secure, cash-free transactions on the go.

Can You Add a Debit Card to Use With Apple Pay on Uber?

Fortunately, many debit cards work with Apple Pay across iPhones and Apple Watches, including cards from:

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • Chase
  • PNC
  • Citi
  • US Bank
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • TD Bank

So most bank-issued Visa, Mastercard, or American Express branded debit cards can be added to Apple Pay. This allows you to conveniently order Ubers and Uber Eats by scanning your face or wrist without even opening your wallet.

When setting up Apple Pay, just look for the contactless or Apple Pay logo on your debit card. Uber treats Apple Pay debit transactions the same as credit transactions.

Tips For First Time Apple Pay Uber Users

If you’re new to linking Apple Pay with Uber, keep these helpful suggestions in mind:

  • Ensure your iPhone or Apple Watch can make contactless payments over NFC. All models from iPhone 6 and newer support this along with Apple Watch Series 1 and higher.
  • Add the eligible credit or debit you want to pay Uber with to the Wallet app. Set up Apple Pay following the prompts.
  • Book a few Uber trips selecting Apple Pay at checkout to verify it works properly with your card.
  • Monitor your email inbox for Uber receipts confirming Apple Pay was charged.
  • If the app doesn’t default to Apple Pay at checkout, add it as a payment method in Settings.

Once set up, Ubering with Apple Pay is a seamless experience every time you want to book a ride across town or order takeout on Uber Eats. It’s fast, secure, and convenient for life on the go.

Is Apple Pay With Uber Available Only in Certain Cities?

Unlike other mobile payments like Uber Cash, Apple Pay has broad acceptance on Uber. Apple Pay works with the Uber app nationwide across the United States in all operating cities and metro areas.

So no matter your current location that has standard Uber service, riders can securely checkout Ubers with Apple Pay using an iPhone, Apple Watch, and stored debit/credit cards.

Just update your Uber app and add Apple Pay card details. You’ll then see it as a payment method during checkout after requesting a ride.

Apple Pay on Uber is also available globally in international markets like Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and more. Any location Uber supports will allow fast Apple Pay transactions.

Can You Add Multiple Cards to Use With Apple Pay on Uber?

Rather than fuss with selecting different payment cards, yes – Apple Pay supports adding multiple credit and debit cards. Then you can conveniently switch funding sources before each Uber or Uber Eats checkout with Apple Pay.

To add another card within Apple Pay for ride payments:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the (+) symbol in the top-right corner.
  3. Scan card details or enter information manually.
  4. Follow additional verification prompts for the new card.

Now when paying for your next Uber trip just press-and-hold on the Apple Pay button to select your preferred card stored in Apple Pay. Multiple cards make split payments and managing transactions easy.

And since Uber facilitates charges in Apple Pay, you still earn rewards points, airline miles, or cashback offers just like using the physical debit/credit card.

Can You Link Apple Pay With the Uber Debit Card?

Yes, conveniently the Uber Debit Card does support Apple Pay integration. So with an Uber Debit account, you can store the virtual card details in Apple Pay on supported iPhone and Apple Watch devices.

To set up Apple Pay with your Uber Debit Card:

  1. Verify your issued card works with Apple Pay (has the contactless logo).
  2. In the Wallet app add the Uber Debit Card by scanning card details or entering manually.
  3. Approve with security prompts. Uber Debit Card typically verifies instantly.
  4. Select Apple Pay at checkout on your next Uber or Uber Eats order.

Using your Uber Debit stored in Apple Pay wallet allows quick secure ride payments, earning unlimited 3% cashback on Uber rides. You can also track balance right on iPhone and fund the card instantly with earned trip credits.

So Apple Pay certainly provides a fast, rewarding way to manage and pay for Uber rides with the Uber Debit option.

Can You Use Apple Pay on Uber Web?

Currently, Apple Pay is only available natively in the iOS and Android Uber apps – not on the website and mobile web experience.

So all Uber rides, Uber Eats orders, checkout and Apple Pay selections need to happen within the downloaded native app from the App Store or Play Store.

The mobile and desktop site at does not recognize Apple Wallet or allow Apple Pay as a payment method due to technical and security limitations.

Be sure to open all ride bookings and food orders directly in the Uber app, where Apple Pay is directly integrated for simple tap-and-go checkout convenience. An internet connection is still needed.

In the future, Uber may build Apple Pay into its mobile and desktop websites using optimized secure implementations as contactless payments increase. But accessing Apple Wallet requires native app support today.

So download the app and set up Apple Pay for rides if you haven’t already to take advantage of fast secure Uber checkout.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay With Uber Issues

Don’t worry – if Apple Pay isn’t working properly on Uber, here are some top troubleshooting tips:

  • Update to the latest version of the Uber app
  • Update your iPhone software to the newest iOS release
  • Check Apple Pay card expiry date and details are correct
  • Contact Uber Support via in-app messaging for account help
  • Ensure your iPhone model supports Apple Pay payments
  • Uber may have a temporary service outage impacing Apple Pay
  • Review linked payment methods and re-add Apple Pay card

Following these suggestions should get Apple Pay connecting correctly on Uber again. Reach out to Apple or your card issuer for any other mobile wallet issues persisting.

