Does In and Out Take Apple Pay?

In-N-Out Burger, the popular fast food chain known for its simple menu and fresh ingredients, does not currently accept Apple Pay as a payment method at any of its locations.

Does In and Out Take Apple Pay?

Why In and Out Doesn’t Take Apple Pay

As a privately owned company, In-N-Out Burger tends to move more slowly when adopting new technology platforms like mobile wallet payment options. Some potential factors contributing to this include:

  • Legacy payment systems – Many of In-N-Out’s existing point-of-sale and payment systems may rely on older technologies that do not easily or cost-effectively integrate with newer payment processors like Apple Pay. Transitioning these could require a significant technology investment and rollout effort.
  • Limited locations – With under 350 restaurants, almost all in California and the Southwest, In-N-Out has less incentive and resources to roll out innovations quickly across national or global locations compared to chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks.
  • Customer demand – Research may show there isn’t sufficient current customer demand and willingness to use Apple Pay or mobile payments to justify changing payment systems yet. In-N-Out customers still widely use cash.

The Potential for Accepting Apple Pay in the Future

Despite not taking Apple Pay or other mobile wallet payments currently, it’s possible In-N-Out may integrate this functionality in the future as some factors change:

  • As more customers use mobile payments and request these services, In-N-Out may expand payment options. Consumer adoption of mobile payments continues increasing each year.
  • If payment technology becomes cheaper, easier to implement, and integrate with existing legacy systems, the barrier decreases for adding Apple Pay. In-N-Out always aims to balance costs while delivering convenience for customers.
  • As a younger, tech-savvy generation ages into the typical In-N-Out target customer demographic, there may be stronger demand to use Apple Pay and other mobile services.

For customers who wish to use Apple Pay or contactless payments at In-N-Out currently, third-party mobile ordering and payment apps like DoorDash do provide that functionality when ordering In-N-Out for delivery through those services.

The In-N-Out Payment Experience Today

While Apple Pay is not accepted, customers do have several quick and convenient payment options when visiting In-N-Out Burger restaurants:


Cash payments are accepted for full and partial payments. In-N-Out provides cash back up to $20 with a debit card purchase.

Credit & Debit Cards

Major credit cards and debit cards backed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover networks can be used to pay at every In-N-Out location.

Chip cards, tap to pay, Apple Pay, and mobile wallets are not supported directly. Cards must be physically swiped or inserted.

Gift Cards

In-N-Out offers branded gift cards that can be used like cash to pay for orders. Cards must be presented either physically or by showing a barcode on the In-N-Out app.

Mobile Ordering Apps

As mentioned above, Apple Pay and other mobile wallets work when ordering In-N-Out through third-party delivery apps. This includes services like DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, and Grub hub.

So while Apple Pay isn’t natively supported at In-N-Out restaurants currently, customers do have mobile ordering options that facilitate contactless payments.

The Bottom Line

In-N-Out Burger built its brand around a simple, streamlined customer experience with great food, not necessarily cutting-edge technology. So Apple Pay may not arrive soon, but that’s unlikely to dissuade loyal fans of the classic In-N-Out experience. Hungry customers can still get their Double-Doubles without mobile payments for now!

Key Takeaway

  • In-N-Out does not directly accept Apple Pay or contactless payments at any locations presently, likely due to cost, limited demand, legacy technology constraints for the private company. Cash, physical credit/debit cards, and gift cards still rule.
  • Customers can order In-N-Out through delivery apps like DoorDash that support Apple Pay. So mobile ordering remains an option for contactless payment.
  • While convenient mobile wallet functionality could come eventually if demand and cost factors evolve, In-N-Out’s focus stays on serving fresh, delicious burgers profitably over high-tech experiences.


In summary, In-N-Out Burger is a privately owned fast food chain focused on profitability through an easy customer experience, quality ingredients, and simplicity in their menu and operations. These priorities have likely contributed to Apple Pay and mobile payments not being implemented yet across their locations, unlike most nationwide quick service chains.

But with consumer adoption of contactless payments rising over time, it’s possible external pressures for mobile ordering and on-site payment options could build to a tipping point where In-N-Out integrates this functionality in the future. For now though, the absence of Apple Pay remains part of their approach.

Hungry burger lovers don’t need to worry as cash, cards, gift cards and delivery app ordering still offer quick and convenient ways to enjoy those fresh, juicy In-N-Out burgers we crave. Though if mobile payments matter most to you, sticking with McDonald’s, Starbucks or other national chains that widely accept Apple Pay and similar services might be more satisfying. Wherever you choose to grab your next burger, just don’t forget to enjoy it!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does In and Out take Apple Pay or contactless payments at their restaurants?
    No, at this time In-N-Out does not directly accept Apple Pay, tap to pay, or contactless mobile payments at any locations. Credit/debit cards must be physically swiped or inserted, even if contactless enabled.

  2. What payment types does In-N-Out accept?
    In-N-Out accepts cash, physical credit/debit card payments (but no mobile tap to pay), branded gift cards, and some delivery app payments like DoorDash. Apple Pay is not directly taken.

  3. Can I use Apple Pay to order In-N-Out through delivery apps?
    Yes, ordering services like DoorDash and Uber Eats allow you to use Apple Pay and mobile payments to pay for In-N-Out delivery. The app facilitates payment on your behalf.

  4. When will In-N-Out add Apple Pay support?
    It’s unclear if or when In-N-Out will ever directly accept Apple Pay at their restaurant locations, given constraints around cost, customer demand, and their technology priorities focused more on food than payment tech.

  5. Is In-N-Out planning to modernize payment options soon?
    They have not announced plans to expand payment acceptance beyond physical cards and cash. Adding mobile payment systems would likely require upgrades to their restaurant technology nationally, which may not suit their operational strategy.

  6. Are there any ways to use contactless payment at In-N-Out today?
    Yes, by ordering In-N-Out for delivery through apps like DoorDash or Uber Eats that accept Apple Pay. This allows mobile payment that is then settled on your behalf by the third party app, not directly by In-N-Out.

  7. What’s the reason In-N-Out doesn’t take Apple Pay?
    As a private company with a limited geographic footprint, experts believe cost, technical challenges, and lagging consumer demand all contribute currently to In-N-Out not upgrading payment systems to accept Apple Pay and similar services.

  8. Does In-N-Out plan to add NFC payments support in 2023?
    In-N-Out has not announced or projected plans to accept contactless or mobile device payment methods like Apple Pay or Android Tap to Pay at their restaurants during 2023 or future years.

  9. Can I use Samsung Pay or Google Pay at In-N-Out?
    No, like Apple Pay, no brand of contactless/mobile payments is accepted directly. In-N-Out only takes physical card swipes/inserts, cash, and their gift cards as payment methods.

  10. What’s the best way to pay at In-N-Out without cash?
    The best cashless payment method accepted directly by In-N-Out is using your physical credit or debit card via EMV chip or magnetic stripe. Mobile payments are not supported directly.

  11. I only use Apple Pay. How can I still order In-N-Out?
    To enjoy In-N-Out without using cash, order through a delivery app like DoorDash that accepts Apple Pay. This allows you to pay conveniently while still accessing In-N-Out menu items via delivery.

  12. Is In-N-Out too cheap to get Apple Pay?
    It’s likely not a cost issue alone, but rather multiple constraints around customer demand, required payment systems upgrades, and maintaining operational simplicity that factor into In-N-Out still not taking Apple Pay.

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