Does Casey’s take Apple Pay?

Paying for purchases has come a long way from the early days of bartering and exchanging physical currency. In today’s digital world, contactless payments like Apple Pay offer convenience and security benefits. So do popular convenience store chains like Casey’s accept these high-tech payment methods?

Does Casey's take Apple Pay?

Casey’s is a chain of over 2,400 convenience stores located mostly in the Midwestern and Southern United States. What started as a single service station in Iowa in 1959 has grown into one of the largest c-store operations in the country.

In addition to gasoline and an extensive selection of snacks, tobacco products, and groceries, many Casey’s locations also include prepared food menus and even full-service restaurants.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service created by Apple Inc. It allows users to make purchases in stores, apps, and on supported websites using eligible Apple devices. This includes recent iPhone models, Apple Watches, and even newer MacBooks with Touch ID sensors.

To use Apple Pay, consumers add their bank or credit card information to the Wallet app. Then during checkout, the user authenticates the purchase with Face ID or Touch ID. The payment token and details are then securely sent to the retailer.

Apple Pay transactions leverage “tokenization” for security, meaning shoppers’ actual card numbers are never shared directly with the merchant. This helps reduce the risk of fraud or subsequent data breaches.

Benefits of Contactless Payments for Customers and Retailers

Contactless payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay bring several benefits to both consumers and businesses:

For Customers

  • Faster checkout times, reducing wait times in line
  • Added security features like tokenization to prevent fraud
  • Convenience of paying with your mobile device
  • Reward tracking integrated into some digital wallets
  • Access card info and payments history in one centralized app

For Retailers

  • Increased average transaction amounts from mobile wallet users
  • Reduced checkout times can increase sales volumes
  • Streamlined order-ahead capabilities in apps
  • Enhanced customer analytics and loyalty programs
  • Lower payment processing fees in some cases

As more shoppers seek faster, more secure ways to pay, accepting mobile contactless payments caters to their preferences while speeding up operations.

Does Casey’s Take Apple Pay in 2023?

So does Casey’s take Apple Pay? Yes, as of 2022 Casey’s accepts Apple Pay and other contactless payments at all store locations.

They have partnered with payments leader NCR Corporation to roll out the service across their entire chain to meet growing consumer demand. This includes over 2,400 stores across 17 states.

To check out with Apple Pay at Casey’s:

  1. Shoppers browse and select items as normal
  2. At checkout, tap the “Pay” button and select Apple Pay as the payment method
  3. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or double-click the side button to authorize
  4. A payment confirmation will display on your iPhone screen

Casey’s acceptance of Apple Pay comes after rival chains like 7-Eleven, Wawa, and Sheetz introduced support in recent years. As the market leader in convenience retail, Casey’s is committed to providing the latest innovations in-store technology and payment options.

Tips for Using Apple Pay at Casey’s

  • Make sure you have added an eligible Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover card to your Apple Wallet beforehand
  • Double check that NFC / Contactless payments are enabled on your iPhone or Apple Watch
  • Have Face ID or Touch ID configured correctly to authorize payments
  • Look for the Apple Pay logo at checkout or on the welcome screen
  • Hold your device close to the payment terminal until you feel a vibration or see confirmation
  • A single Apple Pay transaction can include multiple gift cards plus your linked payment card
  • If you have an iPhone XS, XR model or newer, Express Transit Pay works without requiring Face ID

Apple Pay Compatible Casey’s Purchases

At Casey’s with Apple Pay, you can pay for the following with your mobile device:

  • Fuel pumps – Pay right at the pump island
  • In-store purchases – Food, beverages, essentials, etc
  • Restaurants – Where available inside stores
  • Car washes – If offered at your location
  • Mobile order-ahead – Via Casey’s app or thrid party services

As with any other payment card, usual purchasing limits and restrictions apply. This includes age-restricted items like tobacco, alcohol, lottery tickets, etc.

You’ll also still need to present valid photo ID when legally required. Apple Pay does not replace legal proof of age documentation.

