Does GameStop Take Apple Pay?

GameStop accepts Apple Pay as a mobile payment method for in-store and online purchases. With Apple Pay, you can use supported Apple devices to check out quickly and securely, without needing cash or your physical credit/debit cards.

Does GameStop Take Apple Pay?

How to Use Apple Pay at GameStop In-Store

Using Apple Pay at a GameStop retail location is simple with a compatible iPhone or Apple Watch:

  1. If needed, launch the Wallet app and add your credit/debit cards.
  2. Then when checking out, tell the cashier you’ll be paying with Apple Pay.
  3. For iPhone, hold your device near the contactless reader with your finger on Touch ID. Double-click the side button on iPhone X or later.
  4. For Apple Watch, double-click the side button while holding it near the reader.
  5. Verify payment details and approve with Face ID/Touch ID or your passcode.

You’ll see a checkmark onscreen confirming Apple Pay payment. Apple Pay also works with GameStop self checkouts having contactless readers.

How to Use Apple Pay for GameStop Online Orders

  1. Add items to your cart then go to checkout at or in the GameStop app.
  2. Select Apple Pay as the payment option during checkout on web/app.
  3. Your Apple Pay confirmation sheet will appear. Verify payment details and authorize with Face ID/Touch ID/passcode.
  4. Confirm purchase when prompted.

Using Apple Pay online means no need to manually enter or store card details on your GameStop account. Plus your actual credit/debit card numbers are never shared with merchants or stored on device.

Advantages of Using Apple Pay at GameStop

Key benefits of checking out with Apple Pay at GameStop stores and include:

  • Convenience: Checking out is fast and simple – ideal for self-service or busy stores
  • Security: Apple Pay transactions have enhanced security with unique transaction codes and biometrics (like Face ID)
  • Privacy: Your card details are never shared directly with the store
  • Loyalty cards: You can add your Powerup Rewards card to Apple Pay and have it applied automatically at checkout
  • Organization: All your payment cards will be stored securely in one place for quick access
  • Hands-free: For small purchases, you can use Apple Pay on Apple Watch without even needing your iPhone or wallet
  • Pay faster: Moving the checkout line quicker if stores are busy
  • Contact-free: In light of health concerns like COVID-19, contactless payments help everyone stay safer

So with Apple Pay offering speed, security and convenience, it’s an easy choice for GameStop shoppers with supported Apple devices.

Apple Pay Compatible Devices at GameStop

You can use Apple Pay on the following devices with GameStop’s contactless checkout readers:

  • iPhone (iPhone 6 and newer models)
  • Apple Watch Series 1 and newer
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad (5th Generation and later)
  • iPad Air 2 and newer
  • iPad Mini 3 and newer

Note: Using Touch ID iPhones at checkout may require briefly removing your mask each transaction. Unlocking with Face ID lets you checkout without removing your mask.

To manage cards, add rewards cards, view recent transactions and see more on setting up Apple Pay, check the Wallet app on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

Apple Pay Purchasing Limits at GameStop

Like other contactless payments, Apple Pay transactions at GameStop fall under the following purchase limits:

  • Single transaction limit up to $200
  • Daily spending limit up to $500
  • Monthly spending limit up to $3,000

So you can use Apple Pay for small GameStop purchases under $200. For costlier items like consoles or bundles, another payment method would be needed at checkout.

Tips When Using Apple Pay at GameStop

To ensure smooth transactions checking out with your iPhone, Apple Watch, etc, keep the following Apple Pay tips in mind:

  • Have Apple Pay set up in advance with your payment cards added to Wallet
  • Update to the latest iOS/watchOS for any new Apple Pay features/fixes
  • Know in advance how to authorize payments biometrically or by entering your passcode
  • Charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad battery – Paying with a dead device is impossible!
  • Bring a secondary payment method if buying high-value items exceeding the $200 contactless limit
  • Add your Powerup Rewards card to Apple Pay to earn points automatically with Apple Pay purchases
  • Keep your devices and payment cards secure to prevent fraudulent use – view Apple Pay activity in Wallet and on card statements to identify any suspicious transactions
  • Contact your bank/card provider if your payment cards become lost, stolen or compromised to prevent risks of fraud
  • Be aware that youth accounts may have restrictions on digital wallet services like Apple Pay – Check with your card provider for any rules specific to minors

Following those tips will have you checking out seamlessly with Apple Pay when shopping at GameStop. Reach out to an employee if you ever run into any issues using contactless payments in stores.

Can You Pay At GameStop With Just An Apple Watch?

