Does Publix Take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, apps, and on supported websites using eligible Apple devices. As one of the largest grocery store chains in the Southeastern United States, many customers wonder if Publix takes Apple Pay?

How Apple Pay Works at Publix

Apple Pay utilizes NFC (near field communication) technology to securely transmit payment information when you hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other device near a payment terminal. Here is an overview of how to use Apple Pay at Publix:

  • Compatible Devices – You can use Apple Pay on any iPhone 6 model or newer as well iPhone SE. Apple Watch models also work.
  • Setup – Add your credit, debit, or Publix gift card to your Apple Wallet app. Follow the prompts to enter details and verify with your bank or card issuer.
  • In-Store – Look for contactless or NFC payment symbol at checkout. Hold your device near the payment terminal to transmit payment. You may need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode.
  • On the Publix App – Open app, select delivery or pickup order, go to checkout, choose Apple Pay. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to complete payment.

As long as your Publix store has contactless checkout terminals you should be able to use Apple Pay. Most locations accept this payment method.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Publix

Using Apple Pay to pay at Publix offers several benefits including:

  • Convenience – Speed through checkout with tap-and-go payment instead of needing to pull out your wallet. Great for shoppers buying just a few items.
  • Security – Your credit or debit card details are never shared with the store. Each transaction uses a secure device-specific code.
  • Rewards Use – Still earn rewards points and savings when using your rewards credit card with Apple Pay.
  • Accessibility – Tap to pay is useful for those with limited dexterity vs inserting a chip card. VoiceOver functionality also helps those with disabilities.

Apple Pay provides a faster, more secure and convenient way to pay over traditional credit cards.

Key Things to Know About Apple Pay at Publix

Here are some key facts about using Apple Pay at Publix grocery locations:

  • No need to open apps – Device wakes up automatically to allow payment when near terminal
  • Works in aisles for Publix Pay – Scan items as you shop then checkout with Apple Pay
  • Payment limit differs – Some banks have lower contactless limits ranging between $25-$100
  • Multiple cards supported – Can keep 6 cards on one device and choose specific card to pay with
  • Receipt options – Receive paper, email or text message receipt from Publix after payment
  • Returns allowed – Can return items paid for via Apple Pay with or without original payment device

Familiarizing yourself with these tips will help ensure a smooth experience checking out with this mobile payment method.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Apple Pay at Publix

Using Apple Pay at Publix checkout is very quick and simple:

  1. Add your credit, debit or Publix gift card to the Wallet app.
  2. Shop and fill cart as normal. Groceries paid for with Apple Pay qualify for weekly ad deals and discounts.
  3. When ready to pay, look for the contactless payment logo on terminal.
  4. Hold your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch 1-2 inches away from terminal.
  5. The device wakes up automatically for payment without needing to open the Wallet app.
  6. Authenticate payment using Face ID, Touch ID or device passcode.
  7. Hold briefely until you see Approving Apple Pay.
  8. After approved, you will see Completed Apple Pay. The receipt can be emailed, texted or printed per your preference.

Purchasing groceries or prepared foods using Apple Pay at Publix just takes seconds. It’s so fast you’ll breeze through those express lanes!

Tips for Successfully Using Apple Pay at Publix

Follow these tips to ensure Apple Pay works seamlessly during your Publix runs:

  • Launch Before Terminal – Open your Wallet app before reaching checkout if payment won’t process.
  • Enable Express Mode – Speeds checkout requiring just Face ID without prompt to hold near terminal first.
  • Designate Primary Card – Choose main card to keep default instead of selecting each time.
  • Keep Battery Above 20% – Low iPhone battery can disrupt communication with payment terminal.
  • Update Software – Run latest iOS/Watch OS for optimal performance and security.
  • Carry Backup Payment – Have an alternative payment card or cash in case of any mobile issues.

Familiarizing yourself with the basics goes a long way for fast, convenient checkouts with Apple Pay.

Publix Apple Pay FAQs

Still have some questions about using Apple Pay at Publix? Here are answers to 20 frequently asked questions:

1. Does Publix take Apple Pay in store?

Yes. Most Publix locations have NFC checkout terminals equipped to accept Apple Pay for transactions. Look for the contactless payment logo to confirm.

2. What type of cards can I use with Apple Pay at Publix?

Eligible card types include debit, credit, Publix gift cards, and rewards credit cards. Your card issuer ultimately determines compatibility.