Advantages for Casey’s Customers Using Apple Pay

For Casey’s shoppers, Apple Pay offers four main advantages over swiping a regular credit or debit card:

  1. Speed – Checking out is typically faster overall, with fewer steps compared to inserting or swiping a chip card. Apple Pay is designed for “tap and go” with limited prompts needed.
  2. Security – Each Apple Pay transaction uses a dynamic secure token so your actual payment card details are never exposed. This makes it much less susceptible to card skimmers or POS malware.
  3. Rewards Tracking – Apple Wallet links to your existing credit/debit card reward programs and loyalty accounts. All your purchasing activity, points, and redemptions are tracked seamlessly.
  4. Convenience – You don’t need to dig through your wallet to find your preferred payment card. Just double-tap your iPhone or Apple Watch to pay quickly. Multiple cards can be added to Apple Pay as well.

Based on these advantages, Apple Pay at Casey’s enables faster transactions with top-tier security, simplified loyalty accrual, and unmatched convenience paying from your wrist or pocket.

The Future of Contactless Payments at Casey’s

Casey’s rollout of Apple Pay in 2022 culminates over three years of steady adoption of contactless payments across their chain. With mobile wallet usage growing globally, even smaller retailers are updating point-of-sale systems to enable tap-and-go transactions using payment services like Apple Pay.

Industry analysts predict that over the next five years, 90% of credit card transactions will be contactless. Already Casey’s reports that 10% of their store purchases leverage mobile tap-and-pay services just months after the nationwide launch. As more consumers adopt smart devices, this rate is expected to climb higher.

To keep pace, Casey’s will continue expanding self-checkout lanes using “tap and go” payment terminals in more locations instead of legacy magnetic stripe readers. loyalty programs integrated with Apple Wallet and Google Pay could also emerge to drive adoption.

Expect tap-and-pay functionality at the pump in the future as well, for an all-in-one contactless fueling and payment experience. Casey’s has a long track record of rapidly innovating to serve customer needs better through leading technology. Their early support for Apple Pay cements their reputation as a convenience retail leader.

Key Takeaways

  • As of 2022, Yes – Casey’s convenience stores accept Apple Pay across all US locations
  • Mobile contactless payments like Apple Pay allow faster checkout while enhancing transaction security
  • Customers can use Apple Pay at Casey’s for purchasing fuel, food, drinks, car washes, etc in-store or via mobile order-ahead
  • Key customer benefits include speed, security, rewards tracking, and convenience paying from an iPhone, Apple Watch or other mobile device
  • Contactless payments adoption, including Apple Pay, continues to accelerate across retail and specifically convenience stores


With consumers relying on mobile devices more than ever, supporting contactless payment platforms is critical for the convenience retail sector. Casey’s rollout of Apple Pay in 2022 exemplifies their commitment to providing shoppers accessible, innovative service on par with larger chains but on a local, community store level.