Key Takeaways: Using Apple Pay With Uber

  • Convenience: Apple Pay enables fast checkout on Uber without entering payment card details manually every ride. Quick secure scans to pay.
  • Support: Apple Pay works seamlessly across Uber ride types like UberX and Uber BLACK as well payment for Uber Eats orders via the app.
  • Saved Cards: Add multiple debit/credit cards to Apple Pay wallet and easily switch when paying for Uber rides and Uber Eats.
  • Security: Contactless transactions mean your actual payment card details are never exposed to merchants or Uber. Each purchase has a unique code for protection.

So with broad usage across Uber rides, Uber Eats, convenience, speed, and security, Apple Pay is undoubtedly a top mobile payment choice for trips on the go!


Thanks to native iOS app integration, Apple Pay delivers exceptional speed, ease-of-use, and security when ordering Ubers or your favorite meals with Uber Eats. With iPhones, Apple Watches, and stored debit/credit card details, Uber customers can book effortless contactless trips across town plus pay for food orders as well. Apple Pay works with all standard Uber ride options and allows simple account management too. So ditch the physical wallet, add some cards to Apple Pay, enable it as a payment method in the Uber app, and quickly be on your way – with just your mobile device needed for tap-and-go convenience. Apple Pay is truly accelerating mobility for the modern world. Give it try on your next Uber adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Uber take Apple Pay for rides?
    Yes. Apple Pay is a widely supported mobile payment within Uber for booking rides via iPhone and Apple Watch devices.
  1. Can you pay for Uber with just an Apple Watch?
    Absolutely. Add you card to Apple Pay on Apple Watch with WiFi/cellular and you can order Ubers using just your wrist, no iPhone required.
  1. Is using Apple Pay on Uber safe?
    Yes, very safe. Apple Pay transactions are encrypted with unique codes so your actual payment card details are never shared with Uber.
  1. What cards does Apple Pay use for Uber?
    Most credit and debit cards from top banks and issuers can be added to Apple Pay for Uber payments – just look for the Contactless or Apple Pay logo.
  1. Can you set up Apple Pay Express Transit for Uber?
    Unfortunately Express Transit via Apple Pay only works with select transit systems and does not currently support Uber platform integration.
  1. How do you add Apple Pay to Uber?
    Open Wallet app > Add Card > Scan or enter card details > Enable on next Uber checkout by selecting Apple Pay payment option.
  1. Why can’t I select Apple Pay on Uber?
    Likely an outdated app, expired card, iOS/device incompatibility, or other wallet issue. Try troubleshooting steps or contact Uber Support.
  1. Is Apple Pay cash accepted on Uber?
    No, standalone Apple Pay Cash peer-to-peer payments are not directly supported. But you can transfer Apple Pay Cash balance to a bank debit card, THEN add your funds-holding debit card to Uber.
  1. Can you remove Apple Pay from Uber?
    Yes, in the Uber app visit Settings > Payment > tap the ••• menu next to Apple Pay > Remove > confirm.
  1. How do I reset Apple Pay on Uber?
    You’ll need to remove then re-add your card details to Apple Pay wallet, then enable again in the Uber app payment menu.
  1. Will Apple Pay work if my Uber account is on hold?
    No, if your Uber account has a temporary hold, all payment methods including Apple Pay will decline until back in good standing.
  1. Can you still earn Uber rewards points and credits when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes, any applicable Uber rewards, promotions, points, credits, and benefits apply whether paying by Apple Pay or other stored payment method.
  1. Does Apple Pay qualify for the Uber Pro monthly ride challenge
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions count the same as physical card payments for meeting minimum Uber Pro member ride requirements.
  1. Can multiple people share an Uber account and all use Apple Pay?
    Possibly, but keep in mind Apple Pay cards are device-specific so each rider would need to individually add their bank-issued payment cards.
  1. Do Apple Pay Uber charges qualify for credit card rewards like cashback or airline miles?
    Yes! Apple Pay essentially functions as an easy way to scan your existing payment cards. So all standard rewards still apply when charged via Apple Pay, just like tapping the physical card.
  1. Is Apple Pay available on Uber in all cities?
    Yes, Apple Pay works directly with the Uber iOS and Android apps nationwide across the entire US and in international markets like Canada, Mexico, Australia and Europe.
  1. Can you tip drivers via Apple Pay too or only the ride fare?
    Yes! Uber does allow adding tips to any ride transaction via Apple Pay as well, up to 30 days later.
  1. Is Uber Money stored balance the same as Apple Pay?
    No, they are separate payment forms. Uber Money is a cash balance held with Uber. Apple Pay scans encrypted payment cards for instant deductions.
  1. Can you track Apple Pay Uber expenses in the iOS Wallet app?
    Absolutely. Every Apple Pay transaction including Ubers appears right in Wallet payment history making spending tracking easy.
  1. What about paying for Uber Eats orders with Apple Pay?
    Apple Pay fully works for Uber Eats too! Add food items, checkout with Apple Pay, then just wait for the driver to arrive with your meal. Delicious convenience!

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