Does Ace Hardware Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores using their iPhones or Apple Watches. As convenient as this payment method is, many consumers wonder if they can use Apple Pay at popular stores like Ace Hardware.

Does Ace Hardware Take Apple Pay?

Key Takeaway: At this time, Ace Hardware does not accept Apple Pay in their retail stores or online. However, they do take other common payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, checks, and gift cards in stores. Ace Hardware is reportedly considering adding Apple Pay in the future.

How Apple Pay Works

Before exploring Ace Hardware’s payment options further, let’s look at how Apple Pay works. The key features of Apple Pay include:

  • Compatible with iPhone models iPhone 6 or newer that have Touch ID fingerprint recognition
  • Also works with select Apple Watch devices paired to a compatible iPhone
  • Utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology at checkout
  • Encrypts payment information for security
  • Uses authentication through Face ID or Touch ID to complete transactions

To use it in stores, consumers simply hold their compatible Apple device near a payment terminal with the Apple Pay icon. The payment is secure, fast, and convenient.

Now let’s look closer at Ace Hardware’s current payment options.

Does Ace Hardware Take Apple Pay In Stores?

Unfortunately, Ace Hardware locations do not currently accept Apple Pay for in-person payments as of February 2023.

When checking out in an Ace Hardware store, you will have to use an alternative payment method such as:

  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover cards)
  • Ace Hardware gift cards
  • Checks

Ace Hardware does have NFC / contactless payment abilities at many store locations. However, these contactless payments do not currently support Apple Pay.

Based on this, you cannot use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac when checking out at Ace Hardware retail stores. Your Apple device must have a valid credit/debit card loaded into the Apple Pay wallet to work, which Ace Hardware does not support.

Does Ace Hardware Take Apple Pay Online?

Similarly, Ace Hardware’s official website checkout does not provide Apple Pay as a payment method.

When buying products online at, you will see the standard online payment options, including:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Ace Hardware gift cards

The online checkout process does not show Apple Pay as a payment option.

So once again, you cannot use Apple Pay to complete online purchases from Ace Hardware’s website as of early 2023. This applies when buying products online and attempting to check out as a guest or through an Ace Rewards account.

Based on this, Ace Hardware does not take Apple Pay both in retail stores nor online through their official website.

When Will Ace Hardware Accept Apple Pay?

As more consumers use iPhones and Apple Watches regularly, stores often adapt to add convenient payment methods like Apple Pay. This leads consumers to fairly wonder:

Will Ace Hardware ever take Apple Pay?

While Ace Hardware does not accept Apple Pay currently, they have suggested Apple Pay could be coming in the future. However, Ace Hardware has not provided any firm timescale of if or when they will allow Apple Pay transactions.

For updates on when or if Ace Hardware will take Apple Pay someday, keep an eye on their official website and blog at As a popular nationwide retailer, any Apple Pay acceptance would likely be announced prominently online and in stores once available.

In the meantime, Ace Hardware shoppers will need to use alternate payment methods like credit cards, checks, or gift cards both in-store and online.

Shopping at Ace Hardware With Other Payment Types

While Apple Pay would offer a convenient, secure payment method, keep in mind you have several other ways to pay at Ace Hardware locations without issue.

Some of the most common ways to pay at Ace Hardware besides Apple Pay include:

  • Credit Cards – Almost all major credit cards are accepted, including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.
  • Debit Cards – Debit cards backed by Visa, MasterCard, and other major providers are accepted.
  • Ace Hardware Gift Cards – Purchase physical or digital gift cards for easy payment on your next trip to Ace Hardware. They do not expire so left over amounts remain on the card for future purchases.
  • Checks – Personal paper checks are another accepted form of payment at Ace Hardware stores.
  • Ace Hardware Credit Cards – Ace Hardware provides their own credit cards which offer perks like 5% back in Reward points with an Ace Rewards account.

So fortunately, paying securely at Ace Hardware is straightforward through methods like debit cards, credit cards, checks, and store gift cards.

