Does BP Take Apple Pay?

BP gas stations allow customers to pay in a variety of convenient ways. One popular payment method that consumers may wonder about is Apple Pay.

Does BP Take Apple Pay?

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service developed by Apple Inc. It allows users to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on supported websites. Users can complete contactless transactions using supported iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac devices.

To use Apple Pay, consumers add eligible credit, debit and prepaid cards to the Wallet app on their Apple device. The payment information is then stored securely using tokenization and can be easily accessed when making purchases using Apple Pay.

Some key things to know about Apple Pay:

  • Launched in 2014
  • Uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology
  • Supported on iPhone 6 models and newer
  • Secured via Touch ID, Face ID or passcode authentication

Does BP Take Apple Pay?

Yes, BP gas stations accept Apple Pay for in-store and gas pump purchases. The contactless payment method can be used directly on a customer’s iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout.

BP has accepted Apple Pay since 2018 when mobile payment adoption was rapidly accelerating. Its gas stations are equipped with NFC-enabled payment terminals necessary for accepting contactless payments through services like Apple Pay.

To use Apple Pay at BP, customers simply hold their compatible iPhone or Apple Watch near the payment terminal when they are ready to pay. Authentication is required using Touch ID, Face ID or by entering their device passcode before the payment is transmitted.

How to Use Apple Pay at BP

Using Apple Pay at BP gas stations and convenience stores is quick and straightforward:

  1. When you are ready to pay, wake your iPhone or Apple Watch. Face ID, Touch ID or passcode may be required.
  2. Hold your device near the contactless reader with the screen facing the terminal. It is usually located near the credit card reader.
  3. A subtle vibration and checkmark on the screen confirm when the payment has been made via Apple Pay.

If you have a compatible iPhone, there is no need to open a wallet or even take out your device. Simply double-click the side button as you approach the terminal and authorize with Face ID.

Apple Pay Transaction Limits at BP

Apple Pay transactions may have certain limits when making payments, including at BP locations:

  • Contactless payment limits: Single transactions are typically capped at $100-$200 depending on location. Purchases above that amount generally require chip/PIN or magstripe processing.
  • Daily limits: Various limits can be imposed by the issuing bank, ranging anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $10,000.
  • Number of transactions: Most banks do not enforce hard limits on the number of daily Apple Pay purchases. However 10 transactions is common before requesting additional verification.

Of course, consumers can always split more expensive fills into multiple Apple Pay transactions at the pump or inside the store to stay under maximums. There are generally no fees or penalties for doing so beyond possible bank limits.

Apple Pay Security at BP

Apple Pay is very secure when used properly by consumers. Payments leverage encrypted tokenization so that actual credit/debit card details are never shared with the merchant terminal or gas pump.

In addition, every Apple Pay transaction requires user authentication via Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode. This means lost or stolen devices cannot have payments approved without biometric or PIN authorization.

Other security features include:

  • NFC transmissions are encrypted and short range
  • One-time dynamic security codes prevent fraud
  • Apple’s Secure Element chip protects payment information
  • Banks can utilize enhanced fraud detection capabilities

By following best practices for using Apple Pay securely, BP customers can feel confident their payment information stays protected.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at BP

There are many benefits to using Apple Pay for customers at BP locations:


  • Faster checkout compared to physical cards
  • Easy access to digital wallet
  • Hands-free payment triggered simply using Apple Watch


  • Tokenized transactions and dynamic security codes
  • Biometric authentication required to transmit payments
  • All card details stored securely in digital wallet

Rewards & Integration

  • Automatically applies applicable rewards programs
  • Integrated with iOS apps for unified experience
  • Can store a variety of cards/passes in one place

As more consumers seek seamless, embedded payment experiences, Apple Pay offers a compelling platform for secure BP transactions.

