Does Six Flags Take Apple Pay?

Six Flags theme parks are popular destinations for thrill seekers and families alike. With dozens of roller coasters, shows, and attractions at each park, Six Flags aims to provide an exciting and seamless guest experience. An increasingly common question from guests is “Does Six Flags take Apple Pay?Does Six Flags Take Apple Pay?How Payment Works at Six Flags

Six Flags accepts most major credit cards and contactless payment methods at their parks. This includes:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Contactless credit and debit cards

You can use these payment methods at dining locations, merchandise shops, and ticketing windows throughout Six Flags parks. Setup is quick and checkout is designed to be fast, though some locations may still require chip/PIN entry or signature depending on your payment method.

Using a mobile wallet like Apple Pay can be especially convenient while visiting a Six Flags park. With rides, shows, and other attractions keeping guests on the move, mobile payment gets you through lines and onto rides faster.

Activating Contactless Payments

To use Apple Pay and other contactless payment methods at Six Flags you must first activate the feature on your device or payment card. Below is an overview of how to setup mobile wallets and contactless cards from the major providers:

Apple Pay

  • Requires an iPhone 6 or newer model
  • Enable in Wallet app on iOS device
  • Set up payment cards to be used

Google Pay

  • Requires an NFC-enabled Android device
  • Download Google Pay app from Play Store
  • Add eligible credit, debit, gift, and member cards

Samsung Pay

  • Available on newer Samsung Galaxy models
  • Enable via Samsung Pay app
  • Add supported cards and membership cards

Contactless Cards

  • Issued by major card providers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express
  • Features contactless symbol on front of card
  • Tap to pay enabled

Once contactless payments are activated, you can use Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay or contactless credit cards anywhere Six Flags lists the contactless symbol around the park. This includes merchandise locations, food and beverage windows, ticket booths, and more.

Using Apple Pay at Six Flags

You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch to make purchases inside Six Flags parks. Simply follow these steps when it comes time to pay:

  1. When your total is ready, double click your iPhone’s side button. On an Apple Watch, double click the side button.
  2. Your default card will appear. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader with your finger on the side button.
  3. Verify your identity via Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode on your Apple Watch.
  4. Once approved, you will see an Apple Pay animation and hear a tone signaling a successful payment.

Apple Pay can be used for everything from park tickets and season passes to meals, snacks, souvenirs and more. Just look for the contactless symbol at checkout when making purchases with your iPhone.

Buying Tickets

Purchasing tickets is one area where Apple Pay acceptance can vary by Six Flags location. Some parks sell print-at-home online tickets or have separate lines for prepaid tickets that aren’t integrated with main park entrances.

As a result, you may not be able to use contactless payments when first entering those Six Flags parks with online tickets. However, once in the park, you can use Apple Pay anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

For walk-up ticket purchases at main park gates, most Six Flags locations now accept Apple Pay and other contactless payments. If the ticket booth has a contactless symbol you should be able to checkout with just a tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay vs Six Flags Membership Cards

While Apple Pay is widely accepted across Six Flags parks for one-time purchases, you currently cannot add your Six Flags season pass or membership card to Apple Wallet. Passes must be presented physically to access member benefits and perks.

However, you can still use Apple Pay and contactless cards for food, drinks, merchandise and other purchases inside the park as a passholder. Apple Pay is simply not supported for presenting or activating actual Six Flags membership cards at this time.

Future Expansion

Contactless payment acceptance continues to grow at Six Flags parks, though some locations may still be transitioning systems. If you discover a point-of-sale inside a Six Flags park without contactless capability, you can request for it to be activated.

As more guests adopt mobile payments, Six Flags is expected to expand Apple Pay and contactless integration for an increasingly seamless guest experience across their parks. This includes wider contactless ticket acceptance expected at more park entry gates.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple Pay is widely accepted: All Six Flags parks accept contactless payments like Apple Pay at food and beverage locations, merchandise shops and most ticket windows.
  • Ticket lines may vary: Main park gates don’t always have contactless readers. Prepaid online tickets also require separate lines.
  • Convenient for parks: Apple Pay and contactless cards help keep guests moving quickly through lines and onto rides faster during their visit.
  • Can’t store membership cards yet: You can’t add actual Six Flags season passes or membership cards to Apple Wallet at this time.

So while some exceptions may still exist, Six Flags does take Apple Pay throughout their parks for faster purchasing without needing your physical wallet or cards handy. Look for the contactless symbol to pay quickly and conveniently with your iPhone.