As digital payments gain widespread cultural penetration, tap-and-go functionality via Apple Pay at Casey’s also cuts crucial seconds off every store transaction. This not only saves customers time checking out but enables Casey’s to handle higher volumes with faster throughput. Contactless technology upgrades like Apple Pay perfectly blend consumer expectations for mobility and speed with the operational agility Casey’s strives for chainwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does every Casey’s location take Apple Pay?
    Yes, as of 2022 Casey’s has enabled Apple Pay payments across all stores nationwide, including both corporate locations and independently operated franchised stores. Shoppers can use Apple Pay at over 2,400 Casey’s convenience store and gas station combinations across 17 states.
  2. Can I use Apple Pay via the Casey’s app?
    Not directly. While Casey’s does offer a mobile app with helpful features like gas price tracking, phone payment is not currently integrated. However, Apple Pay can be used within supported third-party apps that Casey’s enables ordering or checkout from, like DoorDash.
  3. Are there any fees to use Apple Pay at Casey’s?
    No, Casey’s does not charge any extra fees to use Apple Pay. However standard credit card processing fees or minimums still apply. Be sure to check with your specific payment card provider for details on any transaction fees they may assess.
  4. Can I get fuel discounts or rewards points using Apple Pay at Casey’s?
    Yes, any special pricing, discounts, or Casey’s rewards programs you are registered for will still apply when checking out with Apple Pay. For example, loyalty program points will still accumulate per normal since Apple Pay is linked behind the scenes to your existing payment card(s).
  5. Is Apple Pay safer to use than swiping my card at Casey’s?
    Absolutely. Every Apple Pay transaction generates a unique, encrypted token so your actual payment card number is never shared with the store. This means there is no card data for their systems to store that could be stolen or leaked in a breach. Apple Pay is much more secure.
  6. Do I need to unlock my phone to use Apple Pay at Casey’s?
    On iPhones with Face ID, you simply need to double tap the side button then glance at your phone to authorize payments. There is no need to fully unlock your device beforehand when using Apple Pay.
  7. Can I add and use Casey’s gift cards in Apple Wallet?
    Not at this time. While Apple Wallet supports many third-party gift cards, Casey’s branded gift cards cannot yet be added directly. However, you can still reload and redeem physical Casey’s gift cards manually in-store when paying with your iPhone.
  8. Where do I find help with Apple Pay issues or questions at Casey’s?
    If you encounter any trouble specifically tapping and paying with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device at Casey’s, visit the Customer Service desk or ask an employee for assistance. They should be able to troubleshoot basic Apple Pay issues or contact support.
    For account management, technical troubleshooting, or other queries with Apple Pay itself, you’ll need to contact Apple or your card issuing bank directly rather than Casey’s for specialized assistance.
  9. What should I do if Apple Pay doesn’t work at Casey’s?
    First, ensure NFC payments are enabled on your iPhone. Open the Wallet app and confirm the card(s) you want to pay with are all set up properly with current info. If you still can’t get Apple Pay to work at Casey’s, try power cycling your device or purchasing again with a different card to rule out any account-specific declines.
    As a last resort, you can fall back to using the physical payment card itself or an alternative payment method. If problems persist across visits, contact Apple Support for troubleshooting help.
  10. Is Apple Pay at Casey’s only for US credit and debit cards?
    Officially yes – to add cards to Apple Wallet for use with Apple Pay at Casey’s, they must be issued by US-based financial institutions and card networks. However, Apple Pay does work internationally for American cardholders traveling abroad to some extent. Contact your bank for details and availability if you plan to use Apple Pay with your US cards at overseas merchants.
  11. Who do I contact for Apple Pay disputes at Casey’s?
    If there are any billing errors or issues with unexpected Apple Pay charges from Casey’s specifically, their customer service team can research transaction details and card issuer reference numbers. For broader payment disputes, unrecognized charges, or managing your lost/stolen card status, your issuing bank or card network is better equipped to investigate and resolve Apple Pay disputes across merchants.
  12. Can tourist foreign Apple Pay users shop at Casey’s?
    Yes, Casey’s accepts Apple Pay from all compatible US and foreign-issued cards and mobile wallets, including international tourists. So travelers can certainly tap and pay at Casey’s convenient locations nationwide using their supported home country bank cards registered in Apple Pay while visiting America.
    Just keep in mind, Casey’s only accepts magnetic stripe EMV chip card inserts as a secondary option for foreign customers whose tap-and-pay attempts may not succeed. Swiping the physical card still remains available if Apple Pay cannot process properly for any reason.
  13. Does Casey’s Accept Other Mobile Payments Like Google Pay?
    Yes! In addition to Apple Pay, Casey’s also accepts Google Pay across all stores to support Android device owners. You can store your credit, debit, and gift cards in Google Pay, then simply hold your mobile device near the payment terminal to pay conveniently. Samsung Pay and other contactless wallets like Garmin Pay also work at Casey’s wherever Apple Pay is accepted.
  14. Can I add my Driver’s License or State ID to Apple Wallet for Age Verification at Casey’s?
    Not currently, but this feature is coming soon! Once live in your state, you’ll be able add a verified digital ID credential to Apple Wallet on your iPhone or Apple Watch. At participating merchants like Casey’s, you’ll then be able to seamlessly validate your age when purchasing controlled products by scanning your face or fingerprint. No physical license required!
    This convenience is slated to roll out across the US over the next few years, reducing friction around age-restricted item sales. Expect more Casey’s locations to adopt support for Mobile ID age verification through Apple once available in each state.
  15. What Bank Cards Can I Add to Use With Apple Pay at Casey’s?
    To set up Apple Pay for purchases at Casey’s convenience stores, you can add Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover branded consumer and small business debit or credit cards. This includes major card issuers like Capital One, Chase, Citi, Wells Fargo, Bank of America and more.
    Some branded store cards, rewards club cards, or fleet cards may also work, if issued on a supported network. Corporate cards, prepaid cards, and ineligible card types cannot be added.

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