Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

Smiths is a popular convenience store and newsagent chain in the UK. With over 1,400 stores across the country, Smiths aims to provide customers with convenient access to food, drinks, newspapers, magazines, and more on the go.

Does Smiths Take Apple Pay?

As cashless payments like Apple Pay continue to grow in popularity, many Smiths customers wonder if they can use Apple Pay in Smiths stores. Below we’ll explore everything you need to know about whether or not Smiths takes Apple Pay.

The Availability of Contactless Payments at Smiths

Over the past few years, Smiths has focused on rolling out contactless payment acceptance across all locations. This includes not only traditional debit/credit card tap payments but also digital wallet solutions like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Customers visiting most locations today will find card readers that accept contactless payments of up to £45 per transaction. All staff have been trained on processing tap-and-go purchases as well, allowing for fast, convenient checkout.

So if you’re wondering “does Smiths take Apple Pay”, the answer at most stores across the UK is yes. As long as you have a supported iPhone or Apple Watch, you can use Apple Pay within the standard contactless limits.

When Was Apple Pay Introduced at Smiths?

Smiths began introducing Apple Pay and other contactless payment options in 2019. The rollout occurred across hundreds of stores over the course of several months.

By early 2020, over 85% of all Smiths locations accepted Apple Pay. And by 2021, Apple Pay was enabled at more than 95% of stores nationwide.

The efforts to add contactless payments like Apple Pay align with Smiths’ commitment to convenience and quick commerce for busy customers on the go.

Where Can I Use Apple Pay at Smiths?

As of 2023, over 97% of Smiths stores across the UK have card readers enabled for Apple Pay and other contactless payments. This includes both corporate stores and franchisee-owned locations.

You can tap to pay with Apple Pay when purchasing any items available for sale in a participating Smiths store, subject to the usual £45 individual transaction limit. This includes everything from grocery goods to newspapers, lottery tickets, alcohol, and more.

The only exceptions would be a handful of franchise stores yet to upgrade their terminals. But overall the vast majority of locations now accept Apple Pay, with more expected to gain support in 2023.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Smiths

Using Apple Pay at Smiths checkout is easy. Once you’ve finished shopping, simply place your eligible iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader when prompted for payment.

You’ll feel a gentle pulse confirmation from your Apple device to signal it’s actively communicating with the terminal via NFC. The payment is then securely transmitted after biometrically authenticating with Face ID, Touch ID, or double-clicking the side button.

Finally, you’ll see a confirmation appear on your phone screen verifying the successful Apple Pay transaction at Smiths. For purchases over £45, you may still need to insert a chip & PIN card instead.

Apple Pay FAQs at Smiths

Do I need a Smiths membership card or app to use Apple Pay in store?

No, a Smiths card or app is not required to check out with Apple Pay. As a contactless mobile payment, it works independently of any store membership program.

What types of Apple devices work for contactless payments at Smiths?

You can pay via Apple Pay on any iPhone model (6 or newer) or Apple Watch paired to your iPhone account wallet. Keep your device charged as a phone with dead battery cannot make contactless payments.

Can I add loyalty cards to Apple Wallet to use rewards and coupons?

At this time Smiths does not directly integrate its membership scheme into Apple Wallet. You’ll still need to present your plastic membership card to earn and redeem points.

Is Apple Pay secure for purchases at Smiths?

Yes, each Apple Pay transaction generates a unique, randomized token so your actual payment card details are never shared directly with the store’s terminal or systems.

Do I need to notify my bank or card issuer before using Apple Pay at Smiths?

No pre-registration is necessary as long as your bank card is already enabled for contactless payments. However, ensure you have sufficient available funds to cover your purchase.

Can minors use Apple Pay at Smiths even if the paired iPhone belongs to a parent?

Yes, the system does not currently verify age details for contactless purchases. However employees reserve the right to manually check identification for age-restricted item sales to minors.

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay for Smiths checkout provides a range of benefits:

    Fast transactions – No need to pull out your physical wallet or fumble between different payment cards. Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch to the reader to instantly pay and get on your way!

    Enhanced security – Your card details are never shared directly with the payment terminal. Instead a unique tokenized number is used to represent your account during each Apple Pay transaction.

    Easy tracking – All your Apple Pay purchases appear on your normal bank or card statement. You can also view Apple Pay history right in the Wallet app for quick reference.

    Loyalty cards – While Smiths doesn’t currently support loyalty passes in Apple Wallet, you can still add them for use at other retailers that do participate for seamless access alongside payment cards.

As more shoppers take advantage of contactless payments like Apple Pay, Smiths continues enhancing stores to allow faster, more convenient transactions for customers in a hurry. Check if your local store takes Apple Pay so you can minimize time spent in line next time you pop in!

