Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web using Apple devices. It is a convenient, secure way to pay that avoids having to pull out your physical credit or debit card.

Does Amazon Take Apple Pay?


With Apple Pay’s growing popularity and Amazon’s massive share of e-commerce transactions, many customers wonder if Amazon accepts Apple Pay. Unfortunately, Amazon does not directly accept Apple Pay as a payment method when checking out items in your cart.

However, there are some roundabout ways to use Apple Pay when shopping on Amazon or buying Kindle books, which this article will explain. We’ll also cover why Amazon doesn’t take Apple Pay directly and some alternative payment options accepted on Amazon.

Ways To Use Apple Pay for Amazon Purchases

While Amazon does not natively accept Apple Pay, customers do have a couple options to use Apple’s mobile wallet with Amazon indirectly:

  • Use Apple Pay with a credit card already added to your Amazon account. All major credit card issuers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover work with Apple Pay. So when checking out, select the stored card you use with Apple Pay rather than entering your card details manually.
  • Use Apple Pay on the Amazon app for iPad and iPhones. This uses your Apple ID and payment method added to Apple Pay to facilitate quick one-click purchases.
  • Utilize Apple Pay for transactions on Kindle iOS apps and Amazon Prime Video app on Apple devices. Media purchases on these apps go through your Amazon account.
  • Shop on Amazon Smile charity site via the Safari iOS browser and select Apple Pay at checkout. Payments are processed by Stripe.
  • Purchase Amazon gift cards using Apple Pay from retailers like Safeway or Target, then apply them towards Amazon orders.

So in summary – Amazon itself does not allow Apple Pay integration for checking out items in your shopping cart. But for mobile app transactions, Safari, and stored cards, there are some options to indirectly leverage Apple Pay.

Why Doesn’t Amazon Take Apple Pay?

With Apple Pay’s ease of use and security benefits, why does Amazon still not take it directly as a payment method on their site or app? There are a few likely reasons and theories behind Amazon’s resistance:

  • Amazon checkout optimized for speed. Amazon heavily optimizes their checkout process for quick transactions with 1-Click ordering. Asking users to scan a fingerprint or double click a side button adds extra steps that may impact conversion rates.
  • Data and metrics. Amazon may want to directly track spending metrics and customer data that using third-party Apple Pay would make difficult and require sharing with Apple.
  • Incentives to use Amazon payment services. Amazon wants to encourage adopting services like their Prime Rewards Visa and Amazon Store card to build customer loyalty. Accepting Apple Pay reduces incentives to use an Amazon credit card.
  • Merchant fees. Apple charges merchant fees per transaction with Apple Pay, which cuts into Amazon’s margins. Whereas Amazon payments have no processing fees.
  • Security. Apple Pay is more secure via tokenization and biometrics. But Amazon already uses top cybersecurity measures like multi-factor authentication and HTTPS encryption across their systems.

So in short – retaining control over the end-to-end checkout process, maintaining customer data access, reducing costs, and promoting their own payment services are likely factors in why Amazon still does not take Apple Pay.

Alternative Payment Options on Amazon

Since Apple Pay is not currently an option for Amazon purchases, below are some of the convenient and secure payment methods you can use instead when checking out:

  • Credit and debit cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover
  • Gift cards – Both Amazon gift cards and cards from other merchants
  • Amazon Store card – 5% back rewards on Amazon purchases
  • Amazon Secured card – Build credit with security deposits
  • Amazon Prime card – 5% back for Prime members
  • Amazon Prime Store card – 6-10% back for Prime members
  • Corporate Credit Line – Special financing for business purchases
  • Amazon Allowance (for kids/teens accounts) – Let parents set spending limits

Amazon also offers monthly payment plans, like PayPal Credit, to split up costs into smaller installments over time.

And for quick 1-Click checkouts, you can securely store credit/debit cards, bank accounts, gift cards to your Amazon account during setup.

Supported Devices For Apple Pay

Since Apple Pay is not directly integrated with Amazon, which devices support it doesn’t really matter currently. But for usage in general and with some of the workarounds mentioned earlier, Apple Pay works through these Apple devices:

  • iPhone (iPhone 6 or newer models)
  • Apple Watch
  • iPad (iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or newer)
  • Macs with Touch ID

And for in-store NFC transactions, Apple Pay is also available on the Safari browser for:

  • iPhone 8 or newer
  • Apple Watch Series 1 or newer
  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad 8th generation or newer
  • Macs with Touch ID for authentication

So any modern iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro or iMac produced in the last 5 years likely supports Apple Pay. But again – Amazon does not directly accept Apple Pay for online checkouts regardless of device.

