Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay?

Sprouts Farmers Market is a popular grocery store chain focused on providing fresh, natural and organic foods. With hundreds of locations across the United States, Sprouts aims to make healthy eating accessible and affordable. A common question from shoppers is “does Sprouts take Apple Pay?”

 Does Sprouts Take Apple Pay?

The short answer is yes, Sprouts does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in stores. Apple Pay is a mobile payment system that allows you to checkout using your iPhone, Apple Watch or other supported Apple devices. It offers an easy and secure checkout experience without having to pull out your physical credit or debit cards.

How Apple Pay Works at Sprouts

Here is an overview of how Apple Pay works when shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores:

  • Compatible Devices: You can use Apple Pay on any iPhone model beginning with iPhone 6 or newer. It is also supported on Apple Watch. Other devices equipped with Apple Pay will also work.
  • Payment Process: When checking out after shopping, simply hold your compatible Apple device near the contactless payment reader beside the regular pin pad. Many Sprouts stores have markings indicating Apple Pay or contactless payment acceptance.
  • Verification: You will authenticate using Touch ID or Face ID on your device. There is no need to sign any receipts or enter a PIN.
  • Receipt: You can view your electronic Sprouts receipt in the Wallet app on iPhone post-purchase. The receipt contains purchase details including items, quantities and total amount paid.
  • Payment Card: The payment card you use for Apple Pay must be a credit, debit or prepaid card issued by a participating bank. Make sure your card issuer supports Apple Pay before trying to use it.

So in summary, yes Sprouts does take Apple Pay straight from your iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple device thanks to contactless payment support. It provides secure checkout without the hassle of reaching for your wallet.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Sprouts

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using Apple Pay for payments at Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores:

  • Convenience: Checking out takes seconds. No need for cash, cards or even opening up an app. Simply hold your device near the reader.
  • Speed: Apple Pay is very fast when making routine smaller purchases like groceries. Long checkout lines move quicker.
  • Security: Your card details are never shared directly with the store. Apple Pay utilizes unique transaction codes and encryption for protection.
  • Rewards & Cash Back: You can still accumulate rewards points and cash back from credit cards when using Apple Pay. It does not affect your card’s benefits.
  • Accessibility: Apple Pay works on a variety of Apple devices many customers already have on hand including iPhone, Apple Watch and more. Easy to adopt.

As you can see, Apple Pay provides a lot of upside as a contactless payment method accepted at all Sprouts Farmers Market locations. It keeps checkout seamless and secure.

Getting Set Up With Apple Pay

If you want to use Apple Pay for buying groceries and other items at your local Sprouts store, then here is how to get set up:

  1. Compatible Device

Ensure you have an iPhone 6 or newer model. Apple Pay also works with an Apple Watch or another supported Apple device with an NFC chip for contactless payments.

  1. Wallet App

The Wallet app comes pre-installed on Apple devices. This is where you manage your Apple Pay cards. Open the app and select the “+” to begin adding cards.

  1. Verify Card

Use your phone camera to scan your physical credit or debit card. You can also manually enter your card details. Your issuer will verify with a security code sent via text message or email.

  1. Set Up Biometrics

Save time at checkout by setting up Touch ID or Face ID. Go to Apple Pay settings to enable biometric verification when using your Apple Pay cards.

Once these steps are complete, your cards are ready for Apple Pay. You can add multiple bank cards and manage them from the Wallet app on your iPhone, Apple Watch and other supported devices.

Using Apple Pay In-Store at Sprouts

Using Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market checkout is very quick and easy. Just follow these steps when shopping:

  1. Shop as normal – Grab a shopping cart or basket and shop for your groceries and other items as usual at your local Sprouts.
  2. Scan items – Proceed through self-checkout or staffed registers to scan all item barcodes as you normally would when checking out.
  3. Select payment – Choose Apple Pay as your payment type rather than cash, card or gift card payment. The reader will signal when ready.
  4. Hold device – Bring your iPhone, Apple Watch or supported device up near the contactless reader when prompted.
  5. Authenticate – Use Touch ID, Face ID or passcode. This verifies payment immediately.
  6. Accept receipt – An electronic receipt appears in the Wallet app. You get a paper receipt on request.

Purchases made using Apple Pay at Sprouts Farmers Market are secure, convenient and fast. It’s a contactless payment option accepted at all store locations nationwide. Plus it works with major US bank issued credit and debit cards.

Apple Pay FAQ When Shopping at Sprouts

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Apple Pay as your payment method for grocery shopping trips to Sprouts Farmers Market stores:

Does every Sprouts location accept Apple Pay?
Yes, all Sprouts stores have contactless payment terminals that accept Apple Pay nationwide.

What types of cards work with Apple Pay at Sprouts?
Most major US credit and debit cards from large issuers are compatible. Prepaid cards also often work although some have restrictions.

Is Apple Pay safe to use? Yes, purchases made via Apple Pay are very secure. Your card details are encrypted and each transaction uses a unique code.

What if my purchase exceeds the contactless payment limit?
The cashier may ask you to insert your physical card if the purchase exceeds limits, usually around $200. Otherwise, no PIN is required.

Can I get a paper receipt?
Yes, you can request a physical receipt after using Apple Pay although no signature is needed. Digital Sprouts receipts will appear in your Apple Wallet app.

Do I earn rewards points when using Apple Pay?
Yes, Apple Pay does not affect your ability to continue earning credit card rewards, cash back and points. You earn as normal.

What if Apple Pay fails to work?
Staff can process your payment via another means if you have issues using Apple Pay. Make sure your physical card works if trying again next visit.

Having answers these common Apple Pay questions can help ensure you have a smooth checkout experience when using it to shop at Sprouts Farmers Market grocery stores.