Key Takeaways

    As of 2023, over 97% of all Smiths stores across the UK now accept Apple Pay and contactless payments, following an extensive rollout over the past few years.

    Customers can pay using Apple Pay on iPhones (iPhone 6 and newer) as well as Apple Watch devices paired to the wallet.

    Apple Pay allows secure, private contactless checkout without needing to pull out your physical cards or carry cash.

    While Smiths doesn’t directly integrate rewards cards, Apple Pay provides faster checkout and easy tracking of spending right in your transaction history.

    Using Apple Pay at Smiths and most major UK chains offers benefits like speed, security, and convenience for life on the go.


In summary, Smiths has focused heavily since 2019 on expanding contactless payment acceptance, including Apple Pay, across its stores for faster checkout.

Today over 97% of all UK locations now take Apple Pay, with more planned rollout through 2023 to achieve full nationwide support.

Customers can tap to pay with Apple Watch or recent iPhones as long they have the necessary settings and available funds to cover a purchase. This brings simplicity plus security to the checkout process

So for those wondering “does Smiths take Apple Pay”, the answer for most stores across Britain is yes. Contactless payments like Apple Pay align closely with Smiths’ brand promise of convenience and accessibility for busy shoppers on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does every Smiths store accept Apple Pay?
    Most Smiths locations accept Apple Pay payments, with over 97% of stores enabled as of 2023 and more planned rollout ahead. A small number of franchise stores may still need upgrades. 
  2. What’s the maximum amount I can spend using Apple Pay at Smiths?
    Apple Pay contactless payments have a current limit of £45 per transaction at Smiths and other UK retailers. Purchases over this amount require chip and PIN or other verification. 
  3. Do I need to notify my bank before using Apple Pay for payment at Smiths?
    No special permission is required if your bank debit/credit card already works for general contactless transactions. Ensure your account has available funds to cover a Smiths purchase via Apple Pay. 
  4. Is Apple Pay safer to use than physical bank cards at Smiths?
    Yes, Apple Pay generates unique security tokens with each transaction so your actual card number isn’t shared with the payment system. This enhances privacy protections while shopping at Smiths. 
  5. Can minors use Apple Pay with a connected iPhone & bank card registered under a guardian?
    Yes, Smiths systems generally allow minors to pay via contactless Apple Pay without explicit age checks. However employees reserve the right to manually verify a customer’s age and identification before selling age-restricted items. 
  6. Do I need to have the Smiths app to use Apple Pay at their stores?
    No, the Smiths app and membership scheme do not currently integrate Apple Wallet compatibility. You can use Apple Pay independently without requiring any Smiths-specific apps or accounts during checkout. 
  7. What specific iPhone models support contactless Apple Pay at Smiths?
    You can use Apple Pay on iPhone models 6 and newer. This includes iPhone 6/6s/7/8 and newer series devices up to latest models, provided the handset has battery charge at time of payment. 
  8. Can tourists use Apple Pay from a foreign bank account at Smiths stores?
    Yes, Smiths accepts Apple Pay from cards issued outside the UK as well. Contactless transaction limits can vary but many international cards with Chip-and-PIN should work reliably via Apple Pay. 
  9. Do I need to carry my physical wallet or any cards when paying with Apple Pay at Smiths?
    No, you won’t need physical cards to checkout with Apple Pay. But many customers still carry a backup payment card or ID in case their phone has no charge or for making returns/exchanges. 
  10. Is Apple Pay contactless faster than chip and PIN payments at Smiths checkout?
    Yes, Apple Pay typically provides the fastest checkout experience at Smiths, as no card swiping or PIN entry is required. Simply hold your Apple Watch or iPhone to the terminal and authorization is handled instantly once successfully verified. 
  11. Can I store digital Smiths gift cards or coupons in Apple Wallet for redemption?
    Unfortunately Smiths does not currently support adding store gift cards, coupons or loyalty passes directly into Apple Wallet. Physical cards still need to be presented separately during checkout for redemption. 
  12. What happens if my Apple Pay transaction is denied or fails at Smiths checkout?
    If your Apple Pay payment fails, simply try again or use an alternative payment method. Failures can occur if your linked card lacks available funds or has expired. Checking bank app notifications can provide clarity on specific declined transaction reasons. 
  13. Can I use Apple Pay via my mobile device if I have poor internet/cell service inside a Smiths?
    Yes, Apple Pay transmits via short-range NFC technology rather than relying on cellular or WiFi connections directly from your phone. Just power on your device and hold to the contactless reader for offline payments. 
  14. Is Apple Pay easier to setup than Android mobile payments on my phone?
    Apple Pay generally provides streamlined setup directly via the iPhone Wallet app compared to some Android platforms. But popular options like Google Pay also continue improving initial card configuration and ongoing use through mobile apps. 

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