Does Stop & Shop Take Apple Pay?

Stop & Shop supermarkets now accept Apple Pay at all store locations. Customers can use Apple Pay on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac when checking out in stores across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Does Stop & Shop Take Apple Pay?

In response to growing demand for contactless payments during the COVID-19 pandemic, Stop & Shop enabled Apple Pay acceptance in May 2020 across their nearly 400 stores. This allows iPhone and Apple device owners to tap and pay for groceries without handing over a physical card.

This article covers everything you need to know about using Apple Pay at Stop & Shop stores, including:

  • An overview of contactless payments at Stop & Shop
  • Verifying if your local Stop & Shop accepts Apple Pay
  • Setting up Apple Pay on your device
  • Using Apple Pay in stores to check out
  • Tips for using Apple Pay at Stop & Shop self checkout
  • Answers to frequently asked questions

Trust is the foundation of good relationships and honest recommendations. This article aims to clearly explain how to use Apple Pay so you can conveniently checkout. Stop & Shop works hard to make payment easy and secure.

Contactless Payments at Stop & Shop

Contactless transactions have become commonplace due to public health concerns around handling cash and inserting payment cards. Apple Pay provides customers with a touch-free way to pay using an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac.

By simply holding your Apple device near the contactless reader at checkout, Stop & Shop can securely charge your stored debit/credit card. No signature is required for purchases under $50. This enables shorter queues with less handling of communal PIN pads.

As a convenience store focused on communities, Stop & Shop provides shoppers with flexible, innovative payment types like Apple Pay. Contactless also reduces incidental chargebacks and allows international travelers to pay with their home country payment cards stored in Apple Wallet.

Does Your Local Stop & Shop Take Apple Pay?

All Stop & Shop owned and operated store locations accept Apple Pay as of May 2020. This includes nearly 400 stores across New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

You can verify Apple Pay acceptance by looking for contactless payment decals around the checkout area or customer service desk. All active NFC checkout terminals will work seamlessly with Apple Pay.

If unsure, ask a store associate to confirm. Some franchise stores or older payment terminals may still need upgrades to enable contactless transactions. Stop & Shop headquarters issues updates on new stores or locations accepting Apple Pay.

How to Set Up Apple Pay on Your Device

Using Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac makes checking out easier than ever. Here is a step-by-step guide to adding cards:

On iPhone

  1. Open the Wallet app
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper right
  3. Select the credit/debit card to add
  4. Tap to enter card info + accept terms
  5. Verify with identity check steps
  6. If available, enable Express Transit mode

On Apple Watch

  1. Install watchOS 6.2 or later
  2. Pair Apple Watch to iPhone via Bluetooth
  3. Open Wallet app on iPhone under Watch tab
  4. Follow + to add cards used on iPhone Wallet

On iPad

  1. Install iPadOS 13.1 or later
  2. Open Wallet app
  3. Tap Add Card option in top right
  4. Enter cardholder name, number, expiration date
  5. Accept agreement and verify identity
  6. Use pin code or biometric sign-in to authenticate payments

You can add Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards to use with Apple Pay. The payment networks and your bank may also require additional verification.

Once successfully set up, you will see your default card icon at the top of the Wallet app main screen indicating Apple Pay is ready.

How to Use Apple Pay at Stop & Shop Checkout

The great part about Apple Pay is how fast and seamless the checkout process is in stores. Here are the basic steps to pay with your iPhone:

  1. Add items to basket as normal
  2. Proceed to checkout when ready to pay
  3. When total amount due is displayed, hold iPhone near terminal
  4. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode if required
  5. Listen for beep confirmation and see checkmark on screen
  6. Wait for register receipt or email depending on type

It is that quick! No more fumbling for cards, remembering PINs or holding up lines.

Some important notes when checking out:

  • Hold iPhone near symbol on terminal for Apple Pay to activate
  • Transactions may require signature if over $50
  • Bag items as usual after payment confirmation

Let store associate know if any issues occur with using Apple Pay so they can assist.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Self Checkout

Stop & Shop is rolling out more self checkout points across stores which also conveniently allow Apple Pay:

The process works the same as regular checkout:

  1. Scan items and place in bags
  2. Tap card icon when ready to pay
  3. Hold iPhone near terminal to authorize Apple Pay
  4. A beep will confirm payment
  5. Finish order receipt prints

Some tips for self checkout with Apple Pay:

  • Load fewer bags at once to easily hold iPhone near scanner
  • Expect receipt checks randomly for theft prevention
  • Ask attendant for help if payment won’t validate
  • Use grocery card first before Apple Pay if applicable
  • Hold iPhone consistently 2-3 inches over scanner
  • Transactions still require sign off if over $50

Self checkout expands capacity when stores get busy. Combined with Apple Pay you can grab items quickly with limited contact or lines.

