Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

Speedway is a popular gas station and convenience store chain with locations across the Midwest, East Coast, and Southeastern United States. With the rise in popularity of mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, Speedway customers often wonder if they can use Apple Pay at Speedway stores.

Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

What is Apple Pay and How Does it Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service created by Apple. It allows users to make contactless payments using supported Apple devices like iPhones, Apple Watches, and even newer Macs.

To use Apple Pay, you must first set it up in your device’s Wallet app. You can add your credit, debit, gift, and rewards cards by scanning them with your device’s camera or manually entering them. Apple Pay uses near-field communication (NFC) technology to make secure, contactless payments in stores.

When checking out with Apple Pay, you simply hold your compatible device near a store’s contactless reader with your finger on the device’s Touch ID fingerprint sensor. A subtle vibration and beep confirm the transaction data has been sent securely using a one-time unique dynamic security code so your card details are never shared.

Acceptance of Contactless Payments at Speedway

Speedway has embraced contactless payment methods and does accept Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payments at most locations.

Speedway uses contactless credit card terminals provided by Verifone. These terminals allow transactions using contactless credit cards, digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as tap-to-pay mobile payment services like Samsung Pay.

So you can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or recent Macs to pay at most Speedway stores across their operating region. Some older Speedway locations may still use outdated terminals without contactless or NFC capabilities, so Apple Pay acceptance could vary in rare cases.

How to Use Apple Pay at Speedway

Using Apple Pay at Speedway is very simple:

  1. When you’re ready to pay for your items, wake your iPhone or Apple Watch and place your finger on the device’s Touch ID or side button. This brings up your default card.
  2. Hold your device within an inch or two of the contactless reader on the PIN pad terminal display. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm it’s actively sending payment data.
  3. A check mark and beep will confirm once payment data transfer is complete in just seconds for most small transactions under $25 to $50. Larger purchases may require briefly entering a PIN or providing a signature.
  4. You’ll receive a digital receipt on your device and paper receipt from the PIN pad as a record of your purchase.

And that’s it! Contactless payment with Apple Pay at Speedway takes seconds. Over 75% of Speedway locations accept contactless payments, with more stores adding support each year.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Speedway

Using Apple Pay at Speedway offers many benefits and conveniences:

  • Fast checkout – Apple Pay is very fast for transactions under $25 to $50 at most stores. Larger purchases may require a PIN or signature in 5-10 seconds. It’s much faster than swiping a traditional credit or debit card.
  • Convenient – Your default card is automatically selected so there’s nothing to pull out of your pocket or purse. Simply hold your device near the terminal during your existing checkout process.
  • Secure – Apple Pay uses one-time unique security codes so your actual card number is never shared or exposed. This makes every transaction extremely secure and helps reduce risks of fraud.
  • Private – Your transaction details remain between you, your bank or card issuer, and merchant. Apple doesn’t store any info on what you buy. You still receive digital and paper receipts.

So in addition to acceptance at most locations, Apple Pay is an easy, fast, and secure way for Speedway shoppers to pay using an iPhone, Apple Watch, or recent Macs. It helps accelerate the checkout process while adding peace of mind your data stays safe.

Important Tips for Using Apple Pay Successfully at Speedway

To ensure Apple Pay works seamlessly during your next Speedway transaction, keep these tips in mind:

  • Wake your device – Your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Mac being used must be awake for Apple Pay transactions, with screens active for placing your finger on Touch ID sensors as required.
  • Position it correctly – Hold your device about an inch or two directly over the contactless reader with the screen facing the terminal. The subtle vibration and beep indicates it’s actively transferring payment data.
  • Have another payment method available – While most major Speedway locations work with contactless payments, some older terminals may not. Have a physical credit, debit, or gift card ready just in case.
  • Check your receipts – Always check your digital and paper receipts before leaving the store to ensure the Apple Pay transaction total matches your purchase price.
  • Contact card issuers about eligible cards – Not all credit or debit cards work with mobile wallets. Check card issuer websites for details on Apple Pay compatibility and eligible devices.

Following these tips will give you the best chance for successful Apple Pay transactions at Speedway convenience stores on your first try. Over time, using contactless payments like Apple Pay becomes second nature during checkout.

