Does White Castle Take Apple Pay?

White Castle is an American fast food hamburger restaurant chain that has been in business for over 100 years. With nearly 400 locations across the United States, White Castle is best known for its small, square hamburgers called “sliders”.

Does White Castle Take Apple Pay?

In today’s digital world, more and more customers are using mobile payment methods like Apple Pay to conveniently pay for purchases. So does White Castle accept Apple Pay?

Can You Use Apple Pay at White Castle?

Yes, most White Castle locations accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch to quickly and securely pay for their meal at White Castle.

Apple Pay utilizes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to allow contactless payments. As long as you have an iPhone 6 or newer model, you should be able to use Apple Pay at participating White Castle locations by holding your device near the contactless reader when checking out.

How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay at White Castle

Using Apple Pay at White Castle is easy, as long as your device is set up properly. Here are the steps:

  • Make sure you have an Apple device that supports Apple Pay, such as an iPhone 6 or newer, or an Apple Watch.
  • Add at least one eligible credit or debit card to your Apple Wallet app. You can add cards in the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  • When checking out at White Castle, look for the contactless payment symbol or Apple Pay logo on the payment terminal.
  • On your iPhone, double-click the side button when your total appears on the terminal. Authorize the payment using Face ID, Touch ID, or by entering your passcode on your watch.
  • Hold the top of your iPhone near the contactless reader until you feel a vibration and see a checkmark on the screen, indicating your payment has been made.

And that’s it! The transaction process is usually very quick, often taking just seconds to complete.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at White Castle

Paying with Apple Pay at White Castle offers several benefits that can make the checkout process more convenient:

  • Speed – Apple Pay is designed to be incredibly fast. There’s no need to pull out your wallet or fumble with cash. Just double-click and hold your iPhone near the terminal for a seamless experience.
  • Security – Every Apple Pay transaction is encrypted and protected through advanced security features like Face ID or Touch ID authorization. Your actual card number is never shared with the merchant.
  • Rewards – When you pay with a credit or debit card via Apple Pay, you still get all the rewards and benefits as if you had physically swiped the card.
  • Contactless – Especially helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple Pay allows contactless payments so you don’t have to touch the pin pad.
  • Wallet Consolidation – Add all your credit, debit, and loyalty cards to Apple Wallet. No need to juggle multiple cards when you can pay with your iPhone.

So if you’re looking for the most convenient, quick, and secure way to pay at White Castle, Apple Pay is likely your best option.

Where Can You Use Apple Pay at White Castle?

Most company-owned White Castle locations accept Apple Pay at the register as of 2022. However, it’s important to note that Apple Pay acceptance may vary at franchised White Castle locations.

Apple Pay works at White Castle registers that have a contactless payment symbol or Apple Pay logo displayed. Before ordering, take a quick look around the register area for these markers to confirm Apple Pay is supported at that specific restaurant.

You can also check the White Castle website or app for clarification on Apple Pay locations. Franchise locations set their own payment policies, so it’s best to call ahead if you are unsure.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at White Castle

In some rare instances, you may run into problems using Apple Pay at White Castle, such as:

  • The contactless payment option not working properly at that terminal.
  • The employee not knowing how to process an Apple Pay transaction.
  • Older terminals may not be updated to accept contactless payments.

If you run into any problems using Apple Pay at the register, here are some tips:

  • Try paying with a physical credit/debit card instead. You can always ask the manager to update their terminals later.
  • Politely ask the employee if they can process an Apple Pay transaction and provide guidance if needed.
  • Come back another time and try a different register or White Castle location.
  • Check White Castle’s website and contact customer service if problems persist at a certain restaurant.
  • Make sure your iPhone has battery life and your Wallet cards are loaded properly.

With proper troubleshooting, you should be able to get Apple Pay working seamlessly when ordering your White Castle favorites.

Ordering Ahead with Apple Pay on the White Castle App

The White Castle app provides another convenient way to use Apple Pay for your order. When you download the White Castle app and create an account, you can order ahead and use Apple Pay as your payment method.

Here’s how to order ahead with Apple Pay on the White Castle app:

  1. Download the White Castle app on your iPhone and create an account.
  2. Enter your location to find the nearest White Castle. Browse the menu and add items to your order.
  3. When ready to check out, select Apple Pay as your payment option.
  4. A prompt will appear on your iPhone to authorize with Face/Touch ID. Complete the authorization.
  5. Pick up your order at the designated time and enjoy!

Ordering ahead locks in your order price and lets you skip the line to pick up your food. It’s a great way to get your White Castle fix faster.

Reordering Previous Orders

The White Castle app also saves all your previous orders and payment details. To reorder a previous order using Apple Pay:

  1. In the app, tap on “Order History”
  2. Find the order you want to reorder. Tap “Reorder Now”.
  3. Confirm the order details look correct, then tap Apple Pay to instantly pay and place the order.
  4. Pick up your food at the designated time.

Saving time is easy with Apple Pay and the White Castle app!

Tips for Using Apple Pay at White Castle

Here are some helpful tips to ensure you have the best experience when using Apple Pay at White Castle:

  • Make sure your iPhone has sufficient battery life before paying. Apple Pay won’t work on a dead phone.
  • Add your go-to White Castle credit/debit card to Apple Wallet for easy access.
  • Double click the side button on newer iPhones or double click the home button on older models to bring up Apple Pay.
  • Hold your iPhone near the contactless terminal for a few seconds until you feel a vibration and see a checkmark for confirmation. Don’t pull away too quickly.
  • For security, use your finger or face to authorize each Apple Pay transaction. Don’t disable this feature.
  • Keep your phone safe and secure when not in use to avoid potential fraudulent transactions.
  • If an issue arises, stay friendly and polite when asking an employee for assistance with Apple Pay.
  • Make sure to get a receipt after your Apple Pay transaction is complete.