Key Takeaways When Using Apple Pay at Sprouts

  • Enabled at all locations: Apple Pay works at every Sprouts store nationwide with contactless terminals
  • Fast checkout: Quicker than cash or cards, often seconds for entire payment
  • Encrypted transactions: Unique codes means your card details stay private
  • Receipt: Digital Sprouts receipt appears in your iPhone or Apple Watch Wallet
  • Existing rewards: Apple Pay doesn’t affect your credit card rewards or points
  • Easy payments: No PIN, signatures, swiping cards or inserting chip required

With these Apple Pay benefits and key takeaways in mind, you’ll be ready to swiftly and securely pay your way through the grocery aisles the next time you shop at your local neighborhood Sprouts.


In summary, Sprouts Farmers Market accepts Apple Pay across all locations. Using an iPhone, Apple Watch or other supported Apple device, you can checkout in seconds thanks to contactless terminals. It keeps your card details secure while earning existing rewards and cash back from participating issuers. Setup only takes a few minutes before you will be ready to shop for fresh groceries and more using Apple Pay. Ultimately it provides a faster, more convenient and highly secure payment option over regular cards or cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Apple Pay at Sprouts

  1. What technology does Apple Pay use at Sprouts?
    Apple Pay utilizes NFC or Near Field Communication technology for contactless payments. Sprouts has payment terminals equipped with NFC readers that securely receive payment information from your device.
  2. Can I use a mobile wallet other than Apple Pay?
    Yes, Sprouts also accepts contactless payments from other digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay wherever Apple Pay is accepted. Transactions use the same NFC readers.
  3. Will my information be shared with Sprouts?
    No card details are provided to Sprouts. Apple Pay transactions include a unique code that cannot be tied back to your card or device. Your data stays between your bank or issuer and Apple.
  4. Do I need to open the Apple Wallet app to pay with my phone?
    No. When the payment terminal signals it is ready, just hold your phone or Apple Watch flat up to the NFC reader without any need to pre-open your Wallet app beforehand.
  5. Can I add and use my store loyalty cards with Apple Pay also?
    Yes you can add store loyalty and rewards cards to Apple Wallet and have barcode scanned from the device screen all while enjoying Apple Pay at the same retailer.
  6. How do returns and exchanges work with Apple Pay purchases?
    Return policies are the same whether you originally paid via Apple Pay or other means. Provide the digital or paper receipt from your Wallet app for full refunds on eligible products.
  7. Is Apple Pay accepted at self checkout?
    Yes, Sprouts self checkout registers have NFC readers compatible with payment via Apple Pay. Transactions work the same as on staffed registers in stores.
  8. What happens if I lose my Apple device with cards set up?
    You can use Find My iPhone to lock or erase your device. Additionally, contact your bank to disable the ability for payments on lost or stolen cards in Apple Wallet remotely.
  9. Can I set spending limits and other controls on my Apple Pay cards?
    Yes you can access a variety of card controls via the Wallet app and your issuing bank account dashboard online for setting Apple Pay transaction limits, freezes and more security options.
  10. Does using Apple Pay allow stores to track me or access personal data?
    No, Apple Pay doesn’t reveal your name, card number or device identifiers to the store when making a purchase. Your financial data stays encrypted between your issuing bank, Apple, and you.
  11. What do I do if Apple Pay fails to work at checkout?
    If running into any issues successfully checking out with Apple Pay, a store associate can process your payment via another method or troubleshoot. Ensure you have no device-related issues.
  12. How can I tell when Apple Pay is supported for checkout?
    All Sprouts stores accept Apple Pay but you can look for universal contactless payment symbols on terminals, self checkout screens and register areas indicating NFC and mobile wallet acceptance.
  13. Do I need to sign or enter a PIN when using Apple Pay at Sprouts?
    No signatures, PINs or ID checks are typically needed for Apple Pay transactions under $200 at Sprouts. Larger purchases may require additional verification depending on the card issuer terms.
  14. How do I add more cards to Apple Pay?
    You can add additional credit, debit or rewards cards to Apple Pay via the Wallet app. Use your device camera to scan card details or enter manually and follow the prompts to verify with your bank or issuer.
  15. Can minors and teens use Apple Pay at Sprouts?
    Yes provided the Apple device and stored card are in the name of a legal minor or parent/guardian. Parent approval typically required as with traditional card use depending on banking age policies.
  16. Do Apple Pay purchases qualify for credit card rewards?
    Yes purchases made via Apple Pay qualify for all the same points, miles and cash back associated with your cards. You earn rewards as normal.

  17. Are there fees when using Apple Pay instead of my physical card?
    No, Apple Pay transactions have the same fees or lack of fees as outlined by your card and financial institution. Sprouts does not charge extra to use Apple Pay over cards.

  18. How do I check previous Apple Pay transactions?
    Your Sprouts purchase history is stored securely in the Wallet app for recent Apple Pay activity. You can also check bank statements and credit card accounts.

  19. Can gift cards be added for redemption via Apple Pay?
    Sprouts or other retailer gift cards cannot yet be added directly to Apple Pay. However select merchants allow gift card barcodes scanned from the Wallet app.

  20. Is there an Apple Pay spending or transaction limit at Sprouts?
    Apple Pay typically follows the contactless transaction limits set by your bank and card issuer, often $200 or below without needing further verification but may vary.


So in summary, yes Sprouts Farmers Market accepts Apple Pay at all store locations across the United States. It offers benefits like speed, security, convenience and accessibility over regular payments using cash or physical credit/debit cards while checking out. Additionally your payment card rewards keep accruing with Apple Pay purchases same as normal. Overall it is a great contactless mobile wallet option supported at Sprouts self checkout and staffed registers.

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