Thanks to the convenience of Apple Pay, you can leave your physical wallet and iPhone behind and pay at GameStop using just your Apple Watch. As long as you’ve already set up Apple Pay with payment cards linked to your Apple ID account, simply scanning your watch at checkout lets you pay effortlessly from your wrist up to the $200 contactless transaction limit. To pay for items exceeding that limit, bring another payment method as backup. So an Apple Watch with Apple Pay set up makes paying super quick for small GameStop runs like picking up a used game or gaming accessory.

Does GameStop Take Apple Pay Online?

Yes, and the GameStop app accept Apple Pay for quick, secure checkout on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and other supported Apple devices. When placing orders online for items like video games, gaming merch or consoles, you’ll see Apple Pay as a payment option during checkout. Paying with Apple Pay online avoids manually entering your card details on your GameStop account every order. Plus Apple Pay protects your actual debit/credit card numbers, providing enhanced security and privacy. To use Apple Pay for future GameStop online orders:

  1. Add items to your cart then proceed to checkout on GameStop’s website or mobile app
  2. Select Apple Pay
  3. Authenticate with Face ID/Touch ID/passcode
  4. Review and place your order

It’s the fastest, most secure way to complete GameStop purchases on your Apple gear. No remembering passwords or filling out lengthy card forms!

How Do I Add My PowerUp Rewards Card to Apple Pay?

PowerUp Rewards members can add their loyalty card to Apple Pay for automatic use when paying at GameStop. To set up:

  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Tap the + icon to add a card
  3. Choose to add a loyalty or rewards card
  4. Search for “GameStop PowerUp Rewards”, select it and tap Done
  5. Enter your PowerUp Rewards phone number or account number
  6. Agree to any applicable terms
  7. You’ll now see your digital PowerUp Rewards card in Apple Pay

Now every time you use Apple Pay at GameStop, your loyalty card applies automatically for earning points on qualifying purchases. One less card to carry in your physical wallet!

Can You Use Apple Pay for GameStop Gift Cards?

While GameStop gift cards themselves cannot be added to or redeemed via Apple Pay, you can purchase GameStop gift cards using Apple Pay both in stores and online. For buying gift cards in-store, look for GameStop gift card racks displaying the contactless payment logo near checkout lanes. Then during your transaction:

  1. Select your gift card(s)
  2. When prompted for payment, authorize Apple Pay via your iPhone/Watch
  3. Once approved, the cashier prints and activates your GameStop gift card

For gift card orders on, add your eGift card to cart, select Apple Pay at online checkout, authorize with Face/Touch ID and your digital gift cards can be emailed or printed at home. So Apple Pay enables securing GameStop gift cards completely digitally for yourself or loved ones without requiring cash or plastic payment cards.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at GameStop

Having problems getting Apple Pay transactions approved at GameStop stores or online? Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure your iPhone/Watch has cellular/WiFi connectivity – Apple Pay requires internet access
  • Reboot your device then retry the Apple Pay transaction
  • Double check your Wallet cards are valid with sufficient funds
  • Try again while holding your device closer or directly against the payment reader
  • Open Wallet, tap your card, turn on “Suspended” if disabled and try payment again
  • For issues using a physical rewards card, call 1 (877) 676-GAME for PowerUp Rewards support
  • Consult the cashier for assistance or to process payment through another means if Apple Pay is unresponsive
  • Check for any notifications or guidance within the Wallet app itself

Persisting problems may require contacting your bank/card provider or Apple Support to investigate connectivity, account or device issues blocking payments from processing. With supervision, GameStop staff can also override limitations if a large purchase exceeds your card’s standard Apple Pay limits.

Key Takeaway

To summarize the key points:

  • GameStop accepts Apple Pay iPhone/Watch mobile payments in stores nationwide and online
  • Checking out with Apple Pay at GameStop stores or on gives customers seamless, secure transactions without needing physical cards on hand
  • Customers can store their PowerUp Rewards card in Apple Pay to automatically gain loyalty perks when shopping at GameStop
  • Purchasing GameStop gift cards using Apple Pay provides a fast fully-digital card buying experience
  • Apple Pay lets customers breeze through checkout for smaller GameStop purchases under $200
  • While convenient for small/quick payments, Apple Pay has daily/monthly caps that may require a secondary tender for big-ticket GameStop items

So for fast, frictionless transactions – especially in busy GameStop locations – Apple Pay is the most efficient payment option available to iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch owners when shopping for gaming products and accessories online and in stores.