3. Is there a minimum purchase amount to use Apple Pay at Publix?

No, there is no minimum spend requirement to use Apple Pay unlike other payment services. Feel free to use it for small purchases.

4. How do I know if my Publix location accepts Apple Pay?

You will see a contactless payment symbol like a Wi-Fi symbol near registers if it takes any form of contactless payments including Apple Pay.

5. Can I use paper coupons if paying with Apple Pay?

Yes, digital coupons and paper coupons from the Publix circular can still be applied when using Apple Pay. Clip coupons directly in the Publix app for easy access at checkout.

6. Does Publix accept Apple Pay through Apple Watch?

Yes, you can use your Apple Watch for quicker checkout paying right from your wrist at supported terminals without needing your iPhone nearby.

7. Do I still get fuel points when paying with Apple Pay?

Absolutely! Fuel points will be earned with your associated Publix account when using any accepted payment form including Apple Pay.

8. Can Apple Pay work if my iPhone battery dies?

Unfortunately your device needs sufficient battery to power the NFC chip to transmit payment info to the terminal. Have an external battery or backup payment ready.

9. Is Apple Pay safer to pay with than my physical credit card?

Yes! Each transaction generates a unique payment token so your card details are never shared or stored on your device or the store’s systems, making it far more secure.

10. Why do I sometimes need to open my Wallet app first for Apple Pay to work in Publix?

Occasionally your phone won’t wake up automatically when you tap it. As a fail safe, manually open your Wallet app before tapping your phone to pay to prompt activation.

11. Can I store multiple cards on my iPhone to use with Apple Pay at Publix?

Absolutely! You can store up to 12 credit/debit/rewards cards in Wallet and choose which to pay at checkout after authorizing with Face ID or Touch ID.

12. How do I get a receipt if I use Apple Pay?

You can choose electronic receipt delivery by text or email in your Publix account. Or you still have the option to get traditional printed receipts from cashiers.

13. Can I use Publix Pay and pay with my iPhone?

Yes! Publix Pay helps you scan items quickly as you add them directly to your cart. Then when ready to pay, select Apple Pay and hold your device near the payment terminal for truly seamless checkout.

14. What if my Apple Pay payment doesn’t go through at checkout?

Be sure your card is still active and hasn’t expired. Try toggling on/off from Control Center. You may need to update your Wallet cards or check with your bank/card provider if issues persist.

15. Do I need to unlock my phone every time I pay with Apple Pay at Publix?

Only if using Face ID on newer iPhones for authentication. With Touch ID models you can enable Rest Finger to Pay option to bypass unlocking to access Wallet for payments.

16. How old do you have to be to use Apple Pay at Publix?

As Apple Pay binds to your debit or credit card, there is no age requirement imposed by Publix. Typically you must meet card issuer eligibility rules (e.g. 18+ years old in most cases).

17. Can someone else pay on my behalf using my iPhone?

Only if you provide your unlocked phone for them to tap and authorize payment with your Face ID or passcode at checkout. Otherwise nearby devices won’t be able to access your Wallet.

18. Is there a limit how much I can pay with my Apple Pay at Publix?

The payment limit is not controlled by Publix, but rather your bank or card issuer. Contact them to confirm mobile payment limits, as commonly set between $25-$100 depending on card type.

19. Do I earn Monopoly game tickets if paying with Apple Pay?

Yes, any qualifying purchases over a specified amount can earn game tickets that print from the receipt or digitally load through your Publix account online even when using mobile payments.

20. What happens if I lose my iPhone that has my Publix Wallet cards on it?

You can remotely wipe your iPhone to remove cards stored in your device’s Wallet by signing in to You can also contact your credit card companies directly to deactivate the card on file that was stored on your lost iPhone.

Key Takeaway

In summary, Apple Pay is widely accepted at most Publix grocery store locations for quick and secure contactless payment transactions using iPhone, Apple Watch and other supported devices. Customers retain all typical savings, rewards points and fuel points even when tapping to pay with Apple Pay versus using physical debit or credit cards.


Apple Pay provides Publix customers with a fast, convenient and highly secure payment experience thanks to easy tap-to-pay contactless technology and on-device encryption. With more grocery runs supporting mobile checkout, savvy shoppers can speed through registers getting back to their day quicker. No more fussing with chip cards or swiping stripes. Just tap and go with Apple Pay at Publix.


