Does Uber Eats Take Apple Pay?

Uber Eats allows customers to pay for food orders securely using Apple Pay. With Apple Pay integrated into the Uber Eats app, users can checkout faster without needing to enter card details each time.

Does Uber Eats Take Apple Pay?

How Apple Pay Works with Uber Eats

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in apps and websites using Apple devices. To use it for Uber Eats orders:

  • Users must have an eligible Apple device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac and live in a country where Apple Pay is supported.
  • An accepted credit, debit card or prepaid card must be added to the Apple Wallet app.
  • When checking out an order, simply choose Apple Pay and authenticate using Touch ID, Face ID or passcode. Payment will be securely handled through Apple.

Apple Pay transactions are secure as card details are not shared directly with the merchant. Instead, a unique device-specific number is used to process payments.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay with Uber Eats

There are several benefits to using Apple Pay for Uber Eats orders:

  • Fast checkout: Users don’t need to manually enter payment card details each time. Checking out is simple and quick.
  • Security: Card details are never shared directly with Uber Eats. Apple Pay uses unique one-time dynamic security codes to process transactions.
  • Convenience: Once a card is added to the Apple Wallet, users can easily select Apple Pay for future food orders. Multiple cards can also be stored.
  • Smooth experience: Apple Pay works seamlessly with the Uber Eats app. Users don’t need to switch between apps to pay for orders.

Additionally, Uber Eats offers promotions and discounts exclusively for Apple Pay users from time to time.

Setting Up Apple Pay

To use Apple Pay with Uber Eats, users must first add an accepted credit, debit or prepaid card to the Apple Wallet app by following these steps:

  1. Open the Wallet app on an iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap the + icon in the top-right.
  3. Select the ‘Continue’ option to add a payment card.
  4. Use the device camera to scan card details or enter manually. Follow prompts to verify.
  5. Read and accept the terms provided by the card issuer.
  6. Card will now show in Wallet app and can be used via Apple Pay.

The same cards added can also be used across other apps and websites that accept Apple Pay. Multiple cards can be stored for easy selection at payment.

Ordering with Uber Eats Using Apple Pay

Once Apple Pay is set up, users can easily select it as the payment method when placing an Uber Eats order by:

  1. Open the Uber Eats app and select food items to add to cart.
  2. Proceed to checkout when ready.
  3. On the payments page, select the Apple Pay option.
  4. A prompt will show to authenticate using Face or Touch ID. Complete biometric authentication.
  5. Order will be placed successfully using Apple Pay.

Apple Pay can also be selected on the main Uber Eats page to enable it for future checkouts without having to re-enter card details repeatedly. This makes ordering food through Uber Eats incredibly quick and convenient.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues

In some cases, users may encounter issues when trying to pay with Apple Pay such as:

  • Authentication failures: Face or Touch ID authentication fails repeatedly halting payment. Make sure fingers or face are properly aligned to the sensor.
  • Expired cards: Check in Apple Wallet if the card added has expired and needs to be updated. Remove old card and re-add latest version.
  • Invalid card errors: Certain prepaid cards may not work. Use a credit, debit or supported payment card.
  • Unavailable payment option: Apple Pay option missing when checking out in Uber Eats. Make sure Apple Pay is enabled on device and a verified card is added to wallet.
  • Other errors: Force quit and re-launch the Uber Eats app. Also check for any iOS software updates and install latest version.

For persistent issues, users can contact Uber Eats Customer Service for troubleshooting assistance. Support is available 24/7 through the in-app help section.

Apple Pay Availability for Uber Eats Globally

While Apple Pay is accepted in the Uber Eats app universally, its availability with Uber Eats does vary by country based on market penetration of Apple Pay users as well support from banks and card networks.

Some key countries and regions where Apple Pay can be used with Uber Eats currently include:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Most of Europe (France, Italy etc.)
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • United Arab Emirates

Apple Pay works seamlessly with Uber Eats in these markets once activated correctly on an iPhone or other Apple device.

Key Takeaways on Apple Pay with Uber Eats

Some important points for customers to remember about using Apple Pay for Uber Eats orders:

  • Apple Pay is fully integrated into the Uber Eats app for supported countries, enabling quick checkout.
  • Customers must have an eligible Apple device and add accepted payment cards to Apple Wallet app first.
  • Transactions via Apple Pay are secure with customer card details not exposed to merchants.
  • Using Apple Pay with Uber Eats enables faster ordering with touch authentication and smooth payments.
  • Multiple cards can be stored for flexibility. Promotional discounts are also offered at times.
  • Availability varies globally based on country, so users must check relevance to their location.

With Apple Pay’s security, convenience and speed, ordering food through Uber Eats becomes quicker and safer. It eliminates the need to manually type in lengthy card numbers when hungry and in a hurry.