Tips for Successfully Using Apple Pay at BP

Follow these simple tips for smooth Apple Pay transactions when fueling your car at BP:

  • Charge iPhone battery before visiting gas station
  • Add eligible BP rewards card to Apple Wallet if desired
  • Authenticate with Face ID/Touch ID/passcode before tapping terminal
  • Hold top of iPhone near symbol for contactless payments
  • Pay for larger fill ups in multiple Apple Pay transactions if needed
  • Check Apple Pay settings to monitor transaction activity

Loyalty Cards and Apple Pay at BP

BP offers a loyalty program called BPme Rewards that customers can sign up for to earn fuel discount rewards.

The free membership program allows members to earn points for every dollar spent at BP locations which can add up to significant savings over time. Points can be redeemed per gallon on fuel purchases.

BPme membership cards can be added directly to Apple Wallet for use with Apple Pay transactions. This enables customers to still automatically apply their loyalty discounts when using Apple Pay at the pump or in the store.

To set up a BPme card in Apple Wallet:

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap the “+” icon
  2. Scroll down and select “BPme Rewards”
  3. Enter your card number and PIN
  4. The digital membership card will now appear in Apple Wallet

Just make sure location services are enabled so it can automatically apply rewards when you use Apple Pay at a BP.

Key Takeaways: Is Apple Pay Accepted at BP?

  • Yes, Apple Pay is widely accepted at all BP branded gas stations nationwide. Customers can use it to pay at pumps, in stores and for other services.
  • Setup is easy by adding credit/debit cards to Apple Wallet app and authenticating with Face ID or Touch ID when making contactless payments.
  • Apple Pay offers a fast, convenient and highly secure payment method for BP gas station transactions.
  • BPme Rewards members can add their loyalty card to Apple Wallet to earn points on Apple Pay fuel purchases.
  • Following best practices around device battery, authentication and placement can prevent issues with Apple Pay acceptance.


In conclusion, Apple Pay acceptance is now common across all BP fueling locations, whether paying at the pump or inside the convenience stores. It offers customers a seamless way to pay using supported Apple devices.

Leveraging NFC terminals and equipment installed since 2018, the transactions are secured with tokenization to protect payment card details. Customers also must authenticate using Face ID, Touch ID or device passcodes for an extra layer of security.

For these reasons and more, Apple Pay can benefit BP customers by providing easy, quick and reliable mobile payments for fuel and convenience store purchases. Just look for the contactless or Apple Pay symbols at terminals, hold your device close and authorize a seamless payment transaction in seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions About 

1. What types of credit/debit cards can I add to Apple Pay for use at BP?
Most major credit and debit card issuers are supported by Apple Pay including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Many large banks now support Apple Pay as well.

2. Can I use Apple Pay at ARCO or Amoco gas stations?
No, Apple Pay is only accepted at stations branded as BP, not ARCO or Amoco. BP purchased those fueling station brands but acceptance may vary. Look for BP branding to ensure Apple Pay is supported.

3. Is Apple Pay secure to use at gas station pumps?
Yes, Apple Pay transactions are very secure. Payment tokens and dynamic security codes prevent fraud, plus device authentication locks down approval without proper biometric or passcode authorization.

4. What if my Apple Pay transaction declines at BP?
Check with your bank if Apple Pay transactions are unexpectedly declined. Possible reasons include account issues, exceeding limits on purchases amounts, contactless limits, fraud alerts or insufficient funds related to the card used.

5. Can lost or stolen iPhones/Watches be used for fraudulent Apple Pay transactions?
No. Lost or stolen devices alone cannot have Apple Pay approved without the device passcode or owner authentication via Face ID/Touch ID. This prevents fraudulent use of Apple Pay wallets.

6. Is Apple Pay contactless only or can chip cards still be used?
Apple Pay allows contactless use without needing to insert a physical chip card. However, a linked card with chip can still be used for magnetic strip or chip+PIN transactions as a fallback if needed.