Does Speedway Accept Other Contactless Payment Services?

In addition to Apple Pay acceptance, Speedway also accepts other popular contactless payment methods and mobile wallet services including:

  • Google Pay – Android device users can add eligible cards to Google Pay for tap-to-pay convenience at Speedway using late-model Android smartphones.
  • Samsung Pay – Select Samsung Galaxy devices can store cards for payments at most Speedway terminals with Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) support along with NFC.
  • Tap-to-pay contactless cards – Contactless chip credit cards and debit cards from major issuers like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover enable tap-to-pay Speedway transactions.

So Android users, Samsung device owners, and anyone with contactless chip card technology from major issuers can also pay at Speedway stores supporting these services.

Future Expansion of Contactless Payments at Speedway

As consumer habits shift toward mobile device transactions, Speedway continues updating its in-store and gas pump payment terminals on an ongoing basis.

Most newly constructed Speedway locations feature cutting-edge terminal technology supporting Apple Pay and all other contactless transactions by default. Existing stores receive periodic upgrades to contactless credit card terminals as part of regular maintenance and technology refresh initiatives.

Over time, this will standardize Apple Pay acceptance across Speedway’s entire portfolio of corporate stores and gas stations. Contactless payments using mobile devices, wearables, or tap-to-pay chip cards will eventually be supported at virtually every Speedway location.

Key Takeaways – Does Speedway Take Apple Pay?

  • Speedway has broadly implemented support for Apple Pay across most store locations and gas station pumps after upgrading to Verifone contactless terminals.
  • Customers can use Apple Pay with compatible iPhones, Apple Watches, and newer Macs to check out securely in just seconds at participating Speedway stores for transactions under $25 to $50.
  • Contactless acceptance varies at some older Speedway locations with outdated payment terminals lacking NFC support. Always have a backup physical payment card available when shopping just in case.
  • Google Pay, Samsung Pay, contactless credit cards, and contactless debit cards also work at most Speedway stores with terminals supporting these transaction methods.

So in summary – yes, Apple Pay acceptance at Speedway is widespread and continues to expand. Using Apple Pay at Speedway offers speed, convenience, ease of use and advanced security to protect payment data during transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Apple Pay and Contactless Payments at Speedway:

  1. Does every Speedway location take Apple Pay?
    No, some older locations still use outdated payment terminals without contactless payment or NFC support required for Apple Pay. But approximately 75% of stores accept Apple Pay after ongoing hardware upgrades.

  2. Can I use Apple Pay at Speedway gas pumps?
    Yes, most newer Speedway fuel pumps have been upgraded to support contactless payments including Apple Pay for secure transactions while filling up.

  3. Do I need a rewards card or app to use Apple Pay at Speedway?
    No. You do not need any additional apps, loyalty program accounts, or reward cards to use Apple Pay by itself for purchases at Speedway. However, you can still earn applicable fuel discounts or reward points when using a contactless payment option if your account number is linked in their system.

  4. Is Apple Pay more secure than using my physical credit card?
    Yes. Apple Pay utilizes a unique one-time dynamic security code with every transaction along with tokenization. This means your actual credit or debit card number is never shared with the store.

  5. What Apple devices work with Apple Pay at Speedway?
    iPhone models XS/XR or newer support Apple Pay. Apple Watch Series 1 through current models also work. Newer Macs with Touch ID sensors support contactless Apple Pay transactions at Speedway terminals.

  6. Can I use Apple Pay via Speedway’s mobile app?
    Unfortunately no. While Speedway’s mobile app allows managing a loyalty program account, it does not currently support mobile checkout or Apple Pay integration for payments. You must pay in person.

  7. Does Speedway accept Google Pay or Samsung Pay?
    Yes. Most locations support all major contactless payment platforms, not only Apple Pay. Google Pay for Android, Samsung Pay for supported Galaxy devices, and contactless cards use the same terminals.

  8. Why didn’t Apple Pay work when I tried to use it at Speedway today?
    If a Speedway location has older terminals without contactless hardware, Apple Pay will fail. Have a backup physical card for such cases. Also enable the NFC feature within iPhone settings to use Apple Pay (under Wallet & Apple Pay).