1. Can I use Samsung Pay at Publix?
Unfortunately no, Publix does not currently accept other contactless payments like Samsung Pay or Google Pay, only Apple Pay is supported at this time.

2. Do I need to show ID when paying with Apple Pay at Publix?
Typically no identification is required as authentication happens directly on your device, however Publix cashiers reserve right to request ID per any credit/debit transaction.

3. Where do I add offers and coupons in the Publix app when using Apple Pay?
Open the Publix app and navigate to “Account Details” then “Payment Methods” to add coupons that will apply automatically at checkout when tapping to pay.

4. What is the maximum number of Apple Pay transactions allowed in Publix per day?
Publix does not enforce any limit on number of Apple Pay transactions per customer per day. However some banks may impose contactless payment limits. Check with your card issuer.

5. Can the Publix cashier see my credit card number when I pay with Apple Pay?
No, your actual credit card number is never shared with the store during an Apple Pay transaction thanks to tokenized encryption, protecting your financial data.

6. Do I need to show my physical credit card used for Apple Pay to the Publix cashier?
Cashiers have ability to request to see your physical card if preferred, however Apple Pay eliminates need for this since your identity is confirmed securely on your device directly.

7. Can I store cash to my Apple Cash card and pay with that using Apple Pay at Publix?
Unfortunately Apple Cash is not able to be used directly for purchases yet, only person to person payments. So you cannot fund Apple Pay Publix transactions from Apple Cash at this time.

8. Is the money instantly taken out of my bank account when I pay with Apple Pay at Publix?
Yes, contactless Apple Pay transactions authorize and settle your payment in real-time directly with your bank, debiting your account immediately once approved.

9. Can I reverse an Apple Pay transaction at Publix if I change my mind about an item?
You cannot initiate a reversal directly, however you can visit customer service to return any purchased items paid for via Apple Pay to have the charge refunded back to your card on file.

10. Do I need to have the Publix app installed to use Apple Pay in their stores?
No, the Publix app is not required for Apple Pay to function in stores. Simply hold your compatible iPhone near the payment terminal then authenticate with Face ID as prompted to pay.

11. Is Apple Pay only for iPhone or can Android devices use it at Publix too?
Only Apple devices are compatible with Apple Pay. However, Android users can use Google Pay or Samsung Pay at other retailers where supported. Publix currently only accepts Apple.

12. How do I update the credit card I use for Apple Pay purchases at Publix?
Open the Wallet app, tap your stored card, select More > Edit Card Details to update expiration, billing address or swap to new card number issued by your bank.

13. Where can I see the last 4 digits of the virtual card used with my Apple Pay in Publix?
In Wallet app, select your card and scroll down on the details screen to see the last 4 digits under the Device Account Number section for the tokenized card.

14. What do I do if my phone won’t let me authenticate my Apple Pay payment at Publix?
Ensure Face ID or Touch ID is set up properly under device settings. Or enter your passcode manually once held near the terminal. If issues persist, update Wallet cards.

15. Is Apple Pay only for debit and credit cards or can I store gift cards too?
In addition to bank cards, you can add eligible gift card balances to Apple Wallet to use for payment via Apple Pay wherever contactless payments are accepted, including Publix.

16. How can I see a receipt for my Apple Pay Publix purchases?
You can view receipts within the Wallet transactions tab, request emailed digital receipts from cashiers, or enable electronic receipts in your Publix account settings accessed online.

17. Do I have to pay an extra fee to use Apple Pay versus credit card at Publix?
Publix does not charge any fees themselves for Apple Pay payments. However some card issuers may tack on charges for mobile wallet use so check your monthly statements for any surprises.

18. Can minors set up and use Apple Pay with their bank account at Publix?
Typically Apple Pay requires an underlying bank card, so the issuing bank determines eligibility. In most cases you must be 18+ to independently open financial accounts, including for Apple Pay.

19. Does Publix offer any discounts for checking out with Apple Pay instead of legacy payment methods?
No, at this time Publix does not offer special promotions or exclusive deals if you pay at checkout using Apple Pay compared to debit, credit or cash payments.

20. Is Apple Pay at Publix only available in the United States?
Yes, the ability to pay in Publix grocery stores with Apple Pay is currently only offered at their 1,200+ US locations spanning Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

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