7. Do I need to have my smartphone on me to use an Apple Watch for Apple Pay?
No, an Apple Watch with cellular data or connected to known WiFi can make independent Apple Pay transactions without having your iPhone nearby when you make BP purchases.

8. Is Apple Pay available internationally for BP fuel stations?
Yes, Apple Pay is available for BP locations accepting contactless payments internationally. However, mobile payment adoption, contactless terminal support and Apple device usage can vary significantly by country.

9. Can students and teens under 18 use Apple Pay with their own cards?
Yes, Apple Pay works with legitimate debit/credit cards that a student has registered in their name and provisioned to their Apple device wallet under standard issuing bank eligibility rules. Parental restrictions may still apply.

10. Where can I see documentation on Apple Pay security protections?
Complete Apple Platform Security documentation is available at with details on implementation and encryption used by Apple Pay.

11. Does Apple Pay work for BP branded electric vehicle charging?
Yes. Apple Pay can be utilized at BP pulse branded electric charging stations in addition to gas pump and convenience store transactions. Authentication will be required with each unique charging session start.

12. Can I receive a printed receipt from Apple Pay BP transactions?
Digital or email receipts are more common with Apple Pay. However certain pumps and newer checkout terminals may offer the option of printed receipts for Apple Pay transactions on request. Email receipts require setup with your card issuer.

13. Is Apple Pay accepted at Thorntons locations owned by BP?
Yes. Locations of the Thorntons convenience store brand owned by BP will also accept contactless forms of payment like Apple Pay wherever NFC terminals are available. Branded fuel station acceptance takes priority in the network rollout.

14. How do I change the primary credit/debit card used with Apple Pay at BP?
Open Wallet app > tap primary card > scroll down > tap “Default Card” option to change priority card tied to Apple Pay transactions when multiple cards are provisioned. Default determines which card the terminal will utilize first for payments if no other selection is made.

15. Can I use loyalty card points/discounts on my BPme card with Apple Pay?
Yes. Customers can add their loyalty membership BPme card directly into Apple Wallet and it will be applied automatically when you pay with Apple Pay, the same as using the physical BPme card. Applicable discounts will be taken off the total Apple Pay charge.

16. Is Apple Pay accepted at ampm convenience stores owned by BP?
Possibly. Apple Pay acceptance will vary at ampm branded convenience stores as technology rollouts continue across all BP fuel/convenience station holdings. Newer payment terminals are likely contactless enabled eventually if not already.

17. Do I have to show identification when using Apple Pay at a BP gas station?
No, Apple Pay transactions function the same as contactless credit/debit cards, with no ID validation against the cardholder name required at time of payment. Of course standard age restrictions and verification may apply for certain restricted purchase categories.

18. Can someone under 13 use a parent’s iPhone/Watch to make Apple Pay purchases at BP?
Yes, a child can conduct Apple Pay transactions on a parent’s device but cannot setup their own Apple Pay wallet without violating user agreements. Signature, passcode or biometrics represents parent authorization at time of transaction.

19. Will my personal information be shared with BP when I use Apple Pay?
No. Tokenization ensures actual card details are not exposed to merchants. Only authorization tokens, dynamic security codes and encrypted transmission of funded payment amounts are exchanged with retail terminals to protect sensitive user data.

20. What should I do if I lose the iPhone/Watch used for Apple Pay after buying gas at BP?
Immediately contact your bank to suspend any cards stored in the Apple Pay wallet for security and utilize Find My app to remotely lock, track or wipe device contents preventing further access or use until recovered. File a police report if suspected stolen.


In summary, Apple Pay is widely accepted across BP’s network of gas stations and convenience stores, allowing customers a secure, convenient way to pay using supported Apple devices. Make sure to follow best practices around keeping your hardware powered on, properly authenticating transactions with biometrics or PINs, and adding any eligible rewards cards to Apple Wallet for automatic savings application. Understanding all policies around contactless payment limits, receipts, and managing your card details within Apple Pay will also ensure the best possible experience using it at BP locations.

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