Key Takeaways: Using Apple Pay With Amazon

  • Amazon does not natively accept Apple Pay for checking out items in online carts.
  • Workarounds exist like using stored cards or Amazon apps that charge your Amazon account.
  • Reasons why Amazon doesn’t take Apple Pay relate to checkout speed, data tracking, costs, and promoting their own payment cards.
  • You can use credit/debit, gift cards, Amazon cards, monthly payments for secure checkouts instead.
  • All recent model iPhones, iPads, Macs with Touch ID support Apple Pay in general.


Amazon not accepting Apple Pay disappoints many customers who use iPhone and Apple devices. While Amazon will likely integrate Apple Pay eventually to satisfy user demand, for now workarounds allow it indirectly or alternatives provide better convenience.

Hopefully this overview clarifies whether Amazon takes Apple Pay currently, why they don’t yet, which devices support it, and some easy ways shoppers can still utilize Apple Pay for Amazon purchases today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Pay and Amazon

  1. Does Amazon take Apple Pay on iPhone?
    No. You cannot use Apple Pay directly within the Amazon iPhone app or on the Amazon website when checking out from an iPhone.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay on Amazon shopping app?
    No, the main Amazon shopping app does not allow checking out with Apple Pay. The app lacks Apple Pay integration.
  1. Why Amazon does not accept Apple Pay?
    Speed, data/metrics, promoting their own payment options, and cost savings are the main reasons Amazon still does not directly take Apple Pay.
  1. Does Amazon accept Apple Pay 2023?
    No. As of 2023, Amazon still does not directly take Apple Pay for checking out online carts. No Apple Pay integration exists yet.
  1. Will Amazon ever take Apple Pay?
    Yes, Amazon will likely integrate Apple Pay eventually due to customer demand. But the timeline remains unclear for when Amazon will finally add Apple Pay support.
  1. Can you pay Amazon with Apple Pay?
    Indirectly only. Use a stored card that supports Apple Pay or make purchases through Kindle/Amazon Prime Video/Music apps that use your Amazon account.
  1. What if I use Apple Pay with my Amazon Visa?
    Your Amazon Visa card works with Apple Pay, so you can select it as your payment method during checkout. Transactions process via your stored Visa, not actually through Apple Pay.
  1. Does Amazon accept Apple Pay on iPhone app?
    Yes, but only to facilitate one-click purchases that get charged to your Amazon account. Full cart checkouts don’t support Apple Pay.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay on Amazon Prime?
    Yes, for any digital subscriptions or Amazon Prime Video real-time purchases through that app. But not general Amazon Prime shopping cart checkouts.
  1. Will Amazon Apple Pay work with Sidecar on Mac?
    No. Since Amazon does not accept Apple Pay directly, using Sidecar from a paired iPhone or iPad would not enable Apple Pay either.
  1. Can I pay Amazon via Apple Pay Safari?
    Only through the Amazon Smile charity site, which uses Stripe. Safari Apple Pay won’t work on the general Amazon site.
  1. Does Amazon Kindle app accept Apple Pay?
    Yes. When buying Kindle books or subscriptions in the iOS Kindle app you can select Apple Pay since it charges your Amazon account automatically.
  1. Can I use Apple Pay at Whole Foods Market now?
    Yes. Since the Amazon acquisition, Whole Foods Market now accepts Apple Pay for in-store checkouts.
  1. Why did Amazon block Apple Pay?
    Amazon never allowed or accepted Apple Pay integration directly. They didn’t block it – lack of Apple Pay support relates to checkout speed, cost, data, and promoting their own payment options.
  1. What cards on Amazon work with Apple Pay?
    All major debit/credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover) work with both Amazon and Apple Pay. So you can use a stored card that supports Apple Pay when checking out.
  1. Can I scan QR code Amazon with Apple Pay iPhone?
    No. Amazon’s QR checkout codes do not facilitate payment via Apple Pay. You still must select a stored card or other payment method.
  1. Does Amazon Pay Code work with Apple Pay?
    No. Pay Code is Amazon’s own QR code checkout system. It does not integrate with or accept Apple Pay.
  1. Can Amazon One users set up Apple Pay?
    No. The palm-scanning Amazon One payment service is proprietary, not linked to Apple Pay wallet integration in any way.
  1. Would Stripe allow Apple Pay for Amazon checkouts?
    Since Stripe powers Apple Pay web transactions, theoretically Stripe could facilitate it in future. But currently Amazon processes all payments natively without Stripe.
  1. Could Shop with Points work with Apple Pay Amazon?
    No. Shop with Points redeems rewards balances directly through Amazon, it cannot be combined with utilizing Apple Pay.

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