Does Giant Take Apple Pay?

Giant is a popular grocery store chain on the East Coast that offers convenient shopping options for customers. One common question shoppers have is “Does Giant Take Apple Pay?” Read on for helpful information on using Apple Pay at Giant stores.

Does Giant Take Apple Pay?

Giant accepts various payment types to accommodate different shoppers’ needs and preferences. Some of the payment options available at Giant include:

  • Cash: All Giant stores accept cash payments.
  • Credit & Debit Cards: Giant takes Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover credit and debit cards.
  • Giant Gift Cards: Pre-paid Giant gift cards can be used to pay for groceries and more at Giant.
  • Cash Benefits Cards: Government assistance programs provide cash benefits cards that are accepted at Giant. Examples are SNAP/EBT cards.
  • Checks: Giant stores allow shoppers to pay by check, except at pharmacies and gas stations. Proper identification is required.

So in summary, Giant aims to take all major payment types – but what about more modern, tech-savvy options like Apple Pay?

Overview of Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment system created by Apple for iOS devices. It utilizes Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to securely complete contactless payments in stores. Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

  • Compatible with iPhone models iPhone 6 or newer that have Touch ID fingerprint scanning capabilities.
  • Payment information gets stored in the iPhone’s Passbook app securely using encryption and anonymized account numbers.
  • To check out, hold the iPhone near the store’s contactless reader and confirm the payment using Touch ID or double click of the side button.

Apple Pay is growing in acceptance due to its ease of use. So, let’s look at its availability specifically at Giant Food stores next.

Availability of Apple Pay at Giant Food Stores

Yes, as of 2018, Giant Food stores accept Apple Pay across all locations. They previously did not take any contactless payments, but installed new point-of-sale systems in their stores to enable accepting mobile wallet systems like Apple Pay.

So shoppers can now utilize Apple Pay and its quick, secure checkout process during grocery runs at nearby Giant stores. Giant also takes other third party mobile wallets like Google Pay.

How To Use Apple Pay at Giant

Using Apple Pay at Giant Food stores is very simple:

  1. Upon entering the store, grab a shopping cart or basket as usual. Shop for groceries you need per usual.
  2. When ready to check out, go up to a cashier or self-checkout kiosk. Make sure the payment terminal has contactless symbol decals indicating Apple Pay acceptance.
  3. When the cashier or self-checkout screen provides a total, double click the side button of your compatible iPhone. Your default card should show on-screen.
  4. Hold your iPhone about an inch away from the contactless reader until you feel a vibration confirmation. A checkmark will display indicating successful Apple Pay payment.
  5. Alternatively, you can also hold your iPhone near the reader then authorize the payment with Touch ID or your device passcode.

Confirming the total also applies any applicable rewards or discounts. Then simply collect your receipt and bags!

Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Giant

Keep these tips in mind for smooth sailing when using Apple Pay for grocery purchases at Giant:

  • Charge your iPhone battery sufficiently beforehand so it doesn’t die mid-checkout.
  • Add your preferred payment cards to the Wallet app beforehand. Have a backup physical card too.
  • For larger totals exceeding contactless limits, be prepared to insert your physical card instead.
  • Keep your default card top of wallet in Passbook for easiest tap-to-pay.
  • Look for the contactless and Apple Pay decals around checkout terminals and self-service kiosks first.
  • Hold your iPhone very close to the reader until feeling a vibration confirmation for success.
  • Check your receipt to ensure no errors with the Apple Pay transaction.

Key Takeaway

The key takeaway for shoppers is that Yes, Giant Food stores accept Apple Pay across all locations now. So iOS users can take advantage of the speed, simplicity and security of contactless iPhone payments for their grocery runs.

Just double click and hold your default card near compatible self-checkout terminals or point-of-sale systems when ready. Make sure to charge your phone sufficiently, add cards to Passbook, look for reader decals and hold very close until feeling a vibration confirmation.


In summary, Apple Pay is now widely available as a mobile payment option for shoppers at Giant Food grocery stores along the East Coast.

Utilizing the tap-to-pay functionality via recent iPhone models allows customers a fast, easy and secure checkout process. Keep payment cards in your Passbook Wallet and charge your phone battery beforehand.

Then simply double-click and hold your iPhone near contactless readers when ready to complete transactions. Check for vibration feedback and screen confirmation of successful payments using Apple Pay at Giant.


  1. What are the benefits of using Apple Pay over plastic cards at Giant?
    Apple Pay is more convenient, private and secure versus using your physical wallet. Token encryption and biometrics also reduce risks of card number theft.

  2. Do I need an internet connection or mobile signal to use Apple Pay at Giant?
    No internet or mobile connectivity needed. Apple Pay uses NFC contactless tech to directly transmit payment tokens securely offline.

  3. Where are the contactless terminals located in Giant stores to tap-to-pay with Apple Pay?
    Decals indicating Apple Pay acceptance are generally located at staffed registers and self-checkout kiosks. Staff can also advise locations.

  4. Can I scan Giant coupons or use Fuelperks rewards and then pay the remainder due with Apple Pay?
    Yes, store discounts, eCoupons and loyalty points will be applied first. Pay the final amount due with Apple Pay.

  5. What if my iPhone battery runs out while I’m shopping or in line to pay with Apple Pay at Giant?
    Keep a spare backup card handy just in case. Or conserve battery by disabling unnecessary apps if running low beforehand.

  6. Do I need to open or unlock any apps to use Apple Pay when checking out at Giant?
    No need to open additional apps. Just wake/unlock your device, then double click and hold iPhone to reader to pay quickly.

  7. Is there a maximum number of payment cards I can store in Apple Pay to use at Giant grocery stores?
    No official limit enforced, but device storage space may be a constraint depending on number of loaded passes. 5-10 cards is common.

  8. Can minors use Apple Pay with their iPhone if linked to guardian card at Giant checkout?
    Yes, Apple Pay works regardless of age although legal guardians should setup cards for minors through Family Sharing.

  9. What happens if I lose my iPhone with Apple Pay card data at a Giant store?
    Use Find My iPhone remotely to lock device immediately if lost in-store. Or contact issuer to suspend associated wallet cards if device is stolen or missing.

  10. If my connected Apple Pay card expires, do I need to update details before paying at Giant next trip?
    Typically replaces automatically, but double check Wallet app shows ‘active’ status and update details or re-add if marked expired soon.

  11. Can I split my Giant grocery bill payment between Apple Pay and another form of tender?
    Yes, inform cashier beforehand to process Apple Pay as partial payment first, then pay remainder with second tender type.

  12. Is there a way to lock Apple Pay functionality on kids or family member phones before Giant trips?
    Yes enable Screen Time controls with Allowed Apps and Content Restrictions to disable Wallet app access and lock down Apple Pay.

  13. Can I use Apple Pay at Giant stores if my iPhone model is older than iPhone 6 missing the NFC chip?
    Unfortunately without NFC capabilities, Apple Pay is restricted to iPhone 6 and newer models containing secure element chips.

  14. Do I have to show or hand my physical iPhone device itself to cashiers when paying with Apple Pay at Giant registers?
    No, Apple Pay works remotely so your device can stay in your hand the entire transaction. Just tap near terminal readers handsfree.

  15. What troubleshooting can I do if Apple Pay fails to work when attempting payment at Giant checkout?
    First ensure iPhone has battery power and stable internet connection. Check for NFC symbol at terminal and hold very close until feedback vibration occurs. If issues continue, insert chip card instead or try another reader. Inform staff about any malfunctions observed so Giant can address.

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