Key Takeaways on Using Apple Pay at Stop & Shop

The key points to remember about Apple Pay at Stop & Shop are:

  • Rolled out to all store locations in 2020
  • Accepts Apple device payments from iPhone, watch, iPad or Mac
  • Utilizes contactless transactions via NFC chip
  • Checks card issuer eligibility and SECURE payment codes
  • Quickly checkout by holding near terminal
  • Works same at self checkout stations
  • Get digital receipts and rewards per normal
  • Seamless, cashier assisted or self service options

As consumer habits shift, Stop & Shop continuously upgrades to serve communities. Contactless payments like Apple Pay makes checkout more convenient while helping lower risks for shoppers and employees.

Tap into the speed, security and simplicity of paying from your iPhone or Apple Watch next grocery run. Let us know if any questions come up on using Apple Pay!


Stop & Shop accepts Apple Pay across all 400 store locations as of May 2020. The contactless transactions provide customers with an easy, secure way to checkout groceries from iPhone, Apple Watch and other Apple devices.

Simply add your cards in Wallet, hold near payment terminal, authorize with Face ID and transaction is completed in seconds. Apple Pay works seamlessly when staff assisted or using self checkout.

As more stores roll out convenient payment tech, keep your Wallet topped up and iPhone battery charged to tap into faster grocery runs. Contact support if any issues arise when using Apple Pay. Otherwise enjoy the speedy checkout next time you head to Stop & Shop!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Stop & Shop take Apple Pay everywhere?
    Yes, all store locations have NFC terminals enabled to accept Apple Pay since 2020 upgrades.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Stop & Shop gas stations?
    Yes, assuming contactless reader is present at the pump or inside for payment.

  3. Do I still get gas rewards if I pay with Apple Pay?
    Yes, any applicable gas points promotions will still apply and populate as usual.

  4. How do I add the Stop & Shop card to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately their grocery rewards card cannot yet be added directly. Use as normal then pay remainder with Apple Pay.

  5. Why won’t my Apple Pay work at Stop & Shop?
    Confirm your iPhone model supports NFC payments and card issuer allows mobile transactions. If still issues, call bank.

  6. Is Apple Pay safe to use at Stop & Shop?
    Yes, Apple Wallet utilizes unique device account numbers so actual card details stay protected.

  7. Can I use Apple Pay at Stop & Shop pharmacies?
    Yes, their pharmacy counters equip NFC terminals to accept contactless iPhone payments for convenience.

  8. Do I need to show ID when using Apple Pay?
    Technically no, but cashiers can still ask for verification in some situations per fraud policies.

  9. How do I get an Apple Pay receipt from Stop & Shop?
    Digital receipts from Apple Pay purchases can show in Wallet transaction history and emailed if signed up.

  10. Why does Apple Pay declined at Stop & Shop sometimes?
    Ensure your card balance or limit can cover total purchase amount. There may be intermittent network issues as well.

  11. Can I link Stop & Shop loyalty discounts to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately loyalty membership perks cannot integrate directly, but provide phone number at checkout to still redeem.

  12. How do I redeem coupons with Apple Pay at Stop & Shop?
    Scan paper or app coupons first during transaction, then pay remaining balance with Apple Pay.

  13. Is Apple Pay contactless only at Stop & Shop?
    Yes, tap-and-go payment is currently the only mobile wallet functionality enabled, no QR scans.

  14. Do I have to sign for Apple Pay purchases over $50 at Stop & Shop?
    It depends on your card issuer – some require sign off while others simply approve sub-$100 amounts.

  15. Can I store a Stop & Shop gift card on Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately gift cards cannot yet be added directly to Wallet, must still be scanned separately.

  16. Where can I see previous Apple Pay purchases from Stop & Shop?
    Check iPhone Wallet app transaction history for last 10 payments. Call bank for older statements.

  17. Why are funds held when I use Apple Pay at Stop & Shop?
    Small authorization amounts may temporarily hold to ensure account balance for few days after fueling.

  18. Can I use Apple Pay returns/exchanges without receipt at Stop & Shop?
    Bring the original form of payment used. Customer service can look up Apple Pay purchase details if needed with card reference.

  19. Is Apple Pay tax free when shopping at Stop & Shop?
    No, standard sales tax will still apply to contactless purchases as required by state laws on goods.

  20. How do I check Stop & Shop Apple Pay rewards points earned?
    Link Wallet card then check balance and redemption options on their online loyalty account dashboard.

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