  9. Can I use Apple Pay at the car wash or any gas pump at Speedway?
    Contactless reader compatibility varies by specific car wash equipment model and gas pump hardware at each store. Some locations only accept contactless payments inside, not at outside pumps. Check each store’s pump payment screens for contactless payment markings to confirm.

  10. Is there a limit on transaction amounts when using Apple Pay at Speedway?
    Yes. Most contactless transactions are approved outright for purchases under $25-$50 at Speedway with Apple Pay depending on card issuer. Larger transaction amounts may require briefly entering a PIN or providing a signature before approval.

  11. Do I earn Speedy Rewards points when paying with Apple Pay instead of my Speedy Rewards loyalty card?
    Yes. Any existing Speedy Rewards accounts you have linked to the card saved in Apple Pay will still earn applicable points or discounts even when paying with your device instead of scanning your loyalty card.

  12. Can I store multiple cards in Apple Pay and choose which to use during Speedway checkout?
    Yes. The Wallet app allows storing multiple supported credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and even loyalty cards within Apple Pay. You choose the active payment card as you initiate each transaction.

  13. Is Apple Pay safer to use versus inserting or swiping my card at Speedway?
    Yes. Every Apple Pay transaction generates a unique security code so your actual payment card details are never shared with the store. The terminal receives only the one-time use token needed to process that single payment.

  14. What should I do if I’m charged the wrong amount after using Apple Pay at Speedway?
    Save both the digital receipt sent to your device and the paper receipt for reference. Contact Speedway’s customer service team or visit the location to address any transaction total discrepancies just like you would with any other payment method.
  15. Can I add and use Speedway gift cards via Apple Pay for payments?
    Physical Speedway gift cards cannot be added directly to Apple Pay at this time. However, purchasing an electronic Speedway gift card through a third-party provider like Ryft, or eGifter will provide a digital gift card that can be saved to Apple Pay for transactions.
  16. Is tap-to-pay more secure in general compared to inserting my cards at Speedway?
    Yes. The unique dynamic security codes generated during each Apple Pay or contactless card transaction add an additional layer of security beyond card swipes or chip inserts. Your card details are also better protected since they are not exposed at all during each contactless payment.

  17. Can I use Apple Pay and another contactless payment method on different visits to Speedway?
    Yes. Apple Pay, contactless cards, and other digital wallets like Google Pay use the same hardware terminals. You can alternate between using your physical card, mobile device, supported smartwatch or another contactless card during different Speedway transactions.

  18. Does Speedway plan to upgrade all locations eventually to support Apple Pay transactions?
    Yes. Speedway has committed to broadly rolling out contactless payment terminals across locations to support Apple Pay and other contactless transactions. Planned upgrades occur on an ongoing basis during new store construction and through scheduled hardware refresh programs.

  19. What should I do if the cashier at Speedway says they don’t take Apple Pay?
    Politely ask them to try scanning your device anyway near the contactless payment reader. If the transaction fails or the screen doesn’t provide Apple Pay support prompts, kindly ask if they have another register with updated hardware, or use a physical card for payment. You can then contact Speedway Customer Service to note the location still needs upgrades.

  20. Who do I contact for support using Apple Pay purchases at Speedway locations?
    You can call Speedway Customer Service or visit any store location for assistance related to Apple Pay support or recent transactions. For card-related issues with Apple Pay such as eligibility, declined payments or managing your digital wallet, contact your credit card issuer’s customer support team for help.


In summary – Speedway is broadly embracing contactless payments like Apple Pay and deploying compatible charge terminals throughout its convenience store and gas station network. At least 75% of stores currently accept Apple Pay. Additional locations receive routine technology upgrades enabling tap-to-pay mobile wallet services like Apple Pay for millions of customers to enable fast, convenient checkout experiences across Speedway store locations.
So keep an eye out for the contactless payment markings during your next visit to Speedway. And take full advantage of Apple Pay or mobile tap-to-pay convenience to accelerate checkout while strengthening transaction security behind the scenes. Contactless payments using your mobile device, wearables or payment cards are rapidly becoming ubiquitous thanks to major retail chains like Speedway modernizing their store technology to keep pace with consumer preferences and security standards.


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