Does Universal Studios Take Apple Pay?

Universal Studios is one of the most popular theme park destinations in the world. With locations in Orlando, Hollywood, and other major cities, Universal Studios offers an immersive experience into the world of movies, TV shows, and more.

Does Universal Studios Take Apple Pay?

Universal Studios has implemented technology and systems to accept mobile wallet payments like Apple Pay at most of its park locations. This allows guests to use Apple Pay for purchases at food kiosks, restaurants, shops, ticket booths, and more.

Some key things to know:

  • Most park locations accept Apple Pay – This includes Universal Studios in Orlando, Hollywood, Japan, and Singapore. Some limited exceptions may apply at smaller food karts or shops.
  • Works for purchases, tickets, food, and more – Apple Pay can be used for park tickets, annual passes, food and drink, merchandise, locker rentals, and more.
  • Easy to use – With Apple Pay on iPhone or Apple Watch, guests just hold their device near a payment terminal to pay. No need for cards, cash, or IDs.
  • Secure payments – Apple Pay transactions use authentication through Face ID, Touch ID, passcodes and tokenized card numbers for security.
  • Apple Pay accepted everywhere major credit cards are – Any merchant location that takes credit card tap payments within Universal Studios should also accept Apple Pay.

So in summary – yes, Universal Studios does take Apple Pay at this time with few exceptions. It provides guests with a convenient, secure and quick payment method throughout the parks.

Does Apple Pay Work at Universal Studios Orlando?

The Universal Studios location in Orlando, Florida accepts Apple Pay throughout its two theme parks – Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

All major purchases, tickets, food, drinks, merchandise, lockers, and more can be paid for with Apple Pay via iPhone or Apple Watch. This includes locations like:

  • Main entrance ticket booths
  • Ride and experience queues
  • Merchandise shops
  • Restaurants and quick food kiosks
  • Vending carts and machines
  • Lockers and storage rentals

The only exceptions might be some smaller outdoor food carts or merchandise stands, which may only take cash. But any major indoor location will accept Apple Pay.

To use:

  • Open your Wallet app and select your card
  • Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal
  • Confirm with Face ID, Touch ID or passcode

It’s that quick and easy. Apple Pay works throughout Universal Orlando thanks to the park’s infrastructure and systems.

Does Universal Studios Hollywood Take Apple Pay?

The Universal Studios located in Hollywood, California also widely accepts Apple Pay as a payment method.

You can use Apple Pay on iPhone or Apple Watch at locations including:

  • Main entrance ticket booths
  • Ride queues and experiences
  • Restaurants like Crusty Burger or Universal Monster Cafe
  • Magic shops and merchandise stores
  • Food and drink carts and kiosks
  • Photo purchase kiosks
  • Lockers and storage rentals

Essentially if a location accepts regular credit card tap payments, they will also take Apple Pay. Again, some smaller food carts or outdoor merch sellers may be the exception.

But all major indoor shops, restaurants, ticket booths, food kiosks and lockers will take Apple Pay throughout Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s a quick and easy way to make purchases without needing your physical wallet.

Does Universal Studios Japan Accept Apple Pay?

At Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Apple Pay is also widely accepted for purchases throughout the park.

All major indoor locations will accept Apple Pay via iPhone, Apple Watch or compatible payment cards. This includes:

  • Main entrance ticket booths
  • Ride lines and attractions
  • The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Merchandise shops and stores
  • Food carts and kiosks
  • Photo purchase kiosks
  • Locker rentals

Outdoors you may find some smaller food carts or merch sellers that are cash-only. But indoor stores and restaurants, ticket booths, lockers, and major ride queues will take Apple Pay. Tap or hold your iPhone/Apple Watch at payment terminals to complete purchases quickly and securely.

Does Universal Studios Singapore Take Apple Pay?

The Universal Studios located on Sentosa Island in Singapore also accepts Apple Pay for payments.

This applies to locations like:

  • Main ticket booths upon entry
  • Merchandise and gift shops
  • Restaurants and food outlets
  • Ride queues and photo kiosks
  • Lockers and storage rentals

The Universal Studios in Singapore uses compatible payment systems enabled for Apple Pay and other contactless payments. Just look for the contactless or Apple Pay logos at checkout or payment terminals.

The only exceptions might be a handful of outdoor food carts or merchandise stands that may be cash-only. But all major stores, eateries, rides and lockers located indoors will accept Apple Pay payments from iPhone, Apple Watch or payment cards.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Universal Studios

Here are some quick tips for using Apple Pay seamlessly at Universal Studios:

  • Charge your Apple device in advance – Wallets and phones die quickly in theme parks!
  • Add eligible credit and debit cards to Wallet app – This allows easy switching between payment methods.
  • Enable Express Transit mode – This allows Apple Pay without Face ID or passcode when in a rush.
  • Screen protectors can interfere – Remove phone case or adjust for better contact with terminals.
  • Have another payment method as backup – In case a location doesn’t accept contactless payment.
  • Check at ticketing and entry – Booths will have Apple Pay compatibility on display.
  • Look for contactless logos – Terminals with the symbols will accept Apple Pay.
  • Ask cashiers and sellers – If unsure, ask staff before purchasing if Apple Pay is accepted.

With a bit of planning, you can readily use Apple Pay for quick, easy purchases throughout your Universal Studios visit. It beats carrying cash and cards around the parks!