Paying with Apple Pay at White Castle is incredibly fast and convenient when you follow these tips. Never leave home without your iPhone!

Key Takeaways:

  • White Castle accepts Apple Pay at most of its company-owned locations via contactless payment terminals.
  • Customers can pay with iPhone or Apple Watch using Apple Pay for a fast, secure, and convenient checkout experience.
  • Apple Pay allows you to avoid touching the terminal and protects your card details from merchants.
  • Make sure to set up Apple Pay properly in the Wallet app before your visit and check for the contactless symbol at checkout.
  • You can also order ahead and use Apple Pay on the White Castle app for added convenience.
  • Following some simple tips will ensure you have a smooth experience when using Apple Pay at White Castle.


In summary, Apple Pay provides White Castle customers with an easy and convenient way to pay for meals quickly and securely. With Apple Pay, you can avoid fumbling for cash or cards and speed through the checkout process using nothing but your iPhone or Apple Watch.

White Castle has modernized the payment experience by accepting this contactless technology at most of its restaurants. Just look for the Apple Pay logo at the register, double-click your side button, authorize with Face ID, and hold your device near the terminal to complete your cashless purchase in seconds. Plus, you still earn all your credit card rewards and benefits.

So next time you get a craving for those iconic little White Castle sliders and sides, leave your wallet behind and pay with the future: Apple Pay! With a few simple taps, you can enjoy the taste of White Castle with cutting-edge convenience. Apple Pay is the fast, easy, and secure way to pay and be on your way.


  1. Is Apple Pay free to use at White Castle?
    Yes, there are no extra fees to use Apple Pay at White Castle. All you need is an eligible iPhone or Apple Watch.

  2. What cards can I use with Apple Pay at White Castle?
    You can add eligible credit and debit cards from major card issuers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover to Apple Pay for use at White Castle.

  3. Do I earn rewards when using Apple Pay at White Castle?
    Yes, you still earn all the same rewards, points, and benefits when paying with a rewards credit card via Apple Pay. It works the same as swiping the physical card.

  4. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical card at White Castle?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure because your actual card numbers are never shared with the merchant. Each transaction is authorized with Face/Touch ID and encrypted.

  5. Can I use Apple Pay at every White Castle location?
    Most locations accept Apple Pay, but some franchised locations may not. Check each restaurant or call ahead to confirm Apple Pay support if you are unsure.

  6. Does Apple Pay work on the White Castle app?
    Yes, you can select Apple Pay as your payment method when ordering ahead on the White Castle app for easy checkout.

  7. Can I add White Castle gift cards to Apple Pay?
    Unfortunately, White Castle gift cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. You’ll need to present the physical gift card when paying.

  8. How do I check previous Apple Pay transactions at White Castle?
    Open the Wallet app, tap your Apple Pay card, then tap the 3 dots and select Transaction History to see recent transactions.

  9. Is Apple Pay contactless? Do I have to touch anything?
    Yes, Apple Pay allows you to pay without touching the terminal. Just hold your iPhone near the contactless reader.

  10. What if my Apple Pay transaction doesn’t work at White Castle?
    If you’re having issues, try paying with another method for now and contact White Castle customer service to report the problem at that location.

  11. Can I use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch at White Castle?
    Yes, you can use Apple Pay on an Apple Watch as long as you have it configured properly for contactless payments. Simply double click the side button and hold the watch face near the terminal.

  12. Does Apple Pay work on the White Castle drive-thru?
    Yes, Apple Pay can be used in the drive-thru lane at most White Castle locations. Just tap the watch or bring your iPhone near the contactless reader to pay.

  13. Can minors use Apple Pay at White Castle?
    Yes, as long as the minor has an eligible device set up with a family member’s Apple Pay account and authorization. The adult account holder will receive any transaction notifications.

  14. How do I see my Apple Pay transactions in my bank account?
    The purchases will show up on your bank statement identified as “Wireless Payment” along with the merchant name, location, date, and amount.

  15. What happens if I lose my iPhone that has Apple Pay set up?
    Use the Find My iPhone app to try locating it quickly. You can also suspend or remove your cards from Apple Pay remotely in the Find My app.

  16. Is it bad for my iPhone to keep it near magnetic contactless terminals?
    No, using Apple Pay will not negatively affect your iPhone in any way. The contactless reader technology is designed to be safe for repeated use.

  17. Do I need to unlock my iPhone before using Apple Pay at White Castle?
    No. You can double click to bring up Apple Pay even from a locked screen. However, you’ll still need Face/Touch ID.

  18. Can I earn White Castle rewards points when paying with Apple Pay?
    Yes, any White Castle rewards accounts connected to the cards you use with Apple Pay will still earn points.

  19. Are there any fees associated with Apple Pay transactions?
    No, Apple Pay transactions are free and do not incur any additional fees from Apple, your bank, or White Castle.

  20. Is a data connection or WiFi required to use Apple Pay?
    No, Apple Pay will work even without Internet connectivity. The NFC communication happens directly between the device and terminal.

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