Apple Pay and other contactless payment options provide a fast, convenient way to make transactions across Six Flags theme parks. With most major credit cards now offering contactless capability and mobile wallet adoption growing, Six Flags guests can more quickly access rides with just their iPhone or Apple Watch.

Some exceptions still exist at certain park gate ticketing lines, but inside Six Flags locations Apple Pay acceptance is widespread and makes for a more seamless guest experience. As use of contactless payments expands, convenience and acceptance rates are expected to improve park-wide.

So does Six Flags take Apple Pay? With mobile transactions easier than ever across their parks, the answer is yes. Apple Pay streamlines payments so Six Flags guests can spend less time in lines and more time enjoying the thrills.


Q. What type of payment methods does Six Flags accept?
A. Six Flags widely accepts major credit and debit cards, plus contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless credit/debit cards that feature the contactless symbol.

Q. Can I pay for my ticket with Apple Pay at any Six Flags park?
A. Apple Pay acceptance may vary at park front gates and lines for prepaid online tickets. If ticket windows feature the contactless symbol then Apple Pay should be accepted, but otherwise physical cards or season passes may be required.

Q. Where in Six Flags can I use Apple Pay?
A. Any dining location, merchandise shop, or ticket window with the contactless payment symbol shown will allow you to checkout with Apple Pay. Ride photos and other point-of-sale kiosks also frequently accept contactless payments.

Q. Is Apple Pay faster than using a credit card at Six Flags?
A. Yes. Apple Pay and contactless cards allow you to tap and quickly pay and be on your way. No need to insert cards or enter PINs, which is especially helpful in busy Six Flags parks.

Q. Do I need to activate something to use Apple Pay at Six Flags?
A. Yes. You need an iPhone 6 or newer model to use Apple Pay. On your iOS device open the Wallet app, enable Apple Pay, and add the cards you want available for payments. No additional activation is needed.

Q. Can I store my Six Flags season pass in Apple Wallet?
A. Unfortunately no. You cannot currently add Six Flags membership cards or season passes directly to Apple Wallet. You still need to present your physical pass to access member benefits.

Q. Where can I see if a payment terminal accepts Apple Pay?
A. You’ll look for the universal contactless symbol, which resembles a WiFi logo. Any ticket window, food stand, store, or kiosk at Six Flags with this symbol should accept all contactless payments.

Q. Is Apple Pay safer to use than my physical credit card?
A. Yes. Each Apple Pay transaction uses a unique security code so your actual card details are never shared. Paying via iPhone also keeps your credit card info off less secure point-of-sale systems.

Q. Do I need to sign or enter a PIN when using Apple Pay at Six Flags?
A. Signature and PIN entry is rarely needed for Apple Pay purchases under $25-50, depending on the issuing bank. For higher amounts you may still need to provide a signature or enter your card PIN occasionally.

Q. What if my Six Flags location doesn’t take Apple Pay?
A. If you find a food, merchandise, or ticketing location at a Six Flags park without contactless then you can request they activate and install contactless readers to accept Apple Pay moving forward. Availability continues to expand.

Q. Is Apple Pay cheaper than using my credit card?
A. No. Apple Pay does not save you money directly. However it makes accessing and using your credit card points and rewards simpler when checking out. Apple Pay is about enhanced convenience versus payment savings.

Q. What cell phone carriers support Apple Pay?
A. All major carriers in the United States support using Apple Pay including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. As long as you have an unlocked iPhone 6 or newer model on an active data plan, you can enable and use Apple Pay.

Q. Can I use a smartwatch like Apple Watch to make payments?
A. Yes! Once Apple Pay cards are loaded into your iPhone Wallet, you can also make contactless payments using Apple Watch at Six Flags by double clicking the side button and holding near terminals.

Q. Do I need to have my iPhone with me to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch?
A. To checkout initially your iPhone needs to be within close Bluetooth range. Once cards are authenticated on Apple Watch, your phone is no longer required for additional transactions.

Q. Is Apple Pay safe to use on public access WiFi networks?
A. Yes. Every Apple Pay transaction generates a unique, one-time security code so your card details are never exposed over WiFi or transmitted with payment requests. This makes your data safer than on public networks.

Q. Does Apple Pay work offline if I lose cell service?
A. If your iPhone has lost connectivity, you may still be able to use Apple Pay for transactions under $25 where signatures are not required by banks. For larger purchases or additional verification an active Internet connection is recommended.

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