Key Takeaways About Apple Pay at Universal Studios

  • Universal Studios accepts Apple Pay at most park locations, with few exceptions
  • It can be used for tickets, passes, food, merchandise, lockers, and more
  • Apple Pay works by holding your iPhone or Apple Watch near a supported payment terminal
  • Transactions are quick, secure and don’t require having your physical wallet or cards
  • Look for contactless and Apple Pay logos to confirm accepted locations
  • Enable Express Transit for faster checkout without Face ID or passcodes
  • Have a backup payment method handy in case a seller does not accept contactless payments


In summary, Apple Pay is widely accepted at Universal Studios theme park locations as a convenient, easy way to make purchases without cash or physical cards. Most stores, restaurants, ticket booths, ride lines, and lockers will support Apple Pay contactless transactions from your iPhone, Apple Watch or payment cards. This allows guests to enjoy the parks without having to carry wallets around and fumble for payments. With more and more adoption, Apple Pay is set to become an essential way to pay at theme parks like Universal Studios.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I use Apple Pay on rides at Universal Studios?
    Yes, most ride queues now accept Apple Pay for purchases related to the rides, such as photo packages, merchandise, and food. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal during checkout.

  2. What if my Apple Pay payment doesn’t go through at first?
    Try holding your device nearer the payment terminal, or adjusting its position. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get the right alignment. If it still doesn’t work, have another payment method ready as backup.

  3. Where can I get help with or reset Apple Pay at Universal Studios?
    You can visit guest services at Universal Studios for assistance with Apple Pay issues. They can help troubleshoot or reset your device to get Apple Pay working again in the park.

  4. Do the Universal Studios water rides accept Apple Pay?
    Most do – you can use Apple Pay for purchases on rides like Jurassic Park River Adventure. However some outdoor water ride photo kiosks may only accept cash, so have bills handy too.

  5. Can I set up Apple Pay for the first time while at Universal Studios?
    Yes, you can set up Apple Pay and add your cards on iPhone or Apple Watch for the first time while inside Universal Studios! It only takes a few minutes.

  6. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit card at Universal Studios?
    Absolutely. Apple Pay transmits no actual credit card details during transactions. Instead, one-time encrypted tokens are used to process each payment – so it’s far more secure.

  7. Do the Universal Studios hotels accept Apple Pay too?
    Yes! You can use Apple Pay at the on-site hotels like Hard Rock Hotel and Loews Portofino Bay. Use it for your room, restaurants, shops, amenities and more around the hotels.

  8. What if my kid has an iPhone – can they use Apple Pay by themselves at Universal?
    Yes, as long as you (as the parent/guardian) have approved and set up the device with Apple Pay. It provides kids and teens an easy way to make purchases independently.

  9. Can I use Apple Pay and an Annual Pass discount at Universal Studios?
    Definitely. Apply your Annual Pass discount then pay the remainder with Apple Pay. The two can be used together for food, merchandise, upgrades and more around the parks.

  10. What should I do if my iPhone with Apple Pay gets lost or stolen at Universal Studios?
    Immediately report it to Universal Studios staff, who can help with recovering it quickly. You can also suspend or remove cards temporarily from your Apple Pay as a security precaution.

  11. Where are some handy places to recharge my iPhone’s battery for Apple Pay at Universal?
    There are charging stations around Universal Studios to recharge a phone battery running low. Stop by restaurants, guests services or lockers to give your iPhone a quick boost and keep Apple Pay going.

  12. Can I use Apple Pay at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?
    Yes, Apple Pay works at all the Harry Potter themed shops and restaurants. Use it for interactive wands, butterbeer, robes, and everything else at Wizarding World.

  13. Does Apple Pay work for express or fast pass lines at Universal Studios?
    Apple Pay can be used to purchase Universal Express or VIP passes to skip lines, as well as for any express lane purchases once you enter the rides.

  14. Can I tap multiple iPhones together to split an Apple Pay purchase at Universal?
    Unfortunately no. Apple Pay requires you to use each device separately for security reasons. But you can tap your card and then their phone in sequence.

  15. Do the Blue Man Group shows at Universal Orlando accept Apple Pay?
    Yes, the Blue Man Group box office at CityWalk will accept Apple Pay for show tickets. You can also use it for merchandise and food purchases at the live shows.

  16. Where are some handy places to find iPhone charging cables at Universal Studios?
    Guest services and lockers throughout the parks offer wall outlets and cables you can use to charge a phone. Restaurants may also have charging access available upon request.

  17. Can I add a Universal Studios gift card to Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay currently cannot store or redeem third-party gift cards like Universal Studios. You must purchase physical gift cards and scan them normally during payment.

  18. Is Apple Pay available at Volcano Bay water park?
    Yes! All stores, restaurants, cabanas, lockers, and more accept Apple Pay at Volcano Bay. As a contactless alternative to cash and cards, it really comes in handy at water parks.

  19. Does Apple Pay work for Halloween Horror Nights tickets?
    Yes, you can purchase tickets to Halloween Horror Nights using Apple Pay. It will also work throughout the event for Fright Lane passes, food, merch, and more.

  20. Can I use Apple Pay at the parking garages and toll booths?
    Yes, the parking garages accept Apple Pay for self-parking and valet. It will also work on exit for toll payments. A quick and easy way to pay upon arrival and departure!

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