Customers can take advantage of added perks like Reward points and special financing by applying online for one of Ace Hardware’s credit cards if eligible. Having an Ace credit card or rewards account can earn you discounts and save money regularly at Ace stores.

Benefits of Shopping at Ace Hardware

Beyond accepting all major credit cards, Ace Hardware aims to provide consumers with an array of helpful benefits when shopping with them, such as:

  • Price match guarantee – Ace Hardware locations will match and beat a competitor’s advertised price on identical products.
  • Quality products – They focus on carrying reputable national and Ace-branded tools, hardware, paint and more known for reliability and durability.
  • Helpful service – Take advantage of Ace’s knowledgeable “Helpful Hardware Folks” in orange aprons able to answer product questions and offers tips.
  • Convenient services – Many stores provide added conveniences like key cutting, glass cutting, screen repair, propane tank fill ups, and more. Ask your local store what is available.

Review all the ways Ace Hardware aims to help consumers tackle any project.

Ace Hardware Company Background

As background, Ace Hardware Corporation is one of the largest hardware cooperatives in the world. Founded in 1924, they provide consumers and home improvement professionals quality products to take care of home, lawn, garden and other projects both big and small.

Some Ace Hardware facts and figures demonstrating their substantial size and reputation in hardware retail:

  • Operates over 5,500 locally owned and operated stores worldwide
  • Has locations across all 50 U.S. states and 70 countries
  • Was ranked “#1 Hardware Store” by J.D. Power in 2022
  • Serves over 5 million shoppers worldwide weekly
  • Features over 200 million products available globally through its supply chain

So when shopping for tools, lawn equipment, paint, home goods, outdoor furniture, grills and more, Ace Hardware has earned the reputation as a safe bet for price, product expertise, and helpful services.

Key Takeaways: Does Ace Hardware Take Apple Pay?

To recap the key facts covered about using Apple Pay at Ace Hardware:

  • As of early 2023, Apple Pay is not accepted at any Ace Hardware retail stores nor their official online website.
  • Instead, all Ace Hardware stores allow payments through major credit cards, debit cards, checks, and Ace Hardware gift cards.
  • While Apple Pay is not supported currently, Ace Hardware has suggested they are considering adding it eventually in the future due to customer demand.
  • In the meantime, Ace Hardware accepts alternative payment types like Visa, MasterCard, checks, and Ace Hardware branded credit cards and gift cards.
  • Ace aims to provide price matching, durable products, helpful staff, and convenient services to create a valued shopping experience for customers.

Check back on Ace Hardware’s website in future for any updates on potential Apple Pay integration. Otherwise, iOS users can continue to visit Ace stores and pay conveniently through other standard payment methods accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does Ace Hardware take Apple Pay on iPhones?
    No, Ace Hardware does not currently accept Apple Pay from iPhone devices at their stores.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay on my Apple Watch at Ace Hardware?
    No, you cannot use Apple Pay from any Apple Watches when checking out at Ace Hardware retail locations or online.

  3. Why can’t I use Apple Pay at Ace Hardware?
    Ace Hardware’s payment systems and point-of-sale devices do not support Apple Pay technology at this time. This prevents use of Apple Pay iPhone, Watch, iPad, or Mac payments in their stores.

  4. What cards can I use to pay at Ace Hardware?
    You can pay at Ace Hardware locations using major debit cards, credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), and Ace Hardware’s own gift cards and credit cards.

  5. Is Apple Pay coming to Ace Hardware?
    Ace Hardware has suggested Apple Pay could be supported in their stores in the future due to customer demand. However, they have not provided details on if or precisely when they will allow Apple Pay transactions.

  6. Where else can’t I use Apple Pay besides Ace Hardware?
    Many major retailers now accept Apple Pay, but some other chains like Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Aldi still do not allow Apple Pay as of early 2023.

  7. What form of payments does Ace Hardware accept?
    Ace Hardware takes debit cards, all major credit cards, checks, Ace Hardware gift cards and Ace Hardware branded credit card payments in their retail stores and online.