GameStop accepts Apple Pay as a mobile checkout solution, offering shoppers a convenient way to securely pay in-store or via up to $200 per transaction. Supporting the latest iPhones, Apple Watches and other Apple gear, Apple Pay allows completing GameStop purchases swiftly without reaching for your wallet or exposing private card numbers. Plus loyalty perks through GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program automatically apply when linked cards are used via Apple Pay. For the millions of US Apple device owners, Apple Pay therefore provides the ideal payment method for grabbing items from GameStop’s huge gaming, electronics and pop culture merchandise selection both online and at retail stores across the country.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Does Apple Pay work on jailbroken iPhones?
No, Apple Pay is disabled on jailbroken iPhones due to increased security risks. Use a normal iPhone or other Apple device to utilize Apple Pay at GameStop.

2. Can I use Apple Pay on GameStop’s mobile app?
Yes, you can select Apple Pay as your payment method when checking out purchases on both the GameStop mobile app and

3. Do I need to open or unlock my iPhone for Apple Pay to work?
For iPhones with Face ID, Apple Pay works without needing to open your phone as long as your face is visible. For Touch ID phones, briefly unlocking them before tapping to pay may be required depending on specific models.

4. Can Apple Pay be used for buying GameStop digital gift cards?
Yes, GameStop’s selection of digital gift cards can be conveniently paid for using Apple Pay when checking out online.

5. Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical credit card?
Yes, each Apple Pay transaction generates a unique, temporary cryptogram for security versus the permanent card details on your physical card that could be exploited if compromised.

6. Can I get cash back when using Apple Pay for a GameStop purchase?
Unfortunately GameStop does not offer the cash back option specifically on Apple Pay transactions at this time.

7. What should I do if my iPhone with my cards gets lost or stolen?
Immediately suspend or remove your cards from Apple Pay using Also contact your bank and card issuers to freeze accounts and prevent fraudulent use.

8. Do I need to have WiFi or cellular data to use Apple Pay?
Yes, an internet connection is required for Apple Pay to process transactions by securely communicating with banks and card networks.

9. Can I store multiple credit/debit cards on Apple Pay for GameStop purchases?
Yes, Apple Pay supports storing up to 12 cards in Wallet on iPhone and 6 cards on Apple Watch for convenient access at GameStop.

10. How can I see my Apple Pay transactions for GameStop purchases?
Open Wallet app and tap on your card, then tap the 3 dots icon in top-right to view Apple Pay transaction history including GameStop payments.

11. Will my GameStop purchases with Apple Pay count towards credit card rewards?
Yes, Apple Pay does not affect your ability to continue earning points, airline miles or cashback from rewards credit cards.

12. Is there a way to get notifications whenever I use Apple Pay at GameStop?
Yes, enable notifications for Wallet app usage under iPhone Settings > Notifications > Wallet to be alerted when you pay via Apple Pay.

13. Can minors use Apple Pay at GameStop without parent involvement?
Typically no, those under 18 have restrictions including required parental approval to possess devices with Apple Pay enabled.

14. Where can I buy Xbox/PlayStation store cash cards using Apple Pay?
You can conveniently pay for Xbox, PlayStation and other game store gift cards at GameStop using Apple Pay up to the $200 contactless transaction limit.

15. Can I store a GameStop gift card in Apple Pay instead of my bank cards?
Unfortunately Apple Pay only supports loading bank-issued credit/debit cards and cannot directly hold gift card balances for spending at this time.

16. Is Apple Pay the only contactless payment option accepted at GameStop?
No, GameStop also accepts other contactless payments like Google Pay and Samsung Pay wherever Apple Pay logos are displayed.

17. Do I need to show identification when using Apple Pay at GameStop?
No, verification happens securely via Face/Touch ID or passcode on your device so no government-issued photo ID is required when checking out with Apple Pay.

18. Is Apple Pay secure enough for making large high-value purchases at GameStop?
Due to variable limits on contactless payments, banks may block unusually high-value Apple Pay authorizations. Big purchases over several hundred dollars may require an alternate payment method for security reasons.

19. Can someone under 13 use Apple Pay at GameStop with a parent’s account?
Typically no due to COPPA requirements. GameStop recommends that only those 13+ utilize Apple Pay with their own approved Apple ID and devices. Parents can pay on behalf of kids under 13 at checkout.

20. Do I need to show or provide my name when checking out via Apple Pay at GameStop?
No – Apple Pay allows securely completing GameStop transactions by only using your stored card(s). Your name is transferred during authorization but no ID or signing is required in-store.

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