In conclusion, Apple Pay offers users a fast, smooth and secure way to pay for orders placed on Uber Eats. With card details stored safely, it enables quick touch-based authentication at checkout eliminating the need to enter information repeatedly. When available in their country, Uber Eats customers using iOS devices should consider activating Apple Pay for the most convenient payment experience when ordering food through the app. It makes the entire process from order to payment friction-free allowing users to satisfy food cravings faster.


Q: Does every Uber Eats customer have the option to use Apple Pay?
A: No, Apple Pay is only available to Uber Eats customers on supported Apple devices in countries and regions where Apple Pay is available. Android users cannot use Apple Pay.

Q: Is Apple Pay the only payment method accepted on Uber Eats?
A: No, Apple Pay is one of various payment options. Users can also pay with credit/debit cards, Google/Samsung Pay as well as cash for orders delivered in some regions.

Q: Do I need to add each card individually to the Apple Wallet to use with Uber Eats?
A: Yes, you need to go through the Apple Pay activation steps for each payment card you wish to be able to use for Uber Eats orders. Multiple cards can be stored.

Q: Is Apple Pay safe to use for Uber Eats?
A: Yes, Apple Pay is extremely secure. Actual credit/debit card numbers are never shared with the merchant. Instead one-time location and device-specific security codes authorize payments.

Q: Are there any fees or charges for using Apple Pay on Uber Eats?
A: No, Uber Eats does not charge any additional fees or processing charges for customers using Apple Pay to order food on its platform currently. Normal service and delivery fees apply.

Q: Do I need mobile data or WiFi for Apple Pay transactions on Uber Eats?
A: A stable internet connection is required to make the Apple Pay transaction. Uber Eats access via WiFi or cellular data network is necessary.

Q: Can I get promotional offers or discounts via Apple Pay on Uber Eats?
A: Yes, Uber Eats offers exclusive Apple Pay based promotions periodically. These may include discounts on specific restaurants for Apple Pay users.

Q: Is there a minimum order amount to use Apple Pay for Uber Eats?
A: No, there is no minimum order value. Apple Pay can be used for Uber Eats orders of any amount subject to regular delivery fees.

Q: I am facing issues using Apple Pay on Uber Eats. Who do I contact?
A: You should contact Uber Eats Customer Service directly in-app or via support email. The team can help troubleshoot issues related to Apple Pay payments not going through.

Q: Will Apple devices like Apple Watch support Apple Pay for Uber Eats?
A: Yes, once you have activated Apple Pay for Uber Eats on your iPhone, the payment cards can also be used seamlessly by adding the Uber Eats app on Apple Watch.

Q: Can I set Apple Pay as the default payment method on my Uber Eats account?
A: Yes, users can select Apple Pay as the preferred payment method in the Uber Eats app settings so it is automatically chosen during checkout each time.

Q: How do I update or remove a card I have set up with Apple Pay for Uber Eats orders?
A: You can manage, update or remove saved cards by tapping into your Apple Pay cards under Wallet settings. Remove outdated or expired cards here.

Q: Is the Apple Pay payment flow for Uber Eats same on iPhone and iPad?
A: Yes, the Apple Pay payment method works identically whether you are ordering Uber Eats via iPhone or iPad or other iOS devices.

Q: What models of Apple devices work with Apple Pay on Uber Eats in 2023?
A: All recent iPhones from 6 and above, Apple Watches, newer chip iPads as well as Macs with Touch ID support Apple Pay payments.

Q: Can I pay only a part of my Uber Eats order amount using Apple Pay?
A: No, Apple Pay requires that the full order amount on Uber Eats be paid using your Apple device. Split payments combining Apple Pay with another payment mode is not possible.

Q: Do I continue earning reward points for Uber Eats orders paid via Apple Pay?
A: Yes, you will earn points and benefits for your Uber Eats spend as per usual even when using Apple Pay as it is just an alternative payment flow.

Q: In which countries does Uber Eats plan to launch Apple Pay support in 2023-24?
A: Uber Eats will expand Apple Pay to additional European markets like Spain, Greece, Netherlands etc. Japan and India are also expected to allow Apple Pay soon.

Q: Can minors use Apple Pay for Uber Eats given parental controls?
A: Yes, upon approval within device settings by guardian. Parent can provide limited transaction permission with their card.

Q: What happens if my Apple Pay transaction fails while completing an Uber Eats order?
A: You can simply use another payment mode to pay if Apple Pay fails by any chance to complete the Uber Eats transaction and ensure order goes through.

Q: Where can I find the latest promos for Apple Pay users on Uber Eats?
A: Open the Uber Eats app and check the bottom of the front page for any Apple Pay-focused discounts you can claim by paying for orders using Apple devices.


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