  8. Does Ace Hardware have its own credit card?
    Yes, Ace Hardware offers their own credit card that Ace Rewards members can apply for. It offers 5% back in Reward points on Ace Hardware purchases.

  9. Can I use Apple Pay with an Ace Hardware credit card?
    No, the proprietary Ace Hardware credit card cannot be loaded into Apple Pay digital wallets for payment currently. You would insert or swipe the physical Ace Hardware credit card when checking out.

  10. What is the best payment method to use at Ace Hardware?
    For frequent Ace shoppers, their own branded credit card can provide nice perks through the Ace Rewards program. Otherwise debit cards, standard credit cards, checks or gift cards are easy payment methods accepted at Ace. Using any Ace credit or gift cards provides added discounts and rewards.

  11. Is it better to pay with credit or debit at Ace Hardware?
    This often comes down to personal preference. Credit cards provide nicer perks and protections in case of fraud, while debit cards allow paying directly from your bank account. Both card types are accepted equally at Ace Hardware checkout.

  12. Can I use Apple Pay with an Ace Hardware app?
    No, the Ace Hardware mobile app also does not integrate with or allow Apple Pay for payments as of early 2023. You would enter your standard credit/debit card details manually.

  13. Where can I see if Ace Hardware starts accepting Apple Pay?
    Check back at the Ace Hardware website and blog or your local store for any announcements of Apple Pay acceptance. As a popular nationwide chain, any Apple Pay support would be announced prominently online and in retail stores once available.

  14. What security precautions does Ace Hardware take with payment info?
    Ace Hardware uses end-to-end encryption, tokenization, fraud monitoring and compliance with payment industry security standards like PCI DSS for securing payment transactions and protecting consumer data.

  15. Does Apple Pay protect my card details more securely?
    Yes, Apple Pay provides enhanced security benefits compared to physical credit cards through encryption of card data and Tokenization along with biometric authentication for each transaction via Touch ID or Face ID.

  16. Would shopping at Ace Hardware be faster if I could use Apple Pay?
    Potentially yes, Apple Pay can provide faster checkout speeds compared to inserting/swiping a physical card since it transmits payment tokens instantly using NFC when you authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID biometrics on your Apple device.

  17. Can I use Google Pay or Samsung Pay at Ace Hardware?
    Unfortunately no, Ace Hardware does not accept any other third party mobile wallet apps like Google Pay or Samsung Pay currently, only standard physical credit/debit cards and gift cards.

  18. Will using Apple Card provide any rewards benefits at Ace Hardware?
    No, the Apple Card does not offer any additional rewards or cash back when shopping at Ace Hardware stores, beyond the standard rewards you may earn from purchases on the Apple Card through its issuing banks.

  19. Where are some places I can use Apple Pay instead?
    Many major chains like Walgreens, CVS, Best Buy, Target, Publix, Kroger, Express, Office Depot and more accept Apple Pay at their stores, along with many small businesses. Apple Maps and independent merchant directories let you easily find Apple Pay participating stores.

  20. Who can I contact at Ace about adding Apple Pay support?
    You could contact Ace Hardware Customer Service online or your local store manager about requesting or providing feedback about supporting Apple Pay acceptance in the future. Ace likely tracks emerging payment method demand from consumers to inform rollout decisions.


While Apple Pay offers a speedy checkout experience using iPhone and Apple Watch devices, Ace Hardware does not currently accept Apple Pay payments in any store locations nor online. Instead, all Ace Hardware stores allow customers to conveniently pay using major credit cards, debit cards, checks, and Ace Hardware’s own gift cards and credit cards when shopping.

Ace Hardware has suggested to consumers that support for Apple Pay could happen eventually due to customer demand. However the hardware chain has not indicated specifically when they might add the mobile wallet functionality to their payment terminals.

Frequent Ace Hardware shoppers can sign up for an Ace Rewards account and apply for their branded credit card to start earning 5% back in Reward points to redeem on future Ace purchases. Using Ace credit cards and reward points is currently the best way to maximize savings when shopping at Ace Hardware stores.

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