Does Tractor Supply Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases using supported Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Macs and Apple Watches. As a convenient, secure payment method, more retailers are starting to accept Apple Pay in their stores and online. So what about popular rural lifestyle retailer Tractor Supply Company?

Does Tractor Supply Take Apple Pay?

Making Purchases at Tractor Supply

Tractor Supply Company, more commonly known as TSC or simply Tractor Supply, is the largest retail store focusing on supplies for homesteading, agriculture, livestock, equine and pets. With over 2,000 stores nationwide, Tractor Supply provides a wide array products and tools for land owners and farmers.

When checking out in store or online, Tractor Supply accepts various common payment methods like:

  • Cash
  • Most major credit cards
  • Tractor Supply credit cards and gift cards
  • Checks

However, at this time, Tractor Supply does not directly accept Apple Pay as a payment method both in stores or online.

Why Tractor Supply Doesn’t Take Apple Pay

As a large nationwide retailer, Tractor Supply has point-of-sale and online systems in place to handle payments securely and efficiently. Adding or updating these systems to accept newer payment technologies often requires significant upfront software and hardware upgrades before rollout.

Based on customer demand and market trends, retailers evaluate which new payment methods provide enough added value and ease-of-use to justify the investment for acceptance. With many Tractor Supply locations in more rural areas, mobile payment adoption may be slower in their core customer base.

However, this doesn’t mean Tractor Supply is avoiding modern payment tech altogether. For example, Tractor Supply does have an iOS app that allows users to access their TSC store accounts, create shopping lists, browse weekly ads and coupons.

So while Apple Pay itself is not directly taken, Tractor Supply is exploring ways to improve omni-channel retail experiences similar to other national chains. Customers can always submit feedback on which payment types they prefer as this may influence future rollout considerations.

Getting Creative: How to Use Apple Pay With Tractor Supply

If you frequently shop at Tractor Supply and really want the ease of paying from your iPhone or Apple Watch, there are couple creative workarounds to leverage Apple Pay:

  • Use a mobile wallet app: Popular peer-to-peer payment apps like Venmo, PayPal or Cash App have started supporting Apple Pay. You can link those mobile wallets to a bank card, then use the app to scan a QR code and pay or fund money transfers to other users.
  • Get a credit card that supports Apple Pay: Many major banks and card issuers now offer Apple Pay integrated credit cards that you can add to your mobile wallet. By using a credit card that works with Apple Pay to pay normal credit transactions at Tractor Supply instead of debit, you tap into the mobile payment convenience while building credit history.
  • Open a supported digital bank account: Digital banks and fintech apps like Current, Varo or Cash App offer bank accounts with debit cards that typically have Apple Pay and contactless functionality built-in. You can apply bonuses and discounts towards purchases at Tractor Supply by opening a new account with bonus incentives.

So even if Tractor Supply itself doesn’t directly take an iPhone tap-to-pay, dig a little deeper into mobile payment apps and you’ll find there are still ways to leverage Apple Pay if that remains your preferred way to transact. As more customers adopt mobile wallets, it also sends a signal to retailers about demand.

The Future of Payments at Tractor Supply

Like many retailers, Tractor Supply is keeping close pace with the evolution of in-store and ecommerce technology. Over the last decade, Tractor Supply has invested significantly in omni-channel services to cater to their “Out Here” customers wherever they happen to shop.

Some examples of Tractor Supply’s technology innovations include:

  • Launching buy-online, pick-up in store
  • Improving localized inventory lookups and order online, fulfill from store
  • Developing iOS and Android apps to give customers account access on mobile
  • Expanding the Tractor Supply credit card and gift card program

While Apple Pay acceptance directly may not be available yet, Tractor Supply does indicate that they are “continuing to explore and enhance payment options based on customer needs and feedback”.

So a good customer-focused strategy is letting Tractor Supply know there is demand and interest in accepting Apple Pay for easier, more secure mobile transactions. As more smartphone users adopt tap-to-pay type functionality, it can influence retailers to keep advancing to the latest payment standards.

Key Takeaways: Does Tractor Supply Take Apple Pay?

  • At this time, Tractor Supply does not directly accept Apple Pay in stores or online for paying for purchases.
  • Alternate mobile payment apps and creative workarounds do exist to leverage Apple Pay convenience when shopping at Tractor Supply.
  • While Tractor Supply accepts major credit cards and other common payments, they are continuing to explore expanding accepted payment types.
  • Customers can provide feedback to Tractor Supply on their interest in Apple Pay acceptance to demonstrate demand.
  • As a leader in omni-channel retail technology, Tractor Supply may offer Apple Pay functionality more widely in the future based on customer needs.


For farmers, ranchers, land owners and pet owners who love Tractor Supply Company, Apple Pay acceptance would certainly complement the chain’s focus on convenience and mobility. However, Apple Pay transactions involve significant coordination on the retail side in upgrading point-of-sale systems, retraining staff and managing token encryption.

As more consumers gravitate toward contactless payments, especially younger demographics, Tractor Supply will respond to customer feedback and industry trends on payments. We may yet see Apple Pay support if it aligns strategically with the needs of Tractor Supply’s core “Out Here” lifestyle customers.

To stay up to date on the latest payment options at Tractor Supply, be sure to follow their social media channels, sign up for newsletters and pay attention to posted notices whenever visiting your local Tractor Supply store.


  1. Does Tractor Supply take Apple Pay in store?
    No, at this time Tractor Supply does not accept Apple Pay for in-store payments at checkout counters or self-checkout kiosks.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay to shop online at
    Unfortunately Tractor Supply’s website does not support Apple Pay for making online purchases as of early 2023. You’ll need to pay with an accepted credit/debit card.

  3. What mobile payments does Tractor Supply accept right now?
    Tractor Supply directly accepts major credit cards, debit cards, checks and physical gift cards. They do not take any form of mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay.

  4. How can I contact Tractor Supply about adding Apple Pay support?
    You can call your local Tractor Supply store manager or their customer solutions line at (877) 718-6750 to leave feedback requesting or asking about Apple Pay acceptance.

  5. Does the Tractor Supply app accept Apple Pay?
    No, the current iOS and Android Tractor Supply apps do not utilize Apple Pay. The apps allow account access, shopping, product lookups and weekly ad browsing rather than transacting.

  6. Can I use Apple Pay with a Tractor Supply credit card?
    The Tractor Supply credit card itself does not connect with Apple Pay. But if you have an Apple Pay supported credit card from a major issuer, you can earn Tractor Supply rewards points by using it in stores.

  7. Is Tractor Supply getting Apple Pay soon?
    Tractor Supply has not announced timing for officially accepting Apple Pay. As a customer-focused retailer, they monitor emerging payment tech, so vocal customer requests may help influence rollout considerations.

  8. What percent of Tractor Supply’s sales are from mobile transactions?
    In Q2 2022, Tractor Supply reported mobile sales accounted for about 15% of e-commerce revenue. However, those m-commerce sales may not reflect mobile wallet transactions if consumers complete the actual payment with a standard card.

  9. Does Tractor Supply offer any contactless payment methods?
    As of early 2023, Tractor Supply has not yet rolled out support options for contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay that leverage NFC terminals. Currently all in-person payments are through standard card inserts or swipes.

  10. What is the most convenient payment method accepted at Tractor Supply?
    The most convenient payment options at Tractor Supply are major credit cards, debit cards and Tractor Supply gift cards or their synchrony credit card. Using internationally recognized card brands or TSC store credit provides the most seamless payments.

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