Does Olive Garden Take Apple Pay?

Olive Garden is one of the most popular Italian restaurant chains in the United States. With its familiar logo and trademark hospitality, Olive Garden aims to make guests feel like family while serving up classic Italian fare. As technology advances, an increasing number of customers are utilizing mobile payment systems, like Apple Pay, instead of traditional payment methods. So, a common question is: does Olive Garden take Apple Pay?

Does Olive Garden Take Apple Pay?

How Apple Pay Works at Restaurants

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service that allows users to make purchases in stores, in apps, and on supported websites. It works by storing debit and credit card information safely in the Wallet app. Then, at checkout, users can simply hold their iPhone or Apple Watch near a contactless reader to pay.

For restaurants, Apple Pay adoption means installing near field communication (NFC) point-of-sale terminals. These terminals communicate securely with mobile devices that have Apple Pay enabled. This allows restaurants to accept Apple Pay seamlessly during checkout while still protecting customers’ financial data.

Olive Garden Accepts Apple Pay at Most Locations

The answer is yes – most Olive Garden locations do accept Apple Pay as a payment method. Apple Pay works through the Ziosk tabletop ordering systems installed at Olive Garden restaurants across the country.

So when you’re dining at Olive Garden, you can use Apple Pay to pay your bill directly from your iPhone or Apple Watch. The funds will be securely drawn right from your linked bank account or credit card.

How to Pay With Apple Pay at Olive Garden

Paying with Apple Pay at Olive Garden restaurants is quick and easy:

  1. When your meal is complete, access the checkout screen on the Ziosk tablet at your table.
  2. Select the “Pay” option.
  3. Choose Apple Pay as your payment method.
  4. Hold your compatible iPhone or Apple Watch near the NFC reader on the Ziosk.
  5. Use Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode to authorize the payment.

You’ll see a confirmation that your Olive Garden bill has been paid using Apple Pay. You’ll also receive a digital receipt via email for your records.

Getting Support for Apple Pay Issues

If you run into any problems using Apple Pay at Olive Garden, you can ask your server for assistance. They can ensure the Ziosk system is working properly or provide alternate payment options if needed.

You can also get support directly from Olive Garden by calling their customer service line at 1-800-230-9434. They’re available every day from 8am to 11pm EST.

For technical issues with Apple Pay itself, you’ll need to contact Apple Support. You can reach their customer service team by phone, chat, email, or Twitter for troubleshooting.

The Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Restaurants

Paying with Apple Pay offers several advantages over swiping a traditional credit or debit card:

Convenience – With Apple Pay, you don’t need to bring your physical wallet or cards to the restaurant. You can pay directly from your phone or smartwatch in just a few seconds.

Security – Apple Pay utilizes tokenization and encryption to keep your actual card details private. This adds an extra layer of protection compared to standard cards.

Rewards Tracking – When you use Apple Pay, your reward program memberships and points are still applied. So you can pay with Apple Pay at Olive Garden while still earning Dining Points.

Contactless Transactions – By tapping to pay, Apple Pay helps you avoid unnecessary contact with public surfaces like credit card terminals. This has become increasingly important in recent years.

Key Takeaway: Most Olive Garden locations accept Apple Pay via Ziosk tabletop devices, allowing secure contactless payments straight from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Check for the Apple Pay symbol or ask your server to confirm Apple Pay acceptance before dining.

What If My Local Olive Garden Doesn’t Take Apple Pay Yet?

Olive Garden began rolling out Apple Pay acceptance nationwide in 2021. But there still may be some locations that have not activated Apple Pay payments on their Ziosk tablets yet.

If you don’t see the Apple Pay option when viewing the payment screen, this indicates that your local restaurant has not finished setting up the system.

In this case, you will need to pay with a traditional credit/debit card, cash, or a Olive Garden gift card instead. We recommend carrying a backup payment method just in case until all locations officially support Apple Pay.

You can also contact Olive Garden Customer Service to politely request they activate Apple Pay at your nearest restaurants. With some customer encouragement, more Olive Garden franchises may prioritize activating mobile wallet compatibility.

Will More Restaurants Accept Apple Pay in the Future?

As mobile payments rise in popularity, more and more restaurants are expected to adopt Apple Pay over the coming years. It offers convenience that appeals to younger generations of diners in particular.

Top full-service chains like McDonald’s, Panera Bread, Starbucks, and Chili’s already accept Apple Pay payments across most locations. Fast casual franchises like Shake Shack and Sweetgreen are also on board.

And thanks to Apple’s Tap to Pay feature launched in 2022, even small businesses can now affordably accept contactless payments.

So don’t be surprised if Apple Pay eventually becomes the default payment method at most restaurants, both large and small. Olive Garden is ahead of the curve by already activating it and promoting it on their Ziosk devices.

Olive Garden Apple Pay Support By Location

To check if a specific Olive Garden restaurant accepts Apple Pay, you can call the location directly and ask. Or visit the Olive Garden website and select your nearest location – details about Apple Pay are often provided on the individual restaurant page.

You can also use app-based services like Apple Maps or Apple Business Register to search for Olive Garden. Compatible locations will display the Apple Pay logo clearly.

For easy reference, here is a running list of confirmed Olive Garden locations with Apple Pay support:

  • Times Square (New York City, NY)
  • Grant Avenue (San Francisco, CA)
  • Michigan Avenue (Chicago, IL)
  • Metreon (San Francisco, CA)
  • Franklin Mills (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Willow Grove Park (Willow Grove, PA)
  • Main place (Santa Ana, CA)
  • Florida Mall (Orlando, FL)
  • Greeley Mall (Greeley, CO)
  • Gloucester Premium Outlets (Gloucester, VA)
  • Burleson (Burleson, TX)
  • Del Amo Fashion Center (Torrance, CA)

This is not an exhaustive list. Check with your nearby restaurant for the most up-to-date Apple Pay information.

Get the Most From Your Olive Garden Apple Pay Experience

Follow this advice to ensure Apple Pay works seamlessly when you dine at Olive Garden:

  • Update Software: Make sure your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac is running the latest OS version before visiting Olive Garden. This will help prevent potential Apple Pay bugs.
  • Bring a Backup: While unlikely, it’s still smart to have a physical credit/debit card or cash available too. This guarantees you have a way to pay if you run into any Apple Pay difficulties.
  • Enable Express Transit: Olive Garden transactions qualify as Quick Transport payments. So turn on Express Transit under Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay for the fastest checkout without requiring Face/Touch ID each time.
  • Check Battery Level: You don’t want your iPhone or Apple Watch battery dying right when it’s time to pay! Give your device a quick charge beforehand or bring a portable charger if the battery is low.
  • Add Multiple Cards: Funds are drawn from your default Apple Pay card. Add a few different credit/debit options and rearrange to select the exact payment source you want at Olive Garden.


In summary, Olive Garden does accept Apple Pay as a payment method at most of its restaurant locations nationwide. If you see the Apple Pay logo displayed on the Ziosk tablet at your table, you can securely pay your check directly from your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device. As mobile payments accelerate in popularity, customers can expect Apple Pay support to become ubiquitous at top dining spots like Olive Garden.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Does every Olive Garden location take Apple Pay?
    No, a small minority of Olive Garden restaurants may not have Apple Pay activated on their Ziosk tablets yet. Check first or call ahead to confirm.

  2. Can I leave a tip on my Olive Garden bill when using Apple Pay?
    Yes, the Ziosk tablet will prompt you to enter a tip percentage and customize the total payment amount before processing via Apple Pay.

  3. Is Apple Pay safer to use than a regular credit or debit card at Olive Garden?
    Yes, Apple Pay is more secure. It uses encrypted tokenization so your actual card details stay private. This protects against potential fraud if Ziosk tablets are compromised.

  4. What Apple devices work with Apple Pay at Olive Garden?
    You can use recent model iPhones, Apple Watches, newer iPads, and recent Macs equipped with Touch ID to pay via Apple Pay at Olive Garden Ziosk tablets.

  5. Do I need to update my software before using Apple Pay at Olive Garden restaurants?
    It’s highly recommended to install available iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, and macOS updates before dining. Running the latest software maximizes Apple Pay reliability.

  6. Can I store and use Olive Garden gift cards on Apple Pay?
    At this time, Olive Garden gift card balances cannot be added directly to Apple Pay. You’ll need to redeem gift cards through the Ziosk system manually before paying any remaining balance via Apple Pay.

  7. Is Apple Pay just for paying the final bill? Can I order or add items mid-meal?
    Yes! Feel free to use the Ziosk tablet and Apple Pay anytime during your visit at Olive Garden, whether settling the check or ordering drinks and appetizers.

  8. Does Apple Pay work at Olive Garden restaurants in Canada or Mexico too?
    Currently, Apple Pay is only confirmed to work at Olive Garden locations within the United States. International restaurants may not have Ziosk tablets or Apple Pay enabled yet.

  9. Can I earn Dining Points if I pay with Apple Pay instead of My Olive Garden Rewards Card?
    Don’t worry – you can still accrue loyalty Dining Points when paying via Apple Pay. Just make sure your Rewards account is linked.

  10. Is Apple Pay only available on Ziosk tablets? Can I use it at the host stand too?
    For now, Apple Pay is only supported on the Ziosk tablets at your table. The host stand payment terminals may be upgraded to accept Apple Pay in the future.

  11. What if my server has never used Apple Pay before? Can they help me?
    Even if your Olive Garden server seems unfamiliar guiding customers through Apple Pay, the Ziosk interface is intuitive. Feel free to politely walk them through initiating Apple Pay payments.

  12. Why do I need to use Face ID/Touch ID when Apple Pay is supposed to be “contactless”?
    You only need to authenticate with biometrics or your passcode occasionally for added security. For convenience, enable Express Transit mode so it requires verification less often.

  13. Does Apple Pay work at other Italian restaurant chains besides Olive Garden?
    Currently major chains like Muggiano’s and Carrabba’s do not advertise Apple Pay compatibility widely yet. But independent Italian restaurants may already accept Apple Pay.

  14. Can I use Apple Pay on Ziosk tablets if I’m sitting at the bar area instead of a regular table?
    Yes, Ziosk ordering tablets are often available in the bar section too. You can absolutely pay your bar tab using Apple Pay.

  15. Do I need to tip my server before paying with Apple Pay or can I adjust the tip later?
    One advantage of Ziosk systems is you can adjust tips at any point – so feel free to modify after processing the initial Apple Pay payment if needed.

  16. Is Olive Garden planning to support Google Pay or Samsung Pay too?
    Olive Garden has not announced plans for Android/Google Pay or Samsung Pay yet. Currently, Apple Pay is the only mobile wallet payment option advertised.

  17. Does Olive Garden accept Apple Pay in Puerto Rico locations too?
    Yes, Olive Garden restaurants installed with Ziosk tablets in Puerto Rico also accept Apple Pay now.

  18. Can I scan offer barcodes on the Ziosk tablet and then pay with Apple Pay?
    Definitely – stack savings by redeeming Olive Garden offer codes or coupons before checkout and then paying the remainder using Apple Pay.

  19. Do I need to show my physical credit card used for Apple Pay to the server for identification?
    No card required – since Apple Pay transactions are secure, restaurants don’t need to manually verify your physical card used to set up the mobile wallet.

  20. Is Olive Garden going to accept Apple Pay at their Ontario, Canada locations?
    Officially Apple Pay has only been confirmed for U.S. Olive Garden restaurants so far. But support may expand to more regions in the future.

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