Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

Barnes & Noble is one of the largest bookstore chains in the United States. With over 600 stores across the country, it offers a wide selection of books, magazines, toys & games, home & gifts, and more. As consumer shopping habits shift toward digital and mobile payments, many customers wonder: does Barnes & Noble take Apple Pay?

Does Barnes and Noble Take Apple Pay?

Acceptance of Mobile Payments

Over the past several years, Barnes & Noble has focused on integrating mobile payment capabilities in their stores and e-commerce channels. They now accept various contactless payment formats including:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Contactless credit and debit cards

This provides customers more flexibility at checkout. Rather than only accepting traditional payment methods like cash or physical credit/debit cards, mobile wallet apps on smartphones and smartwatches can now also be used.

How Apple Pay Works

For iPhone users, Apple Pay represents an easy, secure digital wallet to make payments. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology so by holding your phone near a contactless reader, your default payment information is transmitted. But security remains a top priority.

Here is a quick breakdown of how Apple Pay works:

  • Card details are stored safely using device encryption
  • Unique transaction codes prevent fraud
  • Biometric authentication confirms identities using Face ID or Touch ID prior to payment
  • All transactions covered by 100% fraud protection

By adding an eligible debit/credit card to the Wallet app, you can start using Apple Pay immediately. It is also accepted anywhere contactless payments are displayed.

Apple Pay at Barnes and Noble

All Barnes & Noble stores have contactless payment terminals at checkout. If you are an iPhone user with Apple Pay set up, you can now use it to conveniently pay for books, toys, gifts, or any other items. This helps speed up the checkout process compared to fumbling around with your physical wallet.

Below are step-by-step instructions to use Apple Pay at Barnes & Noble:

  1. Add your Barnes & Noble Membership card to your iPhone’s Wallet app (optional)
  2. Fill your shopping cart as normal while browsing the store
  3. When you’re ready to check out, place your items on the counter
  4. When asked for payment method, hold your iPhone near the contactless reader
  5. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to authorize payment
  6. You will see confirmation that your Apple Pay payment went through successfully
  7. Thank the cashier and be on your way with new books in hand!

So if you were wondering does Barnes and Noble take Apple Pay, the answer is yes! All locations accept contactless payments using mobile wallets like Apple Pay. Just look for the universal contactless symbol at checkout.

Privacy and Security

With mobile and digital payments, privacy and security remains a concern for some consumers. Barnes & Noble has invested heavily in its point-of-sale systems to ensure customer card details remain protected and that fraud risk is minimized.

Apple has also built proprietary security into Apple Pay leveraging advanced encryption, Face ID/Touch ID, and one-time unique codes. Your actual card number is never shared with the merchant. This helps prevent theft of payment information.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

Here are some benefits shoppers will experience when using Apple Pay to make purchases at Barnes & Noble:

  • Speed – Checking out is much faster by holding your iPhone near the reader compared to fumbling through your wallet or bag
  • Convenience – Payment card details are stored securely, eliminating the need to carry all your cards
  • Security – Advanced encryption and authentication provides assurance your information stays protected
  • Tracking – Review Apple Pay transactions right in your Banking app or Wallet app
  • Discounts – Merchants can offer discounts or rewards for using mobile payments

As more consumers seek digital payment experiences, Apple Pay adoption continues growing rapidly. Barnes & Noble rolled out support across its stores to meet this demand.

Starbucks Locations

Many Barnes & Noble stores now include on-site Starbucks coffee shops. For any food & beverage purchases made at Starbucks, Apple Pay is also accepted when checking out. This extends the convenience to quickly purchase your coffee or snacks without reaching for cash or your wallet.

Contactless Symbol

When shopping at any retailer that accepts Apple Pay and contactless payments, you can look for this universal symbol at checkout:

The four curved lines are reminiscent of radio waves indicating that by tapping or waving your mobile device, payment information is transmitted securely.

You will notice this symbol on point-of-sale systems, self check-out terminals, and on decals around the store. Barnes & Noble displays it prominently to signify Apple Pay and Google Pay compatibility.

Ordering eBooks

For digital book lovers, Barnes & Noble also offers millions of eBooks through its Nook and Nook apps available across devices. At this time, Apple Pay is unfortunately not an accepted payment method when ordering Barnes and Noble eBook’s. But all other major credit cards, Pay pal, and gift cards can be used seamlessly online.

Physical gift cards purchased from Barnes and Noble stores can also be added to your account for ordering eBook’s if you have available balance.

Coming Soon

For existing stores, Apple Pay and contactless payments are already enabled on checkout terminals. But for brand new Barnes & Noble locations that open in the future, mobile wallet support will be activated on day one. The book retailer recognizes that an increasing percentage of sales are now made via Apple Pay and other contactless formats.

Ultimately, accepting mobile payments provides more flexibility and convenience for customers. It also enables faster checkout flows rather than having to insert or swipe a physical credit card. So by accepting Apple Pay along with other contactless payment types, Barnes & Noble stores align with modern shopping behaviors where digital payments are now commonplace.

Key Takeaway

Yes, Barnes & Noble stores across the United States accept Apple Pay iPhone mobile wallet payments. By holding your device near point-of-sale terminals at checkout supporting contactless payments, Apple Pay facilitates secure, convenient transactions leveraging device encryption, Face ID/Touch ID verification and unique one-time codes. This provides customers faster checkout speeds compared to traditional payment cards. For existing stores, contactless reader support has already been implemented while new stores will launch with capabilities activated on day one. So Apple users can seamlessly pay for books, toys, or other goods using just their iPhone.


In conclusion, Barnes and Noble has modernized its payment acceptance by rolling out support for contactless payments nationwide, including Apple Pay. This brings simplicity and speed to the checkout process for customers wanting to pay using just their mobile devices. For avid readers and shoppers at Barnes and Noble, Apple Pay delivers efficiency along with the security measures you expect from mobile wallet transactions. So you can now grab a coffee at the on-site Starbucks or purchase a stack of bestsellers without ever having to pull out your physical wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What mobile payments does Barnes and Noble accept?
    Barnes and Noble accepts contactless payments including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless credit/debit cards that display the universal contactless symbol.

  2. How do I add my Barnes and Noble membership card to Apple Pay?
    Open the Wallet app and select the “+” button. Under “Store Cards” you can search for “Barnes and Noble” and add your membership card number.

  3. Does Barnes and Noble accept Apple Pay online?
    At this time, Apple Pay is only accepted for in-store purchases at Barnes and Noble. Online eBook orders do not yet support Apple Pay.

  4. Is it safe to use my iPhone’s contactless payment?
    Yes, Apple Pay transactions leverage encryption, one-time codes, and biometric authentication for secure purchases without exposing your card details.

  5. Do I have to open or wake my iPhone to use Apple Pay?
    For purchases under $25, your iPhone may not need to be woken or authenticated to make small Apple Pay transactions. For all purchases, double pressing the side button will activate payment mode.

  6. What do I do if my Barnes and Noble checkout terminal isn’t contactless enabled?
    If for any reason the point of sale does not accept contactless payments, you can still insert your physical credit or debit card. Notify an employee about any issues detected.

  7. How long does it take for my iPhone to process an Apple Pay transaction?
    It only takes a few seconds for your iPhone to authorize the payment by double pressing the side button while held near the reader.

  8. If my Barnes and Noble membership card has an available promotional offer, can I apply it when using Apple Pay?
    Yes. Any valid coupons, percentage-off offers, or dollar-amount gift cards can be applied even when checking out via Apple Pay.

  9. Is Apple Pay authentication required for every Barnes and Noble transaction?
    For purchases above $25, Apple Pay will require using Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode to authorize each payment. For under $25, authentication may sometimes not be necessary.

  10. Does my credit card issuer or bank charge any fees for Apple Pay transactions?
    Apple Pay purchases should not incur any fees from your bank or card issuer since they process as standard transactions. There may be fees if purchasing internationally.

  11. Can I receive digital Barnes and Noble gift cards through Apple Pay?
    Physical Barnes and Noble gift cards must still be purchased from a retail store. At this time, Apple Pay does not support ordering digital gift cards.

  12. Is Apple Pay the only contactless payment method accepted?
    No. Barnes and Noble checkout terminals also accept Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and contactless credit/debit cards from major issuers like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

  13. What happens if I lose my iPhone that has my Barnes and Noble membership card added to Apple Pay?
    You should immediately call your bank or credit card issuer to suspend any tokenized payment cards. Also login to your Barnes and Noble account to update your stored membership card.

  14. Do I have to open the Barnes and Noble iOS app to use Apple Pay in store?
    The B&N app does not need to be opened to use Apple Pay. Simply double press the iPhone’s side button at checkout then hold near terminal.

  15. Where can I see a history of my Barnes and Noble Apple Pay transactions?
    Your Apple Pay purchases should appear in your standard bank or credit card statement. They may also appear under transaction history in both the Wallet app and your bank’s iOS app.

  16. Can minors use Apple Pay with their phones to make Barnes and Noble purchases?
    Yes, Apple Pay functions work normally for teens and kids provided the card they set up comes from an authorized bank account or family account.

  17. Do discounts apply when I use Apple Pay offers or my Barnes and Noble membership?
    Yes. Stores honors all percent-off coupons, dollar-off coupons, and membership discounts when using Apple Pay.

  18. Does Barnes and Noble charge an Apple Pay transaction fee?
    No. Merchants are not allowed to charge extra fees or apply surcharges for customers choosing to pay with contactless payments instead of cash or physical card.

  19. Why should I consider using Apple Pay instead of my credit card at Barnes and Noble?
    Apple Pay is faster, eliminates having to carry all your cards, provides transaction notifications, and offers enhanced security measures leveraging encryption and biometrics.

  20. What should I do if my Apple Pay transaction fails at checkout?
    First, try the payment again while ensuring your iPhone has battery power. Also confirm your card is still active in the Wallet app. If issues persist, you may need to pay by alternate means and contact your bank for troubleshooting.

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