Does Stater Bros Take Apple Pay?

Stater Bros is a popular Southern California supermarket chain with over 170 locations across the region. As consumer payment technologies have advanced in recent years, many shoppers wonder if Stater Bros accepts mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay.

Does Stater Bros Take Apple Pay?

How Apple Pay Works at Stater Bros

Apple Pay allows iPhone and Apple Watch users to checkout using their devices rather than a physical credit or debit card. Here is an overview of how Apple Pay works for payments at Stater Bros:

  • Compatible Devices – Customers need an iPhone 6 or newer model. An Apple Watch can also be used even if paired to an older iPhone.
  • Wallet App – Cards are added to the Wallet app and used from there during payment. Debit and credit cards from major issuers are eligible.
  • Contactless Terminal – At checkout, the user holds their device near the store’s contactless payment reader.
  • Fingerprint/Face ID – The customer authenticates using Touch ID or Face ID on their phone or double clicks a button on their watch.

Apple Pay Acceptance at Stater Bros Locations

Yes, Stater Bros does accept Apple Pay across all store locations. Any terminal that accepts regular contactless credit card taps will also take Apple Pay. Customers can use this mobile payment method for all purchases at Stater Bros.

When checking out, locate the contactless symbol on the payment terminal to know where to hold your iPhone. Authentication with Face ID or Touch ID completes the payment once the total amount is confirmed.

Getting Started with Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay at Stater Bros checkout is quick and easy. To get set up for the first time:

  • Add Card to iPhone – Open the Wallet app and select “+”, choose your bank, and scan your card details.
  • Verify Card – Your bank will verify your identity and activate the card for Apple Pay transactions.
  • Checkmark Icon – When you see the animated Apple Pay checkmark for that card, you’re ready to shop and pay.

On your next trip to Stater Bros, simply hold your phone close to the contactless reader during checkout when prompted for payment. This works the same way as tapping a contactless credit or debit card.

Apple Pay Benefits for Stater Bros Shoppers

Beyond convenience and easing checkout lines, Apple Pay offers a few key benefits when making purchases at Stater Bros:

  • Security – Card details are never shared directly with the store. Instead, a unique digital token is used to represent your payment information.
  • Privacy – You don’t need to pull out your physical wallet in front of others waiting in line. The payment processing is quick, private, and discreet.
  • Rewards Tracking – Loyalty card barcodes can be added to Apple Pay as well. This allows easy scanning for proper points and savings tracking when you pay.

As consumer habits shift toward mobile and card-free options, Apple Pay is leading the way with secure and quick transactions for shoppers on the go.

Apple Pay Purchase Process at Stater Bros

For those new to contactless payments, here are the basic steps to checkout with Apple Pay at any Stater Bros market:

  1. Add Items to your cart and proceed to checkout when ready.
  2. When prompted for Payment Method, select Credit/Debit. Do NOT insert a card.
  3. Unlock your iPhone if needed and open the Wallet app. Hover phone over terminal.
  4. Use Face/Touch ID. You may also need to enter a card PIN or zip code.
  5. Wait for phone vibration and checkout Receipt. Enjoy your purchases!

Key Takeaways About Stater Bros and Apple Pay

  • Stater Bros accepts Apple Pay across all 170+ supermarket locations as a fast, secure mobile payment option.
  • Customers can checkout using iPhone models 6 and newer. Apple Watch is also supported.
  • Payment takes seconds by holding your device near the contactless terminal and authenticating with Face or Touch ID.
  • Security benefits include tokenization and dynamic codes with no card numbers shared.
  • Shoppers Value Club perks still apply when scanning your barcode before paying with Apple Pay.


In conclusion, Stater Bros has kept pace with consumer trends by activating contactless payments including Apple Pay across all stores. The Apple Pay acceptance allows quicker checkout without sacrificing earnings discounts or points. With enhanced security protections against fraud, customers can feel at ease using mobile payments for their Stater Bros purchases. Contactless payments like Apple Pay will surely continue growing as shoppers seek more convenience and retailers provide the capabilities.


  1. Is Apple Pay truly secure for purchases?
    Yes, very secure. Tokenization is used so stores never directly receive or store your actual payment card information.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Stater Bros gas stations?
    Yes, their gas stations have the same contactless terminals to accept Apple Pay.

  3. Do I need to open or wake my iPhone before tapping to pay?
    No. With an Apple Watch, double click the side button. iPhones with Face ID work by hovering near the terminal.

  4. Is Apple Pay contactless only or can I insert my iPhone for payments?
    Contactless is required in order to use Apple Pay. Physical card inserts are not supported.

  5. Can stolen iPhones still make purchases at Stater Bros via Apple Pay?
    No. You must authenticate with Face/Touch ID or passcode which would not approve on a stolen device.

  6. How do I remove a lost or replaced iPhone card from Apple Pay remotely?
    Visit to remove the card or device from your Apple Pay account instantly.

  7. Can minors setup an Apple Pay account and pay at Stater Bros?
    Parents/guardians can setup Apple Pay for those under 18 either on a family shared device or via allowances.

  8. Is alcohol purchasing using Apple Pay allowed at Stater Bros?
    Yes. Apple Pay works the same as a physical card, except in a contactless digital form for payments.

  9. If my iPhone battery dies, can I still buy essentials at Stater Bros?
    As long as terminal power remains, a dead phone battery does NOT block the NFC antenna needed for Apple Pay.
  10. Where do I find the contactless terminal icon to hover my iPhone near?
    Look for the symbol at checkout that typically reads “Tap to Pay” or shows radio-like curves.

  11. Can stolen Apple Watch devices still make Apple Pay purchases at Stater Bros?
    No. You must enter the watch passcode first which would not be known on stolen devices.

  12. Does Apple Pay work at Stater Bros outside at drive-up or pharmacy windows?
    Yes. Their wireless terminals have the contactless capability to accept Apple Pay anywhere.

  13. Do I need to open or wake my Apple Watch before using Apple Pay at Stater Bros?
    Unlike iPhone, Apple Watch only requires a quick double click of the side button before tapping.

  14. Can I store multiple cards on Apple Pay and choose specific ones at Stater Bros checkout?
    Yes. Switch between cards on the Wallet app and select the desired one when prompted during checkout.

  15. How do I customize text receipts after purchasing with Apple Pay at Stater Bros?
    Log in to your payment card account used via online banking to manage receipt delivery preferences and details.

  16. Can non-iPhone users tap to pay at Stater Bros using contactless Android or Samsung phones?
    Yes. Google Pay and Samsung Pay also work with the contactless terminals using similar tokenization.

  17. Does Stater Bros offer any special discounts or rewards for paying with Apple Pay instead of cards?
    No exclusive Apple Pay discounts, but all typical weekly sales coupons and loyalty points will still apply at checkout.

  18. How do I add store gift cards or loyalty card to Apple Pay if Stater Bros doesn’t allow it natively?
    Some third party apps can add non-bank barcodes to Apple Pay for easier access rather than carrying plastic cards.

  19. Are there any dangers or fraud risks from using Apple Pay at gas stations or self-checkout kiosks?
    No heightened risks beyond that of using a physical credit or debit card at self-service terminals.

  20. Will my bank or credit card company allow large purchase amounts when using Apple Pay at Stater Bros?
    Each bank sets their own limits, but amounts allowed are generally equal to your set in-store contactless tap